Thursday, March 18, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Meh. Over everything.

Woke up far too late today, rushed to school, and there was this weird lady in chapel. The bishop's wife or something. She was trying a bit too hard to be cool. Mentioned seeing Pearl Jam, made it sound lame, asked if anyone was fans, Isaac and I refused to put our hands up, unlike Jordan King. She also mentioned liking doom metal, and advocated becoming a rastafarian "because marijuana's like part of their religion or something". Weird being told about this sort of thing by a 40something tattooed christian woman.

Then maths, smuggled in my lit notes, went over them instead of revising. Tried desperately to find a bit of confidence in my essay.

Recess. Adrenaline hit. Went to classroom, most of the kids were sitting there too. Jumped in, got to the second last paragraph, and stopped. I don't know how to finish this bit yet, whether to change it or not. We'll see. I know I'm doomed anyway. C.

Then bio, sorta easy thing about DNA.

Lunchtime. Everyone had nicked off camping or donating blood or something. So I followed Emma and Claire around, and ended up helping the prefects wrap the hampers for staggfair. There was some weird crap in some of them, bottles of champagne and bulldozers and a notiPhone, and energy drinks, and our oodles of noodles thing that I swear I'll be wasting lots of money trying to buy. Pretty funny.

Next was history, Emily and Isobelle abusing each other, and putting bets on what'll happen on Saturday nights. Good odds if anyone wants to join in.

Then bloody media. Want SAC to be done here too.

The bell went, bike has a flat tyre. What gives. Fixed it yesterday, was fine all last night, was fine on the way to school, and suddenly blam, no air. Goddamn. Went to work on the other bike, nothing interesting cept for visiting the jazz kids.

Come home, letter waiting. Thanks heaps. Then work on lit, which is fun. I have to do a history thing in the morning too.

Tomorrow is SAC part two, and then work all night. Yay.



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