Thursday, February 25, 2010

They're so yellowed, so withered.

'Lo all.

Still yet to see improvement in this week.

Woke up far too late, rushed to school, extended homeroom was meh. We probably did something, but I can't remember.

Chapel was mildly amusing, Patrick decided we should sing the hymns up an octave or three. First one was high, so they enjoyed that. Then in the second one, Pat decided to scream a harmony part. Very funny, cept all the teachers noticed. Sounded pretty musical too.

Bio was the bloody prac, was complicated, and we cut corners to have results. Instead of every ten seconds, we checked it as quickly as we could. Took photos of it too to make it easier. Not looking forward to write up. Everyone is going to beat me again.

Recess. Thank gawd. Hungry.

Then double spare. So good. Got my results and everything done, then chilled out with some noodles. Discussed the deb with Potter and New Sarah, while Georgia played on her new mac. Weird machines.

Lunch was quiet, kids had all nicked off to donate blood. Good on them. We were bored, so Emma, Julian, Oliver, Dayne and I wasted a good twenty minutes flicking bottletops and baked bean cans at each other.

That's Bernice and Emma. Bernice seems to enjoy being in photos.

Then history, nearly fell asleep hunting for information. Like, my eyes were shutting, and that's terrible.

Lit was all about the SAC, so we had to pay a bit more attention. Not looking forward to this, not confident in my essay writing abilities since it's been a good four months since I wrote one. Mrs Dosser shut down Emily particularly well.

After school, headed down the street, had to swap my Requiem for a Dream dvd, wouldn't give me the money back, wouldn't let me get Taxi Driver (not long now though...), so I grabbed Raiders of the Lost Ark. Tshirts are too expensive, have (or can get) all the cds, and there weren't many good dvds in stock. Oh well. I'll get Requiem for a Dream off eBay or Amazon or something.

Work wasn't too bad, no flat tyres or nothing. Nothing particularly interesting.

Get home, start bio work and revision and stuff. Confident on everything except pH, but I'll get Agnik to explain that. Go online, four or five different people start asking for help, and one of them wasn't even for a subject I do. I'm stuck here. I mean, it's a competition now, why should I help these people? They'll just beat me again. But then, we've been told "YOU HAVE TO HELP EACH OTHER!" since the start of rollover, plus I'm really a pushover, I guess. Dunno. Should I just excommunicate or what? Got my hopes up too.

Tomorrow, bio SAC, then work all night. Probably be a function on or something just to rub it in.

Condolences to the Waites.



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