Thursday, March 4, 2010


'Lo all.

So tired.

Dragged self to school, greeted with a grinning Sam, Oliver and Sally. The drama kids are fighting again.

First up on no spare day was chapel. Aiden had gone with the physics kids to Luna Park for the day (bastards!), so we lacked a lead singer. Pretty dull assembly, would have fallen asleep if it wasn't for Lulu.

Then maths. Now we're doing something complicated. Transformations seem a bit useless though, says the practical part of me. But then, it's Transformers!!!11!

Recess. More drama kiddie whinging, kinda funny.

Lit. Hayley has seen not only Rage Against the Machine live, but the Black Keys too (And hell, she knows who the Black Keys are. And she knows they have an album on the way too (OMG CAN'T WAIT YAY!)). I envy this girl a lot. Ahem, and lit was dull, more notes, turns out the tv version we have to watch next week is the same one that's on youtube. Only one good bit. Shame it's not the lego version.

Bio was pretty meh. We seem to have skipped the half of photosynthesis I wasn't sure on. Oh well, gonna have to teach myself, I guess.

Lunch. Isobelle and I dragged Jasper, Emily and their sexual tension to the library to study. It ended up with Isobelle and I shooting questions at each other, Jasper copying out his notes and Emily giving him a backrub.

History SAC. Oooh, scary. Well it was. I am full of doubt about this all of a sudden. I mean, hell, I had three good points, but not four! What if my writing was illegible? What if I messed up the statistics? What if I didn't quote enough? Oh god oh god oh god.

Then media, finally finished Slumdog, now I've got twenty questions to do in my spare tomorrow. Joy!

Went home, went down the street, suddenly, humidity everywhere! Work is dull, but hell, dodging traffic is always exciting.

Back home, churn out an essay, we're missing a conclusion but I'm nearly at a thousand words. Most of it is rant, I'm in history mode, but I'm meant to be in purple lit mode with lots of extra words. So I might have overdone it a bit, needs some pruning. In the mean time, tested out Beardman's new crossword game (I suck), and redownloaded How The West Was Won, because it's been pissing me off for a month.

Tomorrow is Friday. I'm heading up to Buninyong after school, so no post until Monday night, I guess. I dunno. I usually manage to post on my travels, my dear relatives seem to be addicted to this.

And no photo today, my bad.



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