Friday, February 5, 2010

Year Twelve Camp.

'Lo all.

Gotta get back into the rhythm of blogging, I reckon it'll keep me slightly saner as the year goes on. They've done a good job of spooking us and getting us pumped for this year, I think.

And no photos. Camera ran out of batteries. Sorry.

Anyway. So, go to school on Wednesday, hiding from teachers while wearing thongs, classes were slow, chilled out in the isk with Gav for a spare, then at lunchtime we wasted time and jumped on a bus. It was fairly quiet, we played a few hands of pimps and bitches, then chilled some more.

It was damn hot at this place, and us blokes were put a good ten minute walk away from everything. Joy. Shotgun a bed, then we go back to play sport in the heat. Homeroom teams. The goal is to be the best homeroom at everything, and sport was first. So, we sucked. Sam's Team Dyke beat trounced us in basketball ("But Tom, you're tall!" "But I'm a rower, we don't have hand eye coordination!" "...oh... yeah"), kicked arse in the 'volleyball' but it didn't count for some reason, then we beat the jock homeroom at 'bootball'. Yay. We hit the trampolines after that, then food, then a presentation from some past students. Fairly interesting, Bernice was excited because one of them was a footy journo in training. Gap year in Europe sounds tempting but ridiculously expensive. Then a relaxation session with Mr McAnulty. Guided meditation. To a room with a hundred bored teenagers. Didn't go so well. We giggled a lot ("Now everything's going black, but that's ok"), and then we had a 'journey'. Hell. We had to climb a mountain, deal with a goat, deal with monsters (OH GOD), then go into a cave and open our heart chakras and talk to Marla Singer or something. I kinda zoned out after that thinking about Fight Club. Then we crashed, Julian wouldn't stop snoring, we made fun of Wingram, and didn't get much sleep at all.

Next day. Grumpy. Sick of this heat. Session with a bloke who was fairly successful, got an ENTER score of like a million, trained at the AIS with all these olympic swimmers, ate chocolate, he's now a medical student. He was funny. But again, it seemed ill suited. None of the kids got much sleep, we were all dropping out midway through. After a quick break, it was even worse. When he pulled out the whiteboard, I very, very nearly fell asleep. No offence to the dude, we were just tired. Then lunch, then more! We had to do these activities, had such a helpful group for the nail stacking, then we had to do this group tyre thing, then ye olde fifteen things on the moon game. Which I kicked arse at.

Next was the activities we picked, and it started bucketing down. Rockclimbing first, everyone made it up the top of the easier red climb, then Aiden and I did the extreme difficult yellow one. Damn straight. Anyone who couldn't do it was beaten by the midget. Did the red one as fast as I could but I screwed it up, oh well. Then a bushwalk, Aiden and I led some kids further ahead, then took off. We ran the rest of it, like a cross country track that was extra slippery. Went past the river tubers, who were lying on lilos and trying to be excited as they floated past. Aiden and I got in first, waited twenty minutes for the rest, then ran all the way back to the thing for food.

Had to do more rotationy type stuff after that, signing VCE consent forms, working out pretend ENTER scores (me being pessimistic [read realistic] is around 83, which is a good start. I can only improve on that), then sorting out what we do afterwards. Again, the idea of a gap year really appeals to me, but it's so expensive and I just don't know at the moment. I don't want to have to ask for more money from home, nor do I want to waste lots of money. I suppose it can wait, I'll do Switzerland and Amsterdam, then do it properly afterwards.

Dinner was infuriating, as for whatever reason someone had stolen our table when we went up for food, but it was only because their table had been stolen, and that had only been stolen because some other kids had taken theirs, etc, repeat ad nauseum. So, Pat, Dayne and I grabbed seats at the jock's table. Very civilised compared to our lot.

Then some really fun activities as homerooms. At least it wasn't a red faces talent show thing. Trivia, drama, dancing, and those goddamn puzzle picture things. Ripon kicked arse at everything, naturally, though Jasper and Ryan nearly making out for their drama thing stole the whole show. Our dance ended with Aiden and I topless, and we won the damn thing. 12Ripon won the whole thing by the end, howzat, the loser homeroom wins!

So then we crashed, kicked Julian out (he had a pile of mattresses on the verandah), Sam and Pat were running their strobe light boxing in their cabin, Kelly snuck in with Denny, Peter, Jack and Lester screamed through our cabin naked, then when we finally did crash, Sam, Isaac and Aiden came in, saw Ryan's bare arse, and laughed so hard they just left. Eventful.

Today, still grumpy. Now it is raining. Joy. More shuffling around, sat in the gym thing for an hour iPodding (Jess wants to listen, "Nothing old though." Was tempted to put on Tricky or Nero's Day at Disneyland, but she nicked off). Then a thing with Ms Hahn about special provisions, in case we die before the exams, which might happen, you never know. Then a personality test with Mr McAnulty. Isobelle and I got similar results, we're both antisocial. She could be a detective. Emma and Ryan seemed to like theirs. Then food, back on the buses, and we finally got out of there.

Cards, then iPod, then shouting Tribute, then we were back at school at the same time as the year sevens ("ONLY WHAT, FIVE YEARS TO GO? AHAHAHA!"). We were bored, some kids did the infamous Flaming Mangina, which made the locker area smell like burnt hair (use your imagination), so we hung out on the other side. Bell went, we figured it was safe to nick off, so Ryan and I got chips and chilled out. Got a lift home, not much has changed. Finished my media homework too.

Tomorrow is work. Yay. I want to sleep in. I'll sleep when I get back.



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