Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pigs on the Wing.

'Lo all.

Haven't done much in the past few days. Hence lack of post.

I worked, slept, ate, played pokemons and did some history and lit homework. Went down to the chicken shop twice to trade said pokemans.

Tomorrow, movie night at Denny's. I think I'll bring The Machinist, maybe Jurassic park. Maybe even Full Metal Jacket, I dunno. I don't think they'd like Dazed and Confused.



d 121 b 16 f 54

Friday, March 26, 2010

Splitting the Atom.

'Lo readers.

Last day of term today. Thank gawd.

Denny rocks up this morning, couldn't get the mystery gift thingy working, but traded some Ekans around.

Get to school, my locker has been cleaned up. Like, tidied. What gives? I liked my mess. I knew where things were.

First up was double media. Pretty dull. Went over what we needed to do over the holidays, got some supplies for said plans, and then watched some slapstick musical, and the start of Un Chien Andalou, which freaked the girls out. Movie with girl getting her eye cut open, it was pretty cool.

Recess. Pokemanz time. Couldn't get mystery gift working with Aiden either, then realised we had to enable something else. Meh. Spare was good, it was quiet.

Then maths, we were all shouted at for sucking, but oh well. I passed.

Lunchtime. Lot of kids were missing, so I chilled with my pokemans. Dull.

Homeroom we got easter eggs from Mrs Ripon, then assembly, Isaac nearly got his hand stuck in the grille thing behind our seats. Well done that man. Akari the Japanese exchange student is heading back to Japan these holidays, so she got her big soppy slideshow. Teachers were ready to kill us all though.

After school, chips, big crowd, Aiden picked up new John Butler Trio album, and new Angus and Julia Stone album.

Then went home, chilled.

Daft Punk's Electroma - ***
Too arty, too slow, but the visuals and soundtrack are very good. I liked the contrast change towards the beginning and the very last shot, not so much the long walk through the desert. Not bad, maybe not for everyone.

Tomorrow is work, which will be fun, then sleep. Sleep sleep sleep. Holiday homework starts Monday.

Badges - 4; Dex - 39, btw.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Only in Death does Duty End.

'Lo all.

Tired again.

Today was the athletics carnival. How exciting.

So we get to school, brief house meeting, then away we go. Spent a while sitting around waiting for things to get moving, then some strides and warm ups with Wingram.

800m once it got going was ok, I guess. I came fifth. Stayed right behind Wingram until the final straight, then sprinted like buggery. SO CLOSE to catching Bowman, but oh well. Pat won this one. In the girl's one, Tara was nearly beaten by Meg, but she still won. Insane, considering she was sick and had a knee reconstruction.

Felt pretty meh after that, so we wandered around not doing a lot. 12pm, called the Beardman, he got Temper Trap tickets for some kids, we considered rescuing Jess, and I had some cake. Delicious cake. Kelly came second in the 400m, she was shocked. Cameron and the other house officials were stressing because a lot of kids had taken the day off, which means if any kids were injured or had too many events they had no one else to fill in. Bastards.

A kid spun out pretty bad during the sprints so everything was postponed for half an hour, made the last bit kind of tricky. After the hurdles Meg and I headed to the start for the 1500m. Stressing. David Commins overtook Mia Ross and was three seconds off the record, he was disappointed but it was an awesome run.

Then our 1500m. Pretty dull. I broke away from Wingram this time, kept my distance from him for three laps, then on the last one, on the final stretch, I sprinted again. Ended up getting third. I have a little green ribbon now. My life has meaning.

Relays next. Kids all did pretty well, then the big Joe Carmody race. We were looking forward to Pat kicking arse again. It was a close race, here's a picture.

We see here Cameron Goodison crossing the line, closely followed by Cumpster, and then Patrick just catching up after starting the relay last. Still a good effort, exciting race. Then the teachers vs captains race, Captain Cameron did pretty well coming second in his sprint. Well done that man.

After school, confusing, Lulu and I went Ryan hunting, then Ryan and I bought Lulu and Cumpster's games. Work was hell, it was too hot, I was exhausted, and bugger it. I delivered Cumpster's game, and was home in time for parent teacher interviews.

So, all my teachers think I'm doing alright. That's good. Cept they think I should be doing better, etc. Meh. It's the start of the year. I'll improve.

Get home, clear the file Ryan had, then started up Pokemon SoulSilver. OMG so fun.

So, here we go, new feature.
SoulSilver, day one. Badges - 1; Dex - 13.

A slow start, but I'm pacing myself. Everything is at least level ten. I found an old amber, which is very very useful, so happy. Tomorrow, hopefully getting stuff up to at least level fifteen, and once Totodile has been passed around I'll evolve it to level twenty Croconaw.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the term. Thank gawd. Didn't get invited to either of the cool parties on the weekend. Oh well.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Icky Thump.

'Lo everyone.


I really don't have much to write about today, looking back. Lessee.

Bio first up, it sucked, followed by media which was interesting only because Ms Taylor showed off movies she'd made for her old schools.

Then recess, lots of apples being thrown around for some reason. The colony of banana skins on the roof is growing well too.

Then history, and we had a photo taken for Akari.

Lit was stultifying. The end of the movie version of Hedda Gabler is pretty funny, despite itself.

Lunch. More apples thrown around, courtesy of Emily. Very dull. Isaac freaked me out by putting a cup in his mouth, and Sam made Amanda into Cousin It with Kelly's glasses. She is sick of people doing this.

