Sunday, March 14, 2010

alex in Wonderland.

'Lo all.

That blog title's far too optimistic.

So, yesterday I worked all day, have a good discussion with Cooky about Muse and Jack White, then decided to go and buy Under Great White Northern Lights.

Under Great White Northern Lights - *****
If anything, there needs to be more footage. Catch Hell Blues, Blue Orchid, Icky Thump and Death Letter are standouts. I have new respect for Meg. Very good film.

Then went to the movies. Interesting crowd had rocked up.

Alice in Wonderland - ***
Well, Alice herself, she was hot. The rest, not so much. Plot seemed a bit all over the place, then far too linear; Johnny Depp was doing the Hunter S. Thompson/Cap'n Jack thing with a funny accent, and the cgi was awkward and bad. Tim Burton seemed to have none of the visual flair he had in his other movies, I thought. I mean, the cards are cool, but everything else was a bit bland. But then, he's a Disney cash-cow at the moment, so he'll make billions off the Jayjays wannabe-mallgoth teenage-girls-with-painted-faces crowd. Meh. Would watch anything that Alice girl is in next though.

After a hasty exit, hit maccas, then walked back to my place with Sam and Denny past Madi Murphy's party. We thought it was open house til we saw a guy getting (violently) kicked out by a mildly intoxicated father. We decided to move on.

Walked to Denny's, very serious discussion, then watched half of Akira. Sam had this blue stuff none of us were really interested in. Pokemon instead, I'm pumped. Crashed about 330, I got a mattress in the living room.

Denny has two cats, one is black and cool, the other is ginger and annoying. It would attack my feet endlessly. It went for my head at one stage. Not cool when you're half asleep, something wrestles your foot, then squeals and runs away. All. Night. Not cool in the morning. Walked home, ate, showered, got stuck in to lit (plan is scrappy but finished for the moment, I''ll have to talk to Mrs Dosser), then after procrastinating on a flash game for half an hour, finished media. I should probably do some more biology and start some history, but I don't know when they are due.

Anyway, caught up with the droogs on the interbutt, I'm confused. I also having a sneaking suspicion. God help us all.

Tomorrow's no lit Monday. Gotta give Aiden the White Stripes album.



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