Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

'Lo everyone.

It was cold today, but then it wasn't. Either way, I'm getting a cold, not happy.

Slept through alarms, went to school, slept through assembly, kids were crying, kids got badges, full of emotion.

Then history, signed up for the online study thing, figure I'll chuck some stuff up tomorrow.

Media was Slumdog again, so exciting!

Not much interesting out of recess, or maths after it. Bio was more mildly confusing photosynthesis. I think I get everything except the calvin thingy.

Lunch. The best. Everyone nicked off, went upstairs, kids playing that damned unicorn game. Discussed media project with teacher, the plan at the moment is around four ads. I think I could do that.

Lit was alright, made a new friend, got most of the stuff done for this practice SAC thing. We got a bit off topic, but oh well.

Then a spare at the end of the day, which is always awesome. Buttload of methods kids in there, so Lulu and Isobelle were laughing about Mr Iverson then Agnik's French homework for a period. On one side of the room there were buttloads of kids playing the unicorn game, on the other side basically an orgy. Pretty funny.

After school, went down for chips with Denny and Ryan and Meg, we saw Claire, and talked about the Zackyfap cd that Phobes gave Isaac. Sounds disturbing. Denny was hunting for "Honey bears", but we got stuck in Target looking at the toys.

Come home, get a plan down for lit, then wasted time. At the moment I'm listening to Gorillaz' new album, not sure if I like it. Bit too eighties-esque.

Tomorrow's Wednesday. That means sport and study for history, yay.





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