Thursday, March 25, 2010

Only in Death does Duty End.

'Lo all.

Tired again.

Today was the athletics carnival. How exciting.

So we get to school, brief house meeting, then away we go. Spent a while sitting around waiting for things to get moving, then some strides and warm ups with Wingram.

800m once it got going was ok, I guess. I came fifth. Stayed right behind Wingram until the final straight, then sprinted like buggery. SO CLOSE to catching Bowman, but oh well. Pat won this one. In the girl's one, Tara was nearly beaten by Meg, but she still won. Insane, considering she was sick and had a knee reconstruction.

Felt pretty meh after that, so we wandered around not doing a lot. 12pm, called the Beardman, he got Temper Trap tickets for some kids, we considered rescuing Jess, and I had some cake. Delicious cake. Kelly came second in the 400m, she was shocked. Cameron and the other house officials were stressing because a lot of kids had taken the day off, which means if any kids were injured or had too many events they had no one else to fill in. Bastards.

A kid spun out pretty bad during the sprints so everything was postponed for half an hour, made the last bit kind of tricky. After the hurdles Meg and I headed to the start for the 1500m. Stressing. David Commins overtook Mia Ross and was three seconds off the record, he was disappointed but it was an awesome run.

Then our 1500m. Pretty dull. I broke away from Wingram this time, kept my distance from him for three laps, then on the last one, on the final stretch, I sprinted again. Ended up getting third. I have a little green ribbon now. My life has meaning.

Relays next. Kids all did pretty well, then the big Joe Carmody race. We were looking forward to Pat kicking arse again. It was a close race, here's a picture.

We see here Cameron Goodison crossing the line, closely followed by Cumpster, and then Patrick just catching up after starting the relay last. Still a good effort, exciting race. Then the teachers vs captains race, Captain Cameron did pretty well coming second in his sprint. Well done that man.

After school, confusing, Lulu and I went Ryan hunting, then Ryan and I bought Lulu and Cumpster's games. Work was hell, it was too hot, I was exhausted, and bugger it. I delivered Cumpster's game, and was home in time for parent teacher interviews.

So, all my teachers think I'm doing alright. That's good. Cept they think I should be doing better, etc. Meh. It's the start of the year. I'll improve.

Get home, clear the file Ryan had, then started up Pokemon SoulSilver. OMG so fun.

So, here we go, new feature.
SoulSilver, day one. Badges - 1; Dex - 13.

A slow start, but I'm pacing myself. Everything is at least level ten. I found an old amber, which is very very useful, so happy. Tomorrow, hopefully getting stuff up to at least level fifteen, and once Totodile has been passed around I'll evolve it to level twenty Croconaw.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the term. Thank gawd. Didn't get invited to either of the cool parties on the weekend. Oh well.


Anyway, the end.

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