Monday, March 1, 2010

Bad Seed.

'Lo everyone.

Funny today. Inappropriate, but funny.

So surprise surprise, bike broke first thing today. Valve snapped off. Joy. Got a lift to school through the rain, so I guess it's not all bad.

Bio first up, we're doing photosynthesis. This is going to be ever so much fun. Not looking forward to getting SAC mark back.

Then maths, pretty dull. We all got a bit confused and the girls were terrified of Mrs Cartledge catching them with their hair down.

Reces. Meh.

Double history was survivable, we got the thing, we planned it, and we were let go. Patrick came up with a plan for his offspring. His daughter's name will be Ignorance, he will force his twins to do everything simultaneously, and his Down syndrome son (he'll be jinxed from making fun of the mentally ill) will be named Pablo Maximillian. We were in tears from laughing.

Then lunch, told the rest about Pablo, didn't do a lot really. Spread the word about muckup day plans, muahahaha.

Media was Slumdog, still pretty meh. It's slow, is all.

Then a spare. Cameron needed to record us for language, so he did it all subtle like. He got like fifteen minutes of Potter, Goody and I talking about how much we hate skaters, the over sexualisation of kids, how much primary schools have changed, and how it's just wrong. Might have sworn a bit too much. Pretty funny.

After school was band, still pretty meh. Lulu and I have a plan for our staggfair basket thing - noodles. Like, mi goreng. I would happily waste lots and lots and lots of money trying to win this, possibly more than the noodles are worth. Then Mr C made fun of Claire with us. Jake gave me a lift home, his car is pretty cool.

Back home, finished history, trolled facebook, the usual. Need to find me a coat for Sam's. Possibly a Commisar hat. I'm meant to be Famine, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Should be fun.

Tomorrow's going to suck, I reckon. It's a Tuesday, after all.



And dammit, no photo, I forgot all about it. My bad.

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