Monday, February 8, 2010

Splitting the Atom.

'Lo all.

God damn I hate Mondays.

No post yesterday because I had one of those satisfying days where I didn't do anything. At all.

Today, dragged myself to school, survived the opening salvoes (Ryan was so excited about Dracula's restaurant), then biology first up. Everyone is confused about variables now, joy.

Lit was alright. I know not to contribute now.

Recess. Meh.

Then history, not bad. Another lecture type thing, no real work. My favourite.

Maths was fairly quiet, discussed visiting the comedy festival and the footy season.

Day was moving so slowly. Sam was pumped about taking up parkour. He had to flip me because none of them could flip each other, bit bizarre. Didn't really do a lot.

Media was going over Snatch, which I'm cool with. I still enjoy it at this stage.

Then a spare. Crashed out with iPod. April reckons I'll be deaf by the time I'm 30 (protip: I'll be dead), discussed rowing with Georgia. Good spare. Goody had spag bol though, the bastard. I might need to invest in mi goreng. I could sell it!

Band was meh, sick of Star Wars. Amusing though. Hurm. Hurm hurm hurm.

Get home, do homework, the usual. Good News Week was good. Isobelle has recovered, her party idea sounds good.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and it's doubles day. Double maths AND double lit, my favourite. Then I'm going down the street to see what day I'm working, and to buy an album I already illegally downloaded (shh). It's excellent anyway. I wish I could go to Massive Attack live. But it's $120, 18+ and the same day as Sam's mad birthday party. Oh well. I'll see them in Europe or something.



And yes, there'll be batteries tomorrow, so photos should resume. Need to get a shot of the cast, don't I.

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