Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sympathy for the Devil.

'Lo everyone.

I've listened to Massive Attack since I was like ten, I think. The Beardman had Mezzanine stuck in the car for like a year, the only song we'd get was Teardrop (which is why it's my favourite, like everyone else), but every now and then it'd play all the way through. Insane album. I reckon it's to blame for my cynical attitude, the bastard. They've got so much good stuff, even their newest album, which was a bit of a grower. It's the style of it all, I think, all laid back and cool but sad and paranoid.

Anyway. They were playing in Melbourne last night. And I missed it. It was 18+. I was not particularly happy at all about this.

Instead, I went to Sam's "eighteenth" (it's not really, it's cos he'll be in Phuket and needs to party hard beforehand).

Saturday was a bit dull, to be honest, work all day, they tried to send me home early so I mopped out the floors, extra half hour's worth. Then stuck around down the street for a while, caught up with Brad, Jess was very angry, and Meg and Denny were there too. Tom was guitar hero-ing in my shed at the time, we persuaded him to come down as well. Visited the hardware joints looking for costume supplies, then Denny and I sorted out a crown of thorns that took too long to make, was very painful, and didn't end up getting used anyway.

Tom came round again, this time in an Arabian style robe and a green and black wig, and the Beardman gave us a lift to Emily's, where she was doing Denny's hair. He looked like Kratos crossed with Goku, there's a picture below. He screamed so much.

Trip up to Sam's with Emily's mum and Emily's dog was uneventful, most of the kids are there, catch up with them, then the watermelon eating contest. This was Pat's present to Sam, he bought him a watermelon.

This is Jason with his contacts in, Aaron had the same thing. Very, very cool.

Mid competition. The aim of the game is to be the first man who can put both halves of his melon on his head (separately, of course). It was sickening, and not helped by Pat throwing chunks of his at the others. He ended up winning, narrowly beating Aiden. Sam himself gave up.

This was the aftermath. For some reason none of the three guys pictured here were wearing pants. That's Tom in the 4 year old's fairy outfit, and Aiden as Moses. Pat was War.

The best costume, Isaac and Hayden as God. Genius. You can see Denny there as Conquest (can't see the chains), and Jake as Envy, plus Amanda as a random succubi. Oliver made a pretty good Death, and I reckon once I added the suit jacket I was a relatively classy Famine. Other highlights included Julian as a Mexican (see facebook), Ryan as nazi Jesus (spraypainted curtain around a tshirt), Isobelle as Wrath, Emily in her homemade dress (then turning into Lust, she says), Sam in a bad arse trenchcoat, most of the girls as straight angels or daemons, and Aaron, who looked like a gangster.

So the night wore on, blah blah blah, Julian's massive esky was lugged around, there were shots, experimentation, regrets, whinging, all sorts of crap. Sam had a smoke machine, fancy lights and a strobe set up in one part of the shed, which was awesome. Bout halfway through Isaac found my iPod and we had like an hour and a bit of Tame Impala. My personal highlight was rocking out with the strobe to their cover of Angel, and Half Full Glass of Wine. We all sang Tribute as well, just cos we have to.

Also halfway through, kids were hitting the drama stage, which is annoying. I was ...tipsy enough to still give a crap about some of them, resulting in Sam and I sprinting out to the golfcourse to make sure no one was getting into a P-plater's car (you know who you are). My plan involving sitting in a corner with my beer and my camera was all well and good until everyone was in the same corner.

We didn't devolve into pure teenage hedonism a la Skins, but I think enough happened to freak out Agnik. Poor kid.

After hanging with Amanda and Sally, then the esky crowd, we all retreated back to the shed. Found me a spot on the couch between Isobelle and Emily, tried to sleep, didn't get far. I do remember waking up this morning, which is a good sign.

So then this morning we got cake and pepsi for breakfast, we chilled out, we were shocked at the amount of mess on the ground and Julian and Aaron's balls (they slept outside in the cold to guard the esky), and then we all tried to get out at once. Grabbed a lift with Isobelle's wise-cracking dad with Tom, after Tom sent him to the wrong part of town got dropped off with enough time for a little coffee and a hot shower.

Then STAGGFAIR! Omg! It's a poor imitator of the Garden Party. Lucky cups indeed. I burnt three bucks on the spinning wheel after Cumpster came up in a gorilla suit, and our band sucked. I was too tired and sore. Dayne says the Maffra Mardi Gras sucked as well, and Bernice seemed way too excited about Jake. As tempting as it was to hang around, I went home after checking out Alison's tattoo work (a unicorn on Tom's arm).

So then there was lunch with family and friends for my sister's, who turned ten today. How freaky's that. Ten years old, and they already know the words to Kashmir and have rejected Twilight. I'm a little proud of them. They got mario kart, which Fraser has already clocked (on easy). After that got 90% of the media plan done, except my final answer for one question is like half of Bernice's. Hell.

I'm still recovering. Early night tonight. Tomorrow will be maths SAC, media SAC, 3000m race, band, and shouty, gossipy kids. I want to call in sick but I can't. Damn these responsibilities.


Anyway, the end.

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