Monday, February 15, 2010

When the Levee Breaks.

'Lo everyone.

First off, apology to Oliver, he has seen the original Psycho. I'll make it up to you, scroll down.

So, today was raining til about lunchtime.

First up was bio, we're starting enzymes! How exciting! Lulu still is not very happy about the SAC, and I support her. It's not really a fair situation.

Then maths, started coming up with ideas for muckup day and schoolies again. Sam and Amanda want to take over an army base.

Recess. Cold and wet.

Double history went pretty quickly, talked to Pat and Jasper while they tortured Emily. Got work done.

Speaking of Emily, here's a photo of her because I figure it's too amusing to delete.


Then media, went over production design. Have a few ideas, looking forward to starting this. Keeping it simple.

Glorious spare next. Chatted to Potter, Gav and Georgia about primary school and siblings. Should really introduce Fraser to these kids, I reckon they'd get a kick out of it.

Band was slow, new stuff to do, so naturally we suck at it. Chilled out with Emma afterwards, walked home and burnt out my ears to Portishead and Brand New. Back home, finished history stuff.

Tomorrow's Tuesday. Yay.



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