Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dude that was hardcore!

'Lo readers.

Got the camera working again.

Today was cold. Media first up, nearly finished Slumdog. That means SAC soon. Yay!

Then a spare, the maths kids had a spare too so we sat around laughing. As usual.

Recess, pretty dull.

Then maths, ever so much fun, no iPod cos Pat had it. Waited all lesson for help, beats working I guess. At least it's fairly easy and calculator friendly.

Lit next, took notes, didn't fall asleep. Hayley said my arms looked creepy. Knew it!

Here's a photo of Gavin resting before he took off to shoot stuff.

Now, Gavin is like a shark. He has to continue moving at all times. We offer him a seat, and he just stands there. Seeing him sitting down... man, it was mind blowing. Poor bastard.

Then mind numbing conversation at the table til I got bored, above is Geordie, the new kid and Alison's new catch. He's pretty cool. Ladies love him.

Anyway, got bored, went to see what everyone else was doing, found them on the basketball court watching some little kids play four square.

Naturally, Hayden and Pat had gayed up their uniform, and here's Dayne in an action shot. Dayne's very photogenic, I find.

Then we all trooped off to indoor soccer. Just year twelves. It was pretty fun. Stayed in defence with Aiden and Oliver (who was inept, pretty funny), Lester got a ball wedged in the roof, Ryan blocked shots with his balls, lots of spectacular falls, and Aino (being the only girl) screamed a lot.

After that, headed down the street with Denny and Emily, picked up a DS cos I've been paid, and now we wait for Pokemon to come out. We've got half a dozen kids raring to go, it's going to be fun. At the moment this DS is a brick you can draw dicks in, which Denny and Emily did for about half an hour in maccas.

Come home, get my brick of a phone taken off me because I didn't check it (it has no credit, and no one texts me anyway, so I don't check it at school anymore. Sorry I didn't check it today when I should have. Bad habit, obviously), then study for history homework. Feel sick though. This isn't good. Hopefully I'll be good for this goddamn SAC tomorrow.

Which reminds me, tomorrow I have a history SAC, which I think I'll be ok with. Need to cram in statistics, I guess.



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