Monday, March 15, 2010

Under Great White Northern Lights.

'Lo all.

Today's Monday. It was dull.

Go to school, kids are crying and shouting and oh god make it stop.

Bio first up, major development, Mrs Brown knows my name. Protein synthesis is now very confusing because we're constantly told that "this has been disproven, and it's actually all like this now, but you don't need to know that because of the textbook but you should know it anyway."

Then maths. Tedious, tedious stuff. SAC next week, thank gawd.

Recess, quiet.

Double history went fairly quickly, discussion, then a question, and a very very serious discussion about pokemans with Pat. Yes we're on task.

Lunchtime. Emily and Oliver gave me leftovers (healed some hp {and so the pokemon humour begins [god help us all]}), then walked around the school with Emily laughing at small children. Visited Mrs Brown again with Georgia, it's nice to know there's someone else who's as clueless about the current gossip as you.

Media. We got to watch the Rolling bloody Stones. Jumpin Jack Flash AND Angel in the same lesson is why I'm enjoying media at the moment.

Then a spare, chilled out with a coffee, was gooooood.

After school was band, a little dull, except for Lulu's brother drawing on the board. Brave kid.

Band is incredibly exciting.

Hung out with Claire and Aiden afterwards, then went home to shouty children and lit homework I've been neglecting. After an hour's work, hammered out an intro and a bit, but I'm not happy with it. Will work on it some more now.

Tomorrow's Tuesday. Kids are getting their heads shaved, jazz bands are playing, and Pat, Isaac and Sam are doing the waterbomb-to-the-face thing again. Should be fun.



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