Off to sport, got on Will's team, pretty dull. I suck at being goalie, but I didn't stay there long after I let two in. We ended up drawing with Jack's team. This led to a penalty shootout, which I think we won. The other two teams had a go, Pete fended off a few, then Aiden stopped nearly all of them, then Jasper had the very last shot. He tucked in his shirt and pulled up his shorts. He kissed the ball, blew a kiss to Aiden, struck a pose. Huge run up. Winds up to kick. Spins the ball on the spot and falls on his arse.

Nearly every other kid fell on the ground, literally rolling on the floor laughing. It was excellent. He got applause when we returned to the bus.

After school, walked home with Ryan, whose picking up Pokemon for me tomorrow, and getting me the other two starters. Bastard doesn't have to go to school tomorrow, but I do. I'm going to lose these races anyway.

So tomorrow, 1500m, then gotta make Beardman get four Temper Trap tickets, then 800m, then meet Ryan to start playing Pokemon (OMG!), then work, then parent teacher interviews. Gulp.



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Close Shave.

'Lo everyone.

I'm tired and confused and want some holidays so I can sleep.

It was too cold today. Get to school, put on year twelve jacket, get told off. Bull crap. Quiet spare punctuated by a furious game of keep the balloon off the ground.

Then media SAC, got it all down, a good three pages worth. I don't care if the girls have done more than me, they write bigger.

Recess. Hungry. Got Broken Bells album off Claire (saves downloading it).

Then double maths. Second part of the SAC was trickier because I had no idea how to do the thing on the calculator, so I dropped two marks. Confident that I'll make up for it in the first and third parts, which were pretty easy.

Lunchtime. Fairly big crowd gathered to watch the deputy mayor, the principal, and Tori shave some kids.

The obligatory before shot. Sally had decided to colour her hair, which turned out pretty spectacular. Caz has done this before, and she raised a lot of money for it.

Halfway through, Mr Clapper shaves a huge x on Patrick's head. Cue thousands of pirates attempting to dig for treasure.

After. Sally's hair is ridiculosly red, and Pat doesn't look too bad, I guess.

So, eventful lunch. Caz says they raised about $2300 for the cancer foundation, so that's cool.

Double lit. Torturously slow, but I guess it could have been much worse. Animated discussion about adaptations, I am surprised Mrs Dosser has never heard of Fear and Loathing.

After school, headed down the street with the droogs for chips. We then hit the cd shop (ARE YOU EXPERIENCED ON VINYL WANT WANT WANT), the centre (it's now tradition to shoot at each other with the Transformer's plasma gun thingies), and the cd shop for headphones. I pre ordered HeartGold for Cumpster too, he owes me ten bucks. We headed to Maccas for more food, got ourselves a big meal deal thingy. They spiked the drinks, the bastards.

Then home, msn has broken down and was spitting emails at people for some reason, sorted out getting Temper Trap tickets early for Claire and Amelia and Isobelle and Jack, and right now I'm watching some clips of Massive Attack playing on the weekend. So good, wish I was there.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. No spares, but then we get sport so I guess it's ok. Still not particularly interested.



Monday, March 22, 2010

I Hate Mondays.

'Lo all.

Ew. I hate Mondays.

So I woke up this morning with a cough, which isn't good since I had to run a lot today. And I woke up late with a half finished media plan. Oh well. I wish my headphones worked good.

First up was bio, it was a bit dull, because it was neurons and stuff that I've studied like four times in the last three years. At least it was easy.

Then lit, watched more movie, avoided falling asleep. We have to go to class in the holidays, fantastic.

Recess. Nearly finished off SAC plan for media.

History was meh, should have gotten more work done. Took notes about NEP and such.

Then the maths SAC, which was ridiculously easy. Like, really easy. Checked against the textbook, I think I'll be fine.

Lunch. Got changed, went to oval, after some discussion with Pat (whose battleplan worked pretty well; he sends out Joe, who screams as far forward as he can to bait Dave Commins and Cameron Goodison out so they get tired, while he keeps his distance. Third or fourth lap, when Joe's getting worn out, Pat overtakes all three of them to keep up with Cumpster. He follows him until the last two laps, then they all pick up pace and he tries as hard as he can) I decided to not run and let the other kid who showed up go instead. I gave my shirt to a ridiculously fast year seven, then Ms Dyke conscripted me into recording things with Alison. Good race, Pat's plan worked perfectly until Cameron got his second wind. Cumpster first, Cameron second, with Pat right behind him. God damn those Commins boys are scary.

So, because I didn't actually end up running (which is a good thing since I've been coughing my guts out), got very little time to finish scratching out the plan. In media I got about half of it done, will be easy to finish off tomorrow.

Then a spare. Went on a sugar run to the staffroom, then enjoyed a tin of baked beans from Pat since goddamn ants got into our lockers (and my sammiches) and a coffee. April and Gavdaddy had another sudoku race.

After school was band. Meh. Stupid solos. I should really try harder when I'm half asleep. Afterwards, hung out with Claire and Aiden, then rode home with my surviving headphone commiting seppuku.

Home, went over maths, which is redundant, and then facebooked. Crisis was a'brewing. Parties break hearts, as Reuben said. Dang teenagers.

Tomorrow, doubles day. Joy. Hurry up, holidays.



Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sympathy for the Devil.

'Lo everyone.

I've listened to Massive Attack since I was like ten, I think. The Beardman had Mezzanine stuck in the car for like a year, the only song we'd get was Teardrop (which is why it's my favourite, like everyone else), but every now and then it'd play all the way through. Insane album. I reckon it's to blame for my cynical attitude, the bastard. They've got so much good stuff, even their newest album, which was a bit of a grower. It's the style of it all, I think, all laid back and cool but sad and paranoid.

Anyway. They were playing in Melbourne last night. And I missed it. It was 18+. I was not particularly happy at all about this.

