Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Swimming Trials.

'Lo everyone.

Found me some batteries. Yay. Now we catch up a bit.

So, today was swimming trials. Short lessons, day in the sun, dip in the pool, all good. Funny how we don't take it seriously, back in the day it used to be the most hated day of the year.

First up was bio, we got halfway through a bio prac but it didn't make sense. This is why we need to do it in doubles. It's just stupid, how can you accurately measure liquids and stuff if you have to let them dry out overnight. Anyway, got half of it done, and I'm worried I may have to make up some results.

Then media, watched more Snatch, and talked about Psycho. Surprised I was the only one who'd seen Psycho, bloody Oliver kept on going on about it, but he's only seen the remake. The wonders of cultural osmosis.

Recess. Meh.

History was interesting, we did the group sharing thing, it's a bit redundant when it's all written down in front of you. We have a year eleven in our class now, the poor bastard.

And lit was views and values, this will be complicated as all hell. Oh well, get it over and done with.

Lunch was quiet, Brad escaped, then we went to the pool, got seats, and plotted what we were going to do. Slow races involve being the last to finish, so naturally we decided to do that. We waited and waited and waited, then suddenly we were giggling on the blocks. Denny and Oliver were promptly disqualified when they got in and didn't move. Ryan pretended that he couldn't swim, so he won. I came second last, I started off too well. Though technically, that's third in a proper race. Crap time cos I was going slow.

Then waiting around for ages, making fun of kids, Jake bought us paddle pops (HOLY GODDAMN I HAVEN'T HAD ONE OF THESE IN YEARS), and yeah, caught up with the rest of them. Cumpster is a fish.

Backstroke next, pretty dull, most of us nearly drowned but I beat Tom, then more wasting time. Have to prepare for the retard race in butterfly.

Here's some photos.

Team Wellington Binks. We are maroon. We are good at drama. That's it. We're basically Hufflepuff.

This is my good friend Dayne. He's a bit Dutch.

Isaac and Sam celebrating finishing the breaststroke. Note Isaac's neck.

My dear friend Smellison. Tom's reflection is in her Ray Bans. Love Tori's expression behind her.

Grammar swimming is very serious.

Jess. I'm not sure what Patrick is staring at behind her.

Pat doesn't know how to dive. This is an excellent picture, I'm kinda proud of it. I mean, hell, he looks like he's sitting on the water.

So yeah, pretty dull all day, then we went back to school, then nicked off. Said hi to Erin, visiting us on her day off. Then work, pretty quiet, got a bit sidetracked chatting to Denny and Emily and Pat. Picked up Heligoland. Caught up with Ken, bitched about prices. I want a ven dready. Right now, just need to write a hypothesis for bio then four more lines for history. It's good to be on top of homework. And not have to do English.

Tomorrow is double spare Thursday. Feels good man.

Hurm hurm hurm hurm.



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