Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Outbreak of Stupid.

'Lo all.

Day two. Don't feel much better.

Today Ryan rocked up, we bitched about literature, made it to school (the go kart/long jump track is having smell put on it), then I went to the hall to sleep. The assembly was over quickly, we didn't screw up, the prefects all did perfectly, so we made lots of jokes to Claire and Aiden about us being the proