Friday, March 12, 2010

Invisible star 'shooting comets at Earth'.

'Lo everyone.

Friday. Aaah.

First up was double media. We watched some scenes from both movies, like the fight bit at the end of Snatch. Awesome. It's weird to watch it without sound though.

Then recess and a spare, read the paper, Great White Northern Lights comes out very soon, so happy.

Maths was dull, got some work done, avoided falling asleep.

Lunch was fairly dull. No waterbomb throwing today. We ended up on the oval kicking a basketball at each other. Here's Pat and Hayden racing.

As you can see, Pat won.

Bio was more on this new topic, I think I'm understanding it, but Mrs Brown keeps going off on tangents. Makes the lesson more tricky, I guess. I stole Meg's spot since Dayne had nicked off, they didn't like that.

Then history, watched more movie. Can't complain.

After school, covered Aiden's shift after discussing pokemon over chips with Sam and Denny. Getting serious now. Aiden's run isn't too bad, though it's spread out. Don't particularly like having to go all the way out to the bloody soccer pitch, but oh well.

Come home, thinking of starting bio, Pa rocks up on his fishing trip, catch up a bit, then I managed to get half of this stupid bio crap done over A Clockwork Orange. Protein synthesis is stupid.

Tomorrow is work. Then Alice in Wonderland with the horde. Joy.



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