Friday, March 19, 2010

Nervous Breakdown.

'Lo everyone.

So here I am, minding my own business, when suddenly it's Friday and the kids are getting excited. Promise of a pissup on the weekend, that brings gossip. Good odds on the usual, of course. Plus there's kids missing. So they're all bored. Plus the kids came back, so they were all happy and too huggy at the end of the day. Meh. I'm too tired.

Woke up early, half finished my history thingy, then ride to school. My loyal earphones are spluttering and dying. Not happy. Will amputate the blasphemer soon, then I'll buy some new ones next week. Bastards.

So first up was double biology, how depressing. Stuck there for a lecture, with increasingly complicated diagrams and animations. I understand the basics, so I'm half interested in moving on, but then there'd be a SAC. Oh well.

Recess. Grab history stuff and hide upstairs. Got half of it done, then chatted to Georgia and Cameron about movies. Goody, April and I agreed we were all doomed for lit.

History next, should have finished thingy but I didn't. Lazy!

Lunch. Should have been going over lit stuff. Instead, accompanied Potter and Meg to the music thingy, then Kelly bought me an ice cup thing. It was surprisingly warm, so it melted to the perfect consistency where it turns into a slushie (Foodies squishes are best). Then went to the common room for the deep breath before the plunge. Here's Ryan and Bernice studying hard.

I like the lighting here, but Ryan's blinking, dammit.

So then the second half of the SAC, finished it with fifteen minutes spare which scared the hell out of me. Went over it twice to fix sneaky spelling mistakes. I'm doomed. Doomed. Dooooomed.

Finished with maths. Since Brendog had disappeared, gossip sesh. Dull. The camp kids all came back, apparently they all had fun. Tom on Denny's shoulders, surfing. Wish someone had taken a picture.

Then down the street with Denny and Emily, walked with Alison and Annie for a bit, then caught up with Ryan, enjoyed some chips, Alison and Annie came back, read the street presses, good discussion, then I went home because of work.

Work called, they didn't need me tonight. Argh. Need money. Horde of tweenagers running around so I retreated to the shed for guitar hero and a start on my media homework. This plan is so kickarse I may need to edit it down, dammit.

After that, hit the msns and such. Have a shopping list for Patrick, bitched with Ryan, and now I'm trying to work out how to rip up a shirt so I'd look famished while listening to Brand New (which is a bit too emo for my taste, but not bad).

Tomorrow, no blog post, sorry. I'll take lots of photos, I promise. It'll be dull, but the usual suspects will be there. We practically know how it'll turn out. No alarms and no surprises.



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