Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adventures with the Tesmans.

'Lo all.

So tired.

Coudn't find my stupid shorts this morning because my dear brother spent a lifetime in the bathroom doing his hair. I wonder about that boy sometimes, I really do.

Get to school in a bad mood, bio first up does not improve this. Girls are squabbling, so Sarah and Dayne and I had heaps of help to stick stuff to the poster (read, they made fun of us).

Then media, we're basically getting the SAC answers told to us. More in the double though. Still confident about this, going to write some plans for this on the weekend.

At recess Lauren and I printed out our essays and photocopied them, then remembered we had like a dozen other essays to print out. Said bugger it, got them in history next period. Turns out I got like a B on my history SAC, which was what I expected. The marking system was different to what I was expecting, but oh well. Still happy.

Then lit, got our practice essays back. We all suck at writing, apparently (we're rusty, I think). The main problem that arose was that we couldn't actually read Mrs Dosser's comments. I know I suck, but why? How? Plus we were treated to a delightfully depressing lecture about the pointlessness of existence. As Ryan would later comment, she isn't doing much to lower the suicide rate.

Lunchtime. Didn't do much, then suddenly Patrick had a bloody megaphone. He's the propanganda commissar (no hat) for the World's Greatest Shave fun day that's going on tomorrow. So he had a horde of big scary year twelves following him around, not intimidating at all. Here's a photo of him and Tom in the quadrangle.

It was pretty amusing.

Then we went to soccer, it sucked because the laissez faire teachers just let us run wild. "It's ok, 30 teenagers on the court at once is fine, they'll work it out themselves". No, we're idiots, you gotta sort it out. So it was lame for half an hour, then Peters kicked a ball into the rafters, so Mr Gaskill arrived and sorted us into teams and gave us rules. Pretty dull. There needs to be less people.

After school, the debaters told Isobelle and I that we had a lit thing to watch, so we went to investigate. Whole lecture theatre and a cake and some skittles all to ourselves, watching a movie that's really entertaining when you approach it sarcastically. Pretty dull, but at least it's over and done with. So, uh...

Hedda Gabler (50s) - **
Dull. Lots of unintended double entendres. Crappy camera work, acting and music. Bonus star for being amusing.

Then went home, didn't do much, and here I am.

Tomorrow is double spare day, which is one of the best days of the week. I forgot to buy some noodles though, disappointing.



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