Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Universal Indicator.

'Lo everyone.

So today was amusing, I'll give it that much, but hell it got hot.

Wake up late, someone's in the shower, then someone's used the last of the milk. Not happy.

First up at school is jazz band playing at assembly which Isobelle almost missed. They aren't bad, bit more practice and they should kick arse at Mt Gambier.

Then history, we're doing historiography which isn't bad, it's just a lot of reading. Which I should do now.

Media was with a sub, got some work done. I'll have to write up a plan for this SAC, apart from that I'm fine I think.

Recess. Ryan and I pulled out our DSs to check the wifi thing. Everyone else was oohing and aahing. So they all had a go and burnt out my battery drawing phalluses. Thanks kids.

Maths. Dull. Got work done.

Bio. After asking for two more marks (ignore my hypothesis then, fine), ended up getting 41.5 out of 42. I'd be happier if the first SAC was alright, but it wasn't, so it's jinxed me. Otherwise a meh lesson, I think I understand this protein stuff to a point.

Lunchtime. Crappy crowd gathered to watch Hayden, Isaac and Pat get purple waterbombs chucked at them. Here's some photos.

Kid screwing up his throw. At least the money went to charity!

Nemo getting Hayden spectacularly in the faaaaaace.

Isaac not getting hit in the face.

There's a shedload more on the facebook album.

Anyway. I've just wasted about half an hour laughing at other people's facebook photos. Tara, you're a damn good photographer when you need to be. That photo of Ryan and Jasper should, nay must, be shown at our last assembly. Like, in the middle of one of the soppy slideshows.


Lit was watching 80s Hedda Gabler, pretty dull. Jasper may or may not have fallen asleep.

Then spare. Goody and Jay built a precarious tower of chairs to reach a fork stuck in the roof.

After school, raced down the street with Denny, enjoyed some chips, noticed a sign saying they wanted help. I want it on the record I suggested this to Denny. The boardos went past, Tom was riding the kickarse chopper bike. We visited the toy shop who have a huge costume thing at the back. I need to rip up some clothes, Denny needs to buy some scabs, and Tom needs to decide between naughty nurse and pope ninja jesus. After that, headed to the centre, had a bit of a nerf war in Target, caught up with Claire (must ask her about Broken Bells, I mistrust Pitchfork), Will said I have good taste in music (respeck), then a detour back to the Chicken Shop, and the bossman said Denny could have a job.

Holy god damn. This is the best shop. Denny's pretty pumped, three hours a night, two nights a week, he picks the nights. Monday and Thursday, he reckons. Free food, all he has to do is clean up chicken trays. Well done that man.

Anyway, get home, get on laptop, hammer out an essay. My last point I'm a bit unsure about, it could probably use a bit more development, but we'll see what Mrs Dosser says tomorrow.

Speaking of which, athletics trials tomorrow. I'm not going to get into anything. Meh. Gotta drop a resume off for Denny and order pokemans for Dayne.



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