Thursday, February 11, 2010


'Lo all.

So muggy today. So many mugs. It got worse by the afternoon, one went from air conditioned normal to "OH GOD I'M MELTING FROM SWEAT."

On my way to school, I noticed my bike had a flat tyre. Infuriating. Went back to pump it up, wasn't that late.

First chapel with (de-croziused) chaplain, he's changed it around a bit. I fell asleep.

Then biology, this prac is ridiculously fiddly and annoying. One should not have to wash and dry raisins. Got it done though. Here's Dayne and Akari and our raisins. Little bastards.

And then, the glorious double spare. Aaah. Air conditioned, company isn't too bad (most of the time), and holy crap, I actually got some work done. Must get some goddamn mi goreng.

Lunch was quiet, we were driven mad by the heat before it ended so we made some box hats and box bombs and had a small waterfight. The usual. So hot.

History was lecture, all good, took notes and Isobelle drew General Kornilov as a corndog with a moustache. Great success.

Then lit, it's a bit slow, but Mrs Dosser explained what it was like to talk to herself for hours at 2am while making podcasts. Amusing, a little sad.

We got out just as it started raining. Joy. Got home and fixed bike up, but obviously I didn't do it well enough as it was leaking all afternoon. Run was hell, so hot, first place I visited gave me a juicebox (?), and I tried Rockstar's energy cola. Sounded fancy. Tastes like coke zero, but I guess it kept me buzzing. Had to double back because someone had forgotten a script, which is infuriating. And I need new headphones, dammit.

Back home, internet is slow, it's pouring rain, and I realise I've left my media sheet at school. Seven Ages of Rock was good as, even if it was THE KURT COBAIN and american alt movement AND KURT COBAIN SHOW!!!. Didn't mention More than a Feeling, didn't make a joke about Come as You Are, and Pearl Jam got barely a snippet, and most of that was over the Nevermind cover for some reason. Meh.

Tomorrow is Friday. So happy.



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