Instead, I went to Sam's "eighteenth" (it's not really, it's cos he'll be in Phuket and needs to party hard beforehand).

Saturday was a bit dull, to be honest, work all day, they tried to send me home early so I mopped out the floors, extra half hour's worth. Then stuck around down the street for a while, caught up with Brad, Jess was very angry, and Meg and Denny were there too. Tom was guitar hero-ing in my shed at the time, we persuaded him to come down as well. Visited the hardware joints looking for costume supplies, then Denny and I sorted out a crown of thorns that took too long to make, was very painful, and didn't end up getting used anyway.

Tom came round again, this time in an Arabian style robe and a green and black wig, and the Beardman gave us a lift to Emily's, where she was doing Denny's hair. He looked like Kratos crossed with Goku, there's a picture below. He screamed so much.

Trip up to Sam's with Emily's mum and Emily's dog was uneventful, most of the kids are there, catch up with them, then the watermelon eating contest. This was Pat's present to Sam, he bought him a watermelon.

This is Jason with his contacts in, Aaron had the same thing. Very, very cool.

Mid competition. The aim of the game is to be the first man who can put both halves of his melon on his head (separately, of course). It was sickening, and not helped by Pat throwing chunks of his at the others. He ended up winning, narrowly beating Aiden. Sam himself gave up.

This was the aftermath. For some reason none of the three guys pictured here were wearing pants. That's Tom in the 4 year old's fairy outfit, and Aiden as Moses. Pat was War.

The best costume, Isaac and Hayden as God. Genius. You can see Denny there as Conquest (can't see the chains), and Jake as Envy, plus Amanda as a random succubi. Oliver made a pretty good Death, and I reckon once I added the suit jacket I was a relatively classy Famine. Other highlights included Julian as a Mexican (see facebook), Ryan as nazi Jesus (spraypainted curtain around a tshirt), Isobelle as Wrath, Emily in her homemade dress (then turning into Lust, she says), Sam in a bad arse trenchcoat, most of the girls as straight angels or daemons, and Aaron, who looked like a gangster.

So the night wore on, blah blah blah, Julian's massive esky was lugged around, there were shots, experimentation, regrets, whinging, all sorts of crap. Sam had a smoke machine, fancy lights and a strobe set up in one part of the shed, which was awesome. Bout halfway through Isaac found my iPod and we had like an hour and a bit of Tame Impala. My personal highlight was rocking out with the strobe to their cover of Angel, and Half Full Glass of Wine. We all sang Tribute as well, just cos we have to.

Also halfway through, kids were hitting the drama stage, which is annoying. I was ...tipsy enough to still give a crap about some of them, resulting in Sam and I sprinting out to the golfcourse to make sure no one was getting into a P-plater's car (you know who you are). My plan involving sitting in a corner with my beer and my camera was all well and good until everyone was in the same corner.

We didn't devolve into pure teenage hedonism a la Skins, but I think enough happened to freak out Agnik. Poor kid.

After hanging with Amanda and Sally, then the esky crowd, we all retreated back to the shed. Found me a spot on the couch between Isobelle and Emily, tried to sleep, didn't get far. I do remember waking up this morning, which is a good sign.

So then this morning we got cake and pepsi for breakfast, we chilled out, we were shocked at the amount of mess on the ground and Julian and Aaron's balls (they slept outside in the cold to guard the esky), and then we all tried to get out at once. Grabbed a lift with Isobelle's wise-cracking dad with Tom, after Tom sent him to the wrong part of town got dropped off with enough time for a little coffee and a hot shower.

Then STAGGFAIR! Omg! It's a poor imitator of the Garden Party. Lucky cups indeed. I burnt three bucks on the spinning wheel after Cumpster came up in a gorilla suit, and our band sucked. I was too tired and sore. Dayne says the Maffra Mardi Gras sucked as well, and Bernice seemed way too excited about Jake. As tempting as it was to hang around, I went home after checking out Alison's tattoo work (a unicorn on Tom's arm).

So then there was lunch with family and friends for my sister's, who turned ten today. How freaky's that. Ten years old, and they already know the words to Kashmir and have rejected Twilight. I'm a little proud of them. They got mario kart, which Fraser has already clocked (on easy). After that got 90% of the media plan done, except my final answer for one question is like half of Bernice's. Hell.

I'm still recovering. Early night tonight. Tomorrow will be maths SAC, media SAC, 3000m race, band, and shouty, gossipy kids. I want to call in sick but I can't. Damn these responsibilities.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Nervous Breakdown.

'Lo everyone.

So here I am, minding my own business, when suddenly it's Friday and the kids are getting excited. Promise of a pissup on the weekend, that brings gossip. Good odds on the usual, of course. Plus there's kids missing. So they're all bored. Plus the kids came back, so they were all happy and too huggy at the end of the day. Meh. I'm too tired.

Woke up early, half finished my history thingy, then ride to school. My loyal earphones are spluttering and dying. Not happy. Will amputate the blasphemer soon, then I'll buy some new ones next week. Bastards.

So first up was double biology, how depressing. Stuck there for a lecture, with increasingly complicated diagrams and animations. I understand the basics, so I'm half interested in moving on, but then there'd be a SAC. Oh well.

Recess. Grab history stuff and hide upstairs. Got half of it done, then chatted to Georgia and Cameron about movies. Goody, April and I agreed we were all doomed for lit.

History next, should have finished thingy but I didn't. Lazy!

Lunch. Should have been going over lit stuff. Instead, accompanied Potter and Meg to the music thingy, then Kelly bought me an ice cup thing. It was surprisingly warm, so it melted to the perfect consistency where it turns into a slushie (Foodies squishes are best). Then went to the common room for the deep breath before the plunge. Here's Ryan and Bernice studying hard.

