Friday, February 12, 2010

Scumbag Blues.

'Lo everyone.

Gawd. This is karma getting me back from the holidays or something. Crap day.

So, first up, slept in. No time to do the media homework that I'd left at school anyway. Then my bike is screwed, so walk to school. Tired when I get to school. Then double media, do work, catch up on homework, but then I didn't do stuff in a paragraph, so I begged for more time.

As luck would have it, spare next. So chilled out, finished media, helped some kids out with bio, and reminisced about Emily's house party. She promised she'd have more of them.

Then maths, pretty quiet. Falling asleep at this stage. At least I understand the work and understand how to effectively wing it, unlike Sam. Stop drawing attention to yourself.

Lunchtime. Pretty dull. They've sorted out their team for the hair rainbow thingy.

We have, from left to right, Sally (red), Amanda (team captain, we need to find an orange), Patrick (yellow), Brad (green), Sam (blue), Hayden (indigo, with the infamous Velociraptor face), and Isaac (violet). Their plan is to raise a couple of hundred dollars each, then bleach their hair and dye it. It'll look cool if they can all pull it off.

Bernice had a camera, and she kept taking photos of me. War, war I say! She's spending her valentine's day trying to pick up Marc Murphy at the Carlton club day.

Then biology SAC towards the end of lunch, Jordan, Nemo and I figured we'd get in early. Stupid rule, having kids start whenever they want, it's not really fair for the kids who have other stuff or have forgotten. Anyway, apart from one mental blank and a bit of repeating myself, I reckon I kicked arse. Escaped and gave Isaac as many answers that I could remember, helped some other kids out. That's real fairness. Apparently some of the kids in my class had two periods and a bit of lunchtime to do their SAC, and the second class only had their single. It's very unfair and I reckon we should do something about it.

Anyway. Then history. While discussing how to answer exam questions efficiently Pat built a tower by stacking his stationery. It was pretty cool til Mr Ries noticed and threw his texta at it.

After school, still in bad mood, walked with Annie, bought headphones (and Scrubs, totally worth it), and a bike tube that I nearly forgot about, then home. Bored. Scrubs time.

Really enjoying Breaking Bad, even if Beardman isn't. Should prolly be watching Skins season four, but I'm not interested. Don't like these new characters.

Tomorrow is download til 2am then sleep in til four in the afternoon day. I hope. Need to sort out work for the next couple of weeks too, I believe we're heading to Ocean Grove in a fortnight.



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