Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Close Shave.

'Lo everyone.

I'm tired and confused and want some holidays so I can sleep.

It was too cold today. Get to school, put on year twelve jacket, get told off. Bull crap. Quiet spare punctuated by a furious game of keep the balloon off the ground.

Then media SAC, got it all down, a good three pages worth. I don't care if the girls have done more than me, they write bigger.

Recess. Hungry. Got Broken Bells album off Claire (saves downloading it).

Then double maths. Second part of the SAC was trickier because I had no idea how to do the thing on the calculator, so I dropped two marks. Confident that I'll make up for it in the first and third parts, which were pretty easy.

Lunchtime. Fairly big crowd gathered to watch the deputy mayor, the principal, and Tori shave some kids.

The obligatory before shot. Sally had decided to colour her hair, which turned out pretty spectacular. Caz has done this before, and she raised a lot of money for it.

Halfway through, Mr Clapper shaves a huge x on Patrick's head. Cue thousands of pirates attempting to dig for treasure.

After. Sally's hair is ridiculosly red, and Pat doesn't look too bad, I guess.

So, eventful lunch. Caz says they raised about $2300 for the cancer foundation, so that's cool.

Double lit. Torturously slow, but I guess it could have been much worse. Animated discussion about adaptations, I am surprised Mrs Dosser has never heard of Fear and Loathing.

After school, headed down the street with the droogs for chips. We then hit the cd shop (ARE YOU EXPERIENCED ON VINYL WANT WANT WANT), the centre (it's now tradition to shoot at each other with the Transformer's plasma gun thingies), and the cd shop for headphones. I pre ordered HeartGold for Cumpster too, he owes me ten bucks. We headed to Maccas for more food, got ourselves a big meal deal thingy. They spiked the drinks, the bastards.

Then home, msn has broken down and was spitting emails at people for some reason, sorted out getting Temper Trap tickets early for Claire and Amelia and Isobelle and Jack, and right now I'm watching some clips of Massive Attack playing on the weekend. So good, wish I was there.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. No spares, but then we get sport so I guess it's ok. Still not particularly interested.



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