I like the lighting here, but Ryan's blinking, dammit.

So then the second half of the SAC, finished it with fifteen minutes spare which scared the hell out of me. Went over it twice to fix sneaky spelling mistakes. I'm doomed. Doomed. Dooooomed.

Finished with maths. Since Brendog had disappeared, gossip sesh. Dull. The camp kids all came back, apparently they all had fun. Tom on Denny's shoulders, surfing. Wish someone had taken a picture.

Then down the street with Denny and Emily, walked with Alison and Annie for a bit, then caught up with Ryan, enjoyed some chips, Alison and Annie came back, read the street presses, good discussion, then I went home because of work.

Work called, they didn't need me tonight. Argh. Need money. Horde of tweenagers running around so I retreated to the shed for guitar hero and a start on my media homework. This plan is so kickarse I may need to edit it down, dammit.

After that, hit the msns and such. Have a shopping list for Patrick, bitched with Ryan, and now I'm trying to work out how to rip up a shirt so I'd look famished while listening to Brand New (which is a bit too emo for my taste, but not bad).

Tomorrow, no blog post, sorry. I'll take lots of photos, I promise. It'll be dull, but the usual suspects will be there. We practically know how it'll turn out. No alarms and no surprises.



Thursday, March 18, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Meh. Over everything.

Woke up far too late today, rushed to school, and there was this weird lady in chapel. The bishop's wife or something. She was trying a bit too hard to be cool. Mentioned seeing Pearl Jam, made it sound lame, asked if anyone was fans, Isaac and I refused to put our hands up, unlike Jordan King. She also mentioned liking doom metal, and advocated becoming a rastafarian "because marijuana's like part of their religion or something". Weird being told about this sort of thing by a 40something tattooed christian woman.

Then maths, smuggled in my lit notes, went over them instead of revising. Tried desperately to find a bit of confidence in my essay.

Recess. Adrenaline hit. Went to classroom, most of the kids were sitting there too. Jumped in, got to the second last paragraph, and stopped. I don't know how to finish this bit yet, whether to change it or not. We'll see. I know I'm doomed anyway. C.

Then bio, sorta easy thing about DNA.

Lunchtime. Everyone had nicked off camping or donating blood or something. So I followed Emma and Claire around, and ended up helping the prefects wrap the hampers for staggfair. There was some weird crap in some of them, bottles of champagne and bulldozers and a notiPhone, and energy drinks, and our oodles of noodles thing that I swear I'll be wasting lots of money trying to buy. Pretty funny.

Next was history, Emily and Isobelle abusing each other, and putting bets on what'll happen on Saturday nights. Good odds if anyone wants to join in.

Then bloody media. Want SAC to be done here too.

The bell went, bike has a flat tyre. What gives. Fixed it yesterday, was fine all last night, was fine on the way to school, and suddenly blam, no air. Goddamn. Went to work on the other bike, nothing interesting cept for visiting the jazz kids.

Come home, letter waiting. Thanks heaps. Then work on lit, which is fun. I have to do a history thing in the morning too.

Tomorrow is SAC part two, and then work all night. Yay.



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bat Country.

'Lo everyone.

So today was athletics trials. It was really really hot.

Get to school, media first up, feeling almost confident about this SAC. Going to hammer out a plan on Saturday.

Then a spare, rumours of the common room being locked due to Will getting a fork stuck in the ceiling were unfounded, spent a good half hour half asleep and laughing at Goody and Georgia.

Recess. No Mrs Dosser. Hurm.

Then maths, more slow, it'll be good to get this crap over and done with.

Lit. We're all doomed. None of us can write properly. Feel all of your self confidence ebbing away. Then more 80s Hedda, not particularly interesting.

Lunch. Dull. Want sleep. House meetings were dull. Athletics was boring because us year twelves had already sorted out who was going to do what. I did a sprint. Got into 800 and 1500, and the 3k on Monday. Jesus, two SACs and a 3k race on Monday. I hate Mondays. Mrs Dosser caught up with me, apparently one of my paragraphs is too complicated and I've spread myself too thin, I need more analysis. But my essay's swollen enough as is, she doesn't want more than a thousand words. I dunno. I'm going to get a C on this, I think.

Ended up half asleep on the concrete under a giant fan while everyone talked pokemon, then Alison and I had a waterfight.

Went home, got a flat bloody tyre, fixed it then went straight to laptop. Regular breaks and Inglourious Basterds kept me sane. I think the essay's ok now, I made a plan for it, but I'm still not confident about it. We'll see what happens, I guess. I couldn't read one of her annotations so I took a photo and sent it to her. But it's boring so I'm not going to put it here.

Tomorrow is the first SAC period, and work and stuff. Meh.

Before I saw some funny looking birds flying around. Turns out they weren't birds, they were bats. Wtf. Instantly thought of Dr Thompson.



Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Universal Indicator.

'Lo everyone.

So today was amusing, I'll give it that much, but hell it got hot.

Wake up late, someone's in the shower, then someone's used the last of the milk. Not happy.

First up at school is jazz band playing at assembly which Isobelle almost missed. They aren't bad, bit more practice and they should kick arse at Mt Gambier.

Then history, we're doing historiography which isn't bad, it's just a lot of reading. Which I should do now.

Media was with a sub, got some work done. I'll have to write up a plan for this SAC, apart from that I'm fine I think.

Recess. Ryan and I pulled out our DSs to check the wifi thing. Everyone else was oohing and aahing. So they all had a go and burnt out my battery drawing phalluses. Thanks kids.

Maths. Dull. Got work done.

Bio. After asking for two more marks (ignore my hypothesis then, fine), ended up getting 41.5 out of 42. I'd be happier if the first SAC was alright, but it wasn't, so it's jinxed me. Otherwise a meh lesson, I think I understand this protein stuff to a point.

Lunchtime. Crappy crowd gathered to watch Hayden, Isaac and Pat get purple waterbombs chucked at them. Here's some photos.

Kid screwing up his throw. At least the money went to charity!

Nemo getting Hayden spectacularly in the faaaaaace.

Isaac not getting hit in the face.

There's a shedload more on the facebook album.

Anyway. I've just wasted about half an hour laughing at other people's facebook photos. Tara, you're a damn good photographer when you need to be. That photo of Ryan and Jasper should, nay must, be shown at our last assembly. Like, in the middle of one of the soppy slideshows.


Lit was watching 80s Hedda Gabler, pretty dull. Jasper may or may not have fallen asleep.

Then spare. Goody and Jay built a precarious tower of chairs to reach a fork stuck in the roof.

After school, raced down the street with Denny, enjoyed some chips, noticed a sign saying they wanted help. I want it on the record I suggested this to Denny. The boardos went past, Tom was riding the kickarse chopper bike. We visited the toy shop who have a huge costume thing at the back. I need to rip up some clothes, Denny needs to buy some scabs, and Tom needs to decide between naughty nurse and pope ninja jesus. After that, headed to the centre, had a bit of a nerf war in Target, caught up with Claire (must ask her about Broken Bells, I mistrust Pitchfork), Will said I have good taste in music (respeck), then a detour back to the Chicken Shop, and the bossman said Denny could have a job.

Holy god damn. This is the best shop. Denny's pretty pumped, three hours a night, two nights a week, he picks the nights. Monday and Thursday, he reckons. Free food, all he has to do is clean up chicken trays. Well done that man.

Anyway, get home, get on laptop, hammer out an essay. My last point I'm a bit unsure about, it could probably use a bit more development, but we'll see what Mrs Dosser says tomorrow.

Speaking of which, athletics trials tomorrow. I'm not going to get into anything. Meh. Gotta drop a resume off for Denny and order pokemans for Dayne.



Monday, March 15, 2010

Under Great White Northern Lights.

'Lo all.

Today's Monday. It was dull.

Go to school, kids are crying and shouting and oh god make it stop.

Bio first up, major development, Mrs Brown knows my name. Protein synthesis is now very confusing because we're constantly told that "this has been disproven, and it's actually all like this now, but you don't need to know that because of the textbook but you should know it anyway."

Then maths. Tedious, tedious stuff. SAC next week, thank gawd.

Recess, quiet.

Double history went fairly quickly, discussion, then a question, and a very very serious discussion about pokemans with Pat. Yes we're on task.

Lunchtime. Emily and Oliver gave me leftovers (healed some hp {and so the pokemon humour begins [god help us all]}), then walked around the school with Emily laughing at small children. Visited Mrs Brown again with Georgia, it's nice to know there's someone else who's as clueless about the current gossip as you.

Media. We got to watch the Rolling bloody Stones. Jumpin Jack Flash AND Angel in the same lesson is why I'm enjoying media at the moment.

Then a spare, chilled out with a coffee, was gooooood.

After school was band, a little dull, except for Lulu's brother drawing on the board. Brave kid.

Band is incredibly exciting.

Hung out with Claire and Aiden afterwards, then went home to shouty children and lit homework I've been neglecting. After an hour's work, hammered out an intro and a bit, but I'm not happy with it. Will work on it some more now.

Tomorrow's Tuesday. Kids are getting their heads shaved, jazz bands are playing, and Pat, Isaac and Sam are doing the waterbomb-to-the-face thing again. Should be fun.



Sunday, March 14, 2010

alex in Wonderland.

'Lo all.

That blog title's far too optimistic.

So, yesterday I worked all day, have a good discussion with Cooky about Muse and Jack White, then decided to go and buy Under Great White Northern Lights.

Under Great White Northern Lights - *****
If anything, there needs to be more footage. Catch Hell Blues, Blue Orchid, Icky Thump and Death Letter are standouts. I have new respect for Meg. Very good film.

Then went to the movies. Interesting crowd had rocked up.

Alice in Wonderland - ***
Well, Alice herself, she was hot. The rest, not so much. Plot seemed a bit all over the place, then far too linear; Johnny Depp was doing the Hunter S. Thompson/Cap'n Jack thing with a funny accent, and the cgi was awkward and bad. Tim Burton seemed to have none of the visual flair he had in his other movies, I thought. I mean, the cards are cool, but everything else was a bit bland. But then, he's a Disney cash-cow at the moment, so he'll make billions off the Jayjays wannabe-mallgoth teenage-girls-with-painted-faces crowd. Meh. Would watch anything that Alice girl is in next though.

After a hasty exit, hit maccas, then walked back to my place with Sam and Denny past Madi Murphy's party. We thought it was open house til we saw a guy getting (violently) kicked out by a mildly intoxicated father. We decided to move on.

Walked to Denny's, very serious discussion, then watched half of Akira. Sam had this blue stuff none of us were really interested in. Pokemon instead, I'm pumped. Crashed about 330, I got a mattress in the living room.

Denny has two cats, one is black and cool, the other is ginger and annoying. It would attack my feet endlessly. It went for my head at one stage. Not cool when you're half asleep, something wrestles your foot, then squeals and runs away. All. Night. Not cool in the morning. Walked home, ate, showered, got stuck in to lit (plan is scrappy but finished for the moment, I''ll have to talk to Mrs Dosser), then after procrastinating on a flash game for half an hour, finished media. I should probably do some more biology and start some history, but I don't know when they are due.

Anyway, caught up with the droogs on the interbutt, I'm confused. I also having a sneaking suspicion. God help us all.

Tomorrow's no lit Monday. Gotta give Aiden the White Stripes album.



Friday, March 12, 2010

Invisible star 'shooting comets at Earth'.

'Lo everyone.

Friday. Aaah.

First up was double media. We watched some scenes from both movies, like the fight bit at the end of Snatch. Awesome. It's weird to watch it without sound though.

Then recess and a spare, read the paper, Great White Northern Lights comes out very soon, so happy.

Maths was dull, got some work done, avoided falling asleep.

Lunch was fairly dull. No waterbomb throwing today. We ended up on the oval kicking a basketball at each other. Here's Pat and Hayden racing.

As you can see, Pat won.

Bio was more on this new topic, I think I'm understanding it, but Mrs Brown keeps going off on tangents. Makes the lesson more tricky, I guess. I stole Meg's spot since Dayne had nicked off, they didn't like that.

Then history, watched more movie. Can't complain.

After school, covered Aiden's shift after discussing pokemon over chips with Sam and Denny. Getting serious now. Aiden's run isn't too bad, though it's spread out. Don't particularly like having to go all the way out to the bloody soccer pitch, but oh well.

Come home, thinking of starting bio, Pa rocks up on his fishing trip, catch up a bit, then I managed to get half of this stupid bio crap done over A Clockwork Orange. Protein synthesis is stupid.

Tomorrow is work. Then Alice in Wonderland with the horde. Joy.



Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boom, headshot.

'Lo everyone.

Mildly exciting day today.

So, get to school, dragged to chapel, mouth the words because Ms Henry's watching, then bio. New topic. New homework sheet. Yay.

Then recess, don't think we did much. Double spare up next was better, read through Cameron's transcript of our recorded conversation, it's fascinating. Then we all went on omegle, pretty funny.

Lunch was funny, kids were setting up bbqs and there was a set of stocks in the quadrangle. Bree was stressing about filling up waterbombs (should have left it to the pros), then there was a crowd watching our latest fundraising attempt. Basically, for a dollar, you get to throw a purple stained waterbomb at Sam, Pat or Isaac. Here's some photos.

Isaac protecting the essentials.

Chucking in Sam. There's more on facebook. There'll be more tomorrow as well.

So after that excitement, started watching a movie after a discussion about socialism in history, then discussing the SAC in lit. I'm terrified.

Went home, saw Fraser, then went down the street for work, fairly dull. Kids went to the garden party at 545, should have gone for a photo, oh well.

This is my brother, post-greatest shave. He looks like a skinhead Mark, doesn't he Diana. Resemblence is scary. Meh.

Went to go start lit, but reading more stuff just makes me put it off more. Maybe I'll save it for the weekend.

Tomorrow is Friday, thank gawd. Gotta work tomorrow too.

Still dazed and confused.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adventures with the Tesmans.

'Lo all.

So tired.

Coudn't find my stupid shorts this morning because my dear brother spent a lifetime in the bathroom doing his hair. I wonder about that boy sometimes, I really do.

Get to school in a bad mood, bio first up does not improve this. Girls are squabbling, so Sarah and Dayne and I had heaps of help to stick stuff to the poster (read, they made fun of us).

Then media, we're basically getting the SAC answers told to us. More in the double though. Still confident about this, going to write some plans for this on the weekend.

At recess Lauren and I printed out our essays and photocopied them, then remembered we had like a dozen other essays to print out. Said bugger it, got them in history next period. Turns out I got like a B on my history SAC, which was what I expected. The marking system was different to what I was expecting, but oh well. Still happy.

Then lit, got our practice essays back. We all suck at writing, apparently (we're rusty, I think). The main problem that arose was that we couldn't actually read Mrs Dosser's comments. I know I suck, but why? How? Plus we were treated to a delightfully depressing lecture about the pointlessness of existence. As Ryan would later comment, she isn't doing much to lower the suicide rate.

Lunchtime. Didn't do much, then suddenly Patrick had a bloody megaphone. He's the propanganda commissar (no hat) for the World's Greatest Shave fun day that's going on tomorrow. So he had a horde of big scary year twelves following him around, not intimidating at all. Here's a photo of him and Tom in the quadrangle.

It was pretty amusing.

Then we went to soccer, it sucked because the laissez faire teachers just let us run wild. "It's ok, 30 teenagers on the court at once is fine, they'll work it out themselves". No, we're idiots, you gotta sort it out. So it was lame for half an hour, then Peters kicked a ball into the rafters, so Mr Gaskill arrived and sorted us into teams and gave us rules. Pretty dull. There needs to be less people.

After school, the debaters told Isobelle and I that we had a lit thing to watch, so we went to investigate. Whole lecture theatre and a cake and some skittles all to ourselves, watching a movie that's really entertaining when you approach it sarcastically. Pretty dull, but at least it's over and done with. So, uh...

Hedda Gabler (50s) - **
Dull. Lots of unintended double entendres. Crappy camera work, acting and music. Bonus star for being amusing.

Then went home, didn't do much, and here I am.

Tomorrow is double spare day, which is one of the best days of the week. I forgot to buy some noodles though, disappointing.



Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Try to ignore, try to unwind.

'Lo everyone.

So today was drearily meh. Plus it was doubles day.

This morning Beardman made me retrieve a newspaper he chucked out from the bin, as apparently this was my fault. Go figure. Didn't make any sense to me.

Then assembly, Fearless Kiwi Leader pronounced James' name very, very carefully. Rowers did well, and Aiden got a Special Friend certificate, which he promptly changed to AWESOME Friend.

Spare first up was excellent. Played solitaire, Gavin and I laughed about politics (we're all doomed), and Ruby and April's funny stories were interrupted. Vandals had already attacked the photo of the year level before we did, dammit.

Then media, got our SAC questions. There's no excuse for failing this one, getting the questions two weeks in advance. I plan on kicking arse.

Recess, Sam showed up a card trick, then double maths. Very nearly fell asleep. Got some work done, and it's not exactly tricky. All good.

Lunch next. Thank gawd. Visited the common room to toast a sandwich with Pat. I feel so out of place up there. Said hi to Jason, who dropped in, then we had a very serious discussion about pokemon. I need to have a pokemon with a grass move. This might be complicated.

Double lit. Went fairly quickly. Given a handout, told to do quiet reading, we all finished then didn't know what to do. Annotated a bit, then we got split into groups with a question each. Ours was pretty easy, I have another hundred words to add and I'll be done right now. Jasper is the bait.

After school, headed down the street with the horde, got some chips but barely had any because I went looking for drink (ended up in coles, TRAFFIC STOPPERS WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME!?), then we wandered around the centre looking at DSs. Sam and Denny ended up back at my place trying to trade pokemanz. Here's a photo of them

They'll both be voting this year.

After that, started lit, got a bit sidetracked as they're streaming the White Stripes' live album (SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC COMING OUT! Black Keys, Tame Impala, The National, White Stripes, Silverchair...), discussed Fear and Loathing with Emily, and now here I am.

I made the fateful move to delete all my music off my computer, as it's all on my hard drive. I'm a bit worried about this, but I'll just keep a very close eye on my hard drive from now on. At the moment, I've only got The Playlist (4.5gb and climbing) and a shedload of fresh music on my computer. This frees up a good 35gb of space, which is excellent.

Tomorrow's Wednesday. I think it's GIS, which means Looong Lunch. Joy. Get to watch Hedda Gabler with Isobelle too, that'll last forever.

Speaking of Isobelle, she gave me an idea for next year. Three (+) months working in an English pub, with free board. This sounds pretty damn good. Thoughts? (Amaya, stay online next time!).


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Welcome Home.

'Lo readers.

Today, went from Ocean Grove (where did the hot water go!), to Buninyong, caught up with the cousins and Louise, then back home. Got a tonne of rain dumped on us going through Morwell.

Get home, have done nothing. I am sick, head is all screwed up. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

Delayed photo from Friday, here's Sam, Pat and Gavin playing flash games. They look like zombies, no?



Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

'Lo everyone.

Live from Ocean Grove, it's not David Letterman, he isn't that funny.

So we ended up here instead of Buninyong because I have no idea what we are doing ever.

Friday was pretty lame, as far as I can remember, and I don't remember much. Confused.

Then drove all the way here, we missed the KFC exit before the bridge so we got crappy chips from a second rate chicken shop at Altona. It was all pretty alright til we got off the Geelong bypass, then a magnificently creepy section that was all foggy and misty at full speed with Interstellar Overdrive blaring.

Everyone's alive down here, which is good, gave Katie some music, discussed school, s'all good.

Today, drove around checking out the wreck that Simon was diving in, then Fraser dragged me to Barwon Heads to go shopping. Yes, the goddamn surf shops are having huge sales, why do you have to buy anything? Got me a cheap hoodie, Fraser got skinny jeans and he wants to dive back in. It's bloody terrifying.

We avoided the rain though, which was pretty spectacular from what we saw on TV. Downloaded a buttload of music as my dear grandmother has a spare twelve gigs left this month, and I believe I've addicted the Beardman to DS crosswords.

Tomorrow, we're either going straight home, or we're visiting more rellies. This will give me more time to finish this media homework (or at least leech answers for it).



Thursday, March 4, 2010


'Lo all.

So tired.

Dragged self to school, greeted with a grinning Sam, Oliver and Sally. The drama kids are fighting again.

First up on no spare day was chapel. Aiden had gone with the physics kids to Luna Park for the day (bastards!), so we lacked a lead singer. Pretty dull assembly, would have fallen asleep if it wasn't for Lulu.

Then maths. Now we're doing something complicated. Transformations seem a bit useless though, says the practical part of me. But then, it's Transformers!!!11!

Recess. More drama kiddie whinging, kinda funny.

Lit. Hayley has seen not only Rage Against the Machine live, but the Black Keys too (And hell, she knows who the Black Keys are. And she knows they have an album on the way too (OMG CAN'T WAIT YAY!)). I envy this girl a lot. Ahem, and lit was dull, more notes, turns out the tv version we have to watch next week is the same one that's on youtube. Only one good bit. Shame it's not the lego version.

Bio was pretty meh. We seem to have skipped the half of photosynthesis I wasn't sure on. Oh well, gonna have to teach myself, I guess.

Lunch. Isobelle and I dragged Jasper, Emily and their sexual tension to the library to study. It ended up with Isobelle and I shooting questions at each other, Jasper copying out his notes and Emily giving him a backrub.

History SAC. Oooh, scary. Well it was. I am full of doubt about this all of a sudden. I mean, hell, I had three good points, but not four! What if my writing was illegible? What if I messed up the statistics? What if I didn't quote enough? Oh god oh god oh god.

Then media, finally finished Slumdog, now I've got twenty questions to do in my spare tomorrow. Joy!

Went home, went down the street, suddenly, humidity everywhere! Work is dull, but hell, dodging traffic is always exciting.

Back home, churn out an essay, we're missing a conclusion but I'm nearly at a thousand words. Most of it is rant, I'm in history mode, but I'm meant to be in purple lit mode with lots of extra words. So I might have overdone it a bit, needs some pruning. In the mean time, tested out Beardman's new crossword game (I suck), and redownloaded How The West Was Won, because it's been pissing me off for a month.

Tomorrow is Friday. I'm heading up to Buninyong after school, so no post until Monday night, I guess. I dunno. I usually manage to post on my travels, my dear relatives seem to be addicted to this.

And no photo today, my bad.



Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dude that was hardcore!

'Lo readers.

Got the camera working again.

Today was cold. Media first up, nearly finished Slumdog. That means SAC soon. Yay!

Then a spare, the maths kids had a spare too so we sat around laughing. As usual.

Recess, pretty dull.

Then maths, ever so much fun, no iPod cos Pat had it. Waited all lesson for help, beats working I guess. At least it's fairly easy and calculator friendly.

Lit next, took notes, didn't fall asleep. Hayley said my arms looked creepy. Knew it!

Here's a photo of Gavin resting before he took off to shoot stuff.

Now, Gavin is like a shark. He has to continue moving at all times. We offer him a seat, and he just stands there. Seeing him sitting down... man, it was mind blowing. Poor bastard.

Then mind numbing conversation at the table til I got bored, above is Geordie, the new kid and Alison's new catch. He's pretty cool. Ladies love him.

Anyway, got bored, went to see what everyone else was doing, found them on the basketball court watching some little kids play four square.

Naturally, Hayden and Pat had gayed up their uniform, and here's Dayne in an action shot. Dayne's very photogenic, I find.

Then we all trooped off to indoor soccer. Just year twelves. It was pretty fun. Stayed in defence with Aiden and Oliver (who was inept, pretty funny), Lester got a ball wedged in the roof, Ryan blocked shots with his balls, lots of spectacular falls, and Aino (being the only girl) screamed a lot.

After that, headed down the street with Denny and Emily, picked up a DS cos I've been paid, and now we wait for Pokemon to come out. We've got half a dozen kids raring to go, it's going to be fun. At the moment this DS is a brick you can draw dicks in, which Denny and Emily did for about half an hour in maccas.

Come home, get my brick of a phone taken off me because I didn't check it (it has no credit, and no one texts me anyway, so I don't check it at school anymore. Sorry I didn't check it today when I should have. Bad habit, obviously), then study for history homework. Feel sick though. This isn't good. Hopefully I'll be good for this goddamn SAC tomorrow.

Which reminds me, tomorrow I have a history SAC, which I think I'll be ok with. Need to cram in statistics, I guess.



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

'Lo everyone.

It was cold today, but then it wasn't. Either way, I'm getting a cold, not happy.

Slept through alarms, went to school, slept through assembly, kids were crying, kids got badges, full of emotion.

Then history, signed up for the online study thing, figure I'll chuck some stuff up tomorrow.

Media was Slumdog again, so exciting!

Not much interesting out of recess, or maths after it. Bio was more mildly confusing photosynthesis. I think I get everything except the calvin thingy.

Lunch. The best. Everyone nicked off, went upstairs, kids playing that damned unicorn game. Discussed media project with teacher, the plan at the moment is around four ads. I think I could do that.

Lit was alright, made a new friend, got most of the stuff done for this practice SAC thing. We got a bit off topic, but oh well.

Then a spare at the end of the day, which is always awesome. Buttload of methods kids in there, so Lulu and Isobelle were laughing about Mr Iverson then Agnik's French homework for a period. On one side of the room there were buttloads of kids playing the unicorn game, on the other side basically an orgy. Pretty funny.

After school, went down for chips with Denny and Ryan and Meg, we saw Claire, and talked about the Zackyfap cd that Phobes gave Isaac. Sounds disturbing. Denny was hunting for "Honey bears", but we got stuck in Target looking at the toys.

Come home, get a plan down for lit, then wasted time. At the moment I'm listening to Gorillaz' new album, not sure if I like it. Bit too eighties-esque.

Tomorrow's Wednesday. That means sport and study for history, yay.





Monday, March 1, 2010

Bad Seed.

'Lo everyone.

Funny today. Inappropriate, but funny.

So surprise surprise, bike broke first thing today. Valve snapped off. Joy. Got a lift to school through the rain, so I guess it's not all bad.

Bio first up, we're doing photosynthesis. This is going to be ever so much fun. Not looking forward to getting SAC mark back.

Then maths, pretty dull. We all got a bit confused and the girls were terrified of Mrs Cartledge catching them with their hair down.

Reces. Meh.

Double history was survivable, we got the thing, we planned it, and we were let go. Patrick came up with a plan for his offspring. His daughter's name will be Ignorance, he will force his twins to do everything simultaneously, and his Down syndrome son (he'll be jinxed from making fun of the mentally ill) will be named Pablo Maximillian. We were in tears from laughing.

Then lunch, told the rest about Pablo, didn't do a lot really. Spread the word about muckup day plans, muahahaha.

Media was Slumdog, still pretty meh. It's slow, is all.

Then a spare. Cameron needed to record us for language, so he did it all subtle like. He got like fifteen minutes of Potter, Goody and I talking about how much we hate skaters, the over sexualisation of kids, how much primary schools have changed, and how it's just wrong. Might have sworn a bit too much. Pretty funny.

After school was band, still pretty meh. Lulu and I have a plan for our staggfair basket thing - noodles. Like, mi goreng. I would happily waste lots and lots and lots of money trying to win this, possibly more than the noodles are worth. Then Mr C made fun of Claire with us. Jake gave me a lift home, his car is pretty cool.

Back home, finished history, trolled facebook, the usual. Need to find me a coat for Sam's. Possibly a Commisar hat. I'm meant to be Famine, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Should be fun.

Tomorrow's going to suck, I reckon. It's a Tuesday, after all.



And dammit, no photo, I forgot all about it. My bad.