Saturday, February 27, 2010


'Lo all.

Today was work. There was a cricket and a huge slab (literally, slab) of Belgian cooking chocolate in the dry storage. Want, so much. Was pretty meh, to be honest.

Come home, Denny and Ryan drop in, we hang out a bit, then they nick off. Denny and Oliver are going to Arrowfield tonight. Next, waste time, do a bit of history revision, nothing interesting really. Chatted to the usual suspects.

I post this because I want it recorded that Ruddkips' idea for an internet ombudsman is 'frankly frightening', indeed more so because it's scarier than goatse and three guys one hammer together (now that's a disturbing thought, don't think too hard). How is this waste of taxpayer money going to stop anything offensive anywhere ever? It's ridiculous. Bad idea, Ruddy. And if you're stupid enough to create a bogan tribute page to some dead children (or dead bogans, see Mill Park Tree RIP), you gotta be prepared to manage it. It's too easy a target, high saturation of people plus high visibilyty, then easy publicity. On that note, when I die, do not put anything on facebook. I mean it. And if someone does, I give you all permission to post the most 'frankly frightening' stuff on it.

Stupid government. Not sure who I should vote for, the party that does nothing, the party that is lead by a raving Christian, or Ruddkip's internet censoring bastards. Maybe I should just throw my vote to an independant who'll get paid to follow a party anyway. Or the Greens. Or I'll just draw a phallus on the ballot paper.

Tomorrow is homework and sleep day. Best day of the week.



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