Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boom, headshot.

'Lo everyone.

Mildly exciting day today.

So, get to school, dragged to chapel, mouth the words because Ms Henry's watching, then bio. New topic. New homework sheet. Yay.

Then recess, don't think we did much. Double spare up next was better, read through Cameron's transcript of our recorded conversation, it's fascinating. Then we all went on omegle, pretty funny.

Lunch was funny, kids were setting up bbqs and there was a set of stocks in the quadrangle. Bree was stressing about filling up waterbombs (should have left it to the pros), then there was a crowd watching our latest fundraising attempt. Basically, for a dollar, you get to throw a purple stained waterbomb at Sam, Pat or Isaac. Here's some photos.

Isaac protecting the essentials.

Chucking in Sam. There's more on facebook. There'll be more tomorrow as well.

So after that excitement, started watching a movie after a discussion about socialism in history, then discussing the SAC in lit. I'm terrified.

Went home, saw Fraser, then went down the street for work, fairly dull. Kids went to the garden party at 545, should have gone for a photo, oh well.

This is my brother, post-greatest shave. He looks like a skinhead Mark, doesn't he Diana. Resemblence is scary. Meh.

Went to go start lit, but reading more stuff just makes me put it off more. Maybe I'll save it for the weekend.

Tomorrow is Friday, thank gawd. Gotta work tomorrow too.

Still dazed and confused.


Anyway, the end.

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