Monday, March 22, 2010

I Hate Mondays.

'Lo all.

Ew. I hate Mondays.

So I woke up this morning with a cough, which isn't good since I had to run a lot today. And I woke up late with a half finished media plan. Oh well. I wish my headphones worked good.

First up was bio, it was a bit dull, because it was neurons and stuff that I've studied like four times in the last three years. At least it was easy.

Then lit, watched more movie, avoided falling asleep. We have to go to class in the holidays, fantastic.

Recess. Nearly finished off SAC plan for media.

History was meh, should have gotten more work done. Took notes about NEP and such.

Then the maths SAC, which was ridiculously easy. Like, really easy. Checked against the textbook, I think I'll be fine.

Lunch. Got changed, went to oval, after some discussion with Pat (whose battleplan worked pretty well; he sends out Joe, who screams as far forward as he can to bait Dave Commins and Cameron Goodison out so they get tired, while he keeps his distance. Third or fourth lap, when Joe's getting worn out, Pat overtakes all three of them to keep up with Cumpster. He follows him until the last two laps, then they all pick up pace and he tries as hard as he can) I decided to not run and let the other kid who showed up go instead. I gave my shirt to a ridiculously fast year seven, then Ms Dyke conscripted me into recording things with Alison. Good race, Pat's plan worked perfectly until Cameron got his second wind. Cumpster first, Cameron second, with Pat right behind him. God damn those Commins boys are scary.

So, because I didn't actually end up running (which is a good thing since I've been coughing my guts out), got very little time to finish scratching out the plan. In media I got about half of it done, will be easy to finish off tomorrow.

Then a spare. Went on a sugar run to the staffroom, then enjoyed a tin of baked beans from Pat since goddamn ants got into our lockers (and my sammiches) and a coffee. April and Gavdaddy had another sudoku race.

After school was band. Meh. Stupid solos. I should really try harder when I'm half asleep. Afterwards, hung out with Claire and Aiden, then rode home with my surviving headphone commiting seppuku.

Home, went over maths, which is redundant, and then facebooked. Crisis was a'brewing. Parties break hearts, as Reuben said. Dang teenagers.

Tomorrow, doubles day. Joy. Hurry up, holidays.



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