Friday, March 26, 2010

Splitting the Atom.

'Lo readers.

Last day of term today. Thank gawd.

Denny rocks up this morning, couldn't get the mystery gift thingy working, but traded some Ekans around.

Get to school, my locker has been cleaned up. Like, tidied. What gives? I liked my mess. I knew where things were.

First up was double media. Pretty dull. Went over what we needed to do over the holidays, got some supplies for said plans, and then watched some slapstick musical, and the start of Un Chien Andalou, which freaked the girls out. Movie with girl getting her eye cut open, it was pretty cool.

Recess. Pokemanz time. Couldn't get mystery gift working with Aiden either, then realised we had to enable something else. Meh. Spare was good, it was quiet.

Then maths, we were all shouted at for sucking, but oh well. I passed.

Lunchtime. Lot of kids were missing, so I chilled with my pokemans. Dull.

Homeroom we got easter eggs from Mrs Ripon, then assembly, Isaac nearly got his hand stuck in the grille thing behind our seats. Well done that man. Akari the Japanese exchange student is heading back to Japan these holidays, so she got her big soppy slideshow. Teachers were ready to kill us all though.

After school, chips, big crowd, Aiden picked up new John Butler Trio album, and new Angus and Julia Stone album.

Then went home, chilled.

Daft Punk's Electroma - ***
Too arty, too slow, but the visuals and soundtrack are very good. I liked the contrast change towards the beginning and the very last shot, not so much the long walk through the desert. Not bad, maybe not for everyone.

Tomorrow is work, which will be fun, then sleep. Sleep sleep sleep. Holiday homework starts Monday.

Badges - 4; Dex - 39, btw.


Anyway, the end.

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geroge said...

they played Un Chien Andalou at the start of the pixies concert.

and 8 badges and 97 pkmn. one of which is a mew.

high five talkin' on blogger!