Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bat Country.

'Lo everyone.

So today was athletics trials. It was really really hot.

Get to school, media first up, feeling almost confident about this SAC. Going to hammer out a plan on Saturday.

Then a spare, rumours of the common room being locked due to Will getting a fork stuck in the ceiling were unfounded, spent a good half hour half asleep and laughing at Goody and Georgia.

Recess. No Mrs Dosser. Hurm.

Then maths, more slow, it'll be good to get this crap over and done with.

Lit. We're all doomed. None of us can write properly. Feel all of your self confidence ebbing away. Then more 80s Hedda, not particularly interesting.

Lunch. Dull. Want sleep. House meetings were dull. Athletics was boring because us year twelves had already sorted out who was going to do what. I did a sprint. Got into 800 and 1500, and the 3k on Monday. Jesus, two SACs and a 3k race on Monday. I hate Mondays. Mrs Dosser caught up with me, apparently one of my paragraphs is too complicated and I've spread myself too thin, I need more analysis. But my essay's swollen enough as is, she doesn't want more than a thousand words. I dunno. I'm going to get a C on this, I think.

Ended up half asleep on the concrete under a giant fan while everyone talked pokemon, then Alison and I had a waterfight.

Went home, got a flat bloody tyre, fixed it then went straight to laptop. Regular breaks and Inglourious Basterds kept me sane. I think the essay's ok now, I made a plan for it, but I'm still not confident about it. We'll see what happens, I guess. I couldn't read one of her annotations so I took a photo and sent it to her. But it's boring so I'm not going to put it here.

Tomorrow is the first SAC period, and work and stuff. Meh.

Before I saw some funny looking birds flying around. Turns out they weren't birds, they were bats. Wtf. Instantly thought of Dr Thompson.



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