Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Swimming Carnival 2010.

'Lo all.

One of the big things about today was that it was our *last* swimming carnival. And yes, it was. But then, everything this year is our last. I don't think it's really worth celebrating until the last day, then you can party. The *last* cross country and the *last* assembly will be big for me, I think. One because I want to do well and the other because we're running it, which'll be fun.

So, short periods today, was good. Spare first up, chatted to the kids, and we got our year twelve jackets.

Proudly modelled here by Gavin. I guess they're alright. We could have had orange instead of green. It was a close vote, but the general consensus from us sane kids was that we didn't want to look like construction workers.

Then media, watched a little bit more of Slumdog Millionaire.

Recess, kids were preparing. Lots of capes, zinc, and fairy wings for some reason. Pretty amusing, but the best part didn't arrive til we got to the pool.

Here's my house, Binks. We're Hufflepuff because we're only good at drama. Oliver's in Ryan's pimp coat, Pat's got this weird little coat thing, and Julian is giving kids nightmares in his rowing zootsuit. It has a tuxedo, for extra class.

This is Cranswick Dargo, they're like Slytherin because all the jocks are in it. But these guys are pretty cool. Isaac was rocking a skirt too, conveniently cut out of the picture.

Team Blundell Bogong, represented by Meg. They swear they aren't communists. Better dead than red, as the saying goes. I guess these guys are like Ravenclaw, they're pretty cool. Hayden and Sam eating her there, Sam's in his Conrad Birdie suit. More nightmare fuel.

Then Tisdall Hotham. All the cool kids are in this one, so they may as well be Gryffindor. They always come second in everything though. Denny's mid cheerleader dance. Handsfree.

Anyway, our homeroom was sent to the bbqs which wouldn't light in the wind, so the bbqs were taken to the middle of nowhere behind a shed, and the cashbox and bread was set up like a hundred metres away. Plan was, kids pay their money, we give them bread, then they walk down to the bbqs and pick up a sausage from one of our friendly cooks (ie Gav and Mrs Ripon). Worked pretty well all day, except for when some jock scum stole bread. Money's for charity, it was pretty low, teachers caught them. I was on the cashbox all day, we did alright, Tom, Scott and I went back to school and we found out that we made around $500 profit for the leukaemia foundation, so we sold hundreds of sausages, rissoles, veggie burgers, pepsis and icypoles (all cheaper than the shop at the pool, hurm). Go us.

Missed out on the last races like the relays and the ever entertaining teachers vs kids races, but oh well. Bored in the common room, so we drew stuff on the whiteboard. Then down the street, got chips, had the usual discussion, then home. No internet. iPod was stuffing up, so no podcast. Got 3/4 of history done though, then I threw in the towel cos I was sick of writing the same arguments over and over again.

Then I got into a facebook argument. God they're entertaining. George, I do need that usb back though.

Tomorrow's GIS times, which means shorter times and THE LONG LUNCH, thank gawd.



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