Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Try to ignore, try to unwind.

'Lo everyone.

So today was drearily meh. Plus it was doubles day.

This morning Beardman made me retrieve a newspaper he chucked out from the bin, as apparently this was my fault. Go figure. Didn't make any sense to me.

Then assembly, Fearless Kiwi Leader pronounced James' name very, very carefully. Rowers did well, and Aiden got a Special Friend certificate, which he promptly changed to AWESOME Friend.

Spare first up was excellent. Played solitaire, Gavin and I laughed about politics (we're all doomed), and Ruby and April's funny stories were interrupted. Vandals had already attacked the photo of the year level before we did, dammit.

Then media, got our SAC questions. There's no excuse for failing this one, getting the questions two weeks in advance. I plan on kicking arse.

Recess, Sam showed up a card trick, then double maths. Very nearly fell asleep. Got some work done, and it's not exactly tricky. All good.

Lunch next. Thank gawd. Visited the common room to toast a sandwich with Pat. I feel so out of place up there. Said hi to Jason, who dropped in, then we had a very serious discussion about pokemon. I need to have a pokemon with a grass move. This might be complicated.

Double lit. Went fairly quickly. Given a handout, told to do quiet reading, we all finished then didn't know what to do. Annotated a bit, then we got split into groups with a question each. Ours was pretty easy, I have another hundred words to add and I'll be done right now. Jasper is the bait.

After school, headed down the street with the horde, got some chips but barely had any because I went looking for drink (ended up in coles, TRAFFIC STOPPERS WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME!?), then we wandered around the centre looking at DSs. Sam and Denny ended up back at my place trying to trade pokemanz. Here's a photo of them

They'll both be voting this year.

After that, started lit, got a bit sidetracked as they're streaming the White Stripes' live album (SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC COMING OUT! Black Keys, Tame Impala, The National, White Stripes, Silverchair...), discussed Fear and Loathing with Emily, and now here I am.

I made the fateful move to delete all my music off my computer, as it's all on my hard drive. I'm a bit worried about this, but I'll just keep a very close eye on my hard drive from now on. At the moment, I've only got The Playlist (4.5gb and climbing) and a shedload of fresh music on my computer. This frees up a good 35gb of space, which is excellent.

Tomorrow's Wednesday. I think it's GIS, which means Looong Lunch. Joy. Get to watch Hedda Gabler with Isobelle too, that'll last forever.

Speaking of Isobelle, she gave me an idea for next year. Three (+) months working in an English pub, with free board. This sounds pretty damn good. Thoughts? (Amaya, stay online next time!).


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