Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Icky Thump.

'Lo everyone.


I really don't have much to write about today, looking back. Lessee.

Bio first up, it sucked, followed by media which was interesting only because Ms Taylor showed off movies she'd made for her old schools.

Then recess, lots of apples being thrown around for some reason. The colony of banana skins on the roof is growing well too.

Then history, and we had a photo taken for Akari.

Lit was stultifying. The end of the movie version of Hedda Gabler is pretty funny, despite itself.

Lunch. More apples thrown around, courtesy of Emily. Very dull. Isaac freaked me out by putting a cup in his mouth, and Sam made Amanda into Cousin It with Kelly's glasses. She is sick of people doing this.

Off to sport, got on Will's team, pretty dull. I suck at being goalie, but I didn't stay there long after I let two in. We ended up drawing with Jack's team. This led to a penalty shootout, which I think we won. The other two teams had a go, Pete fended off a few, then Aiden stopped nearly all of them, then Jasper had the very last shot. He tucked in his shirt and pulled up his shorts. He kissed the ball, blew a kiss to Aiden, struck a pose. Huge run up. Winds up to kick. Spins the ball on the spot and falls on his arse.

Nearly every other kid fell on the ground, literally rolling on the floor laughing. It was excellent. He got applause when we returned to the bus.

After school, walked home with Ryan, whose picking up Pokemon for me tomorrow, and getting me the other two starters. Bastard doesn't have to go to school tomorrow, but I do. I'm going to lose these races anyway.

So tomorrow, 1500m, then gotta make Beardman get four Temper Trap tickets, then 800m, then meet Ryan to start playing Pokemon (OMG!), then work, then parent teacher interviews. Gulp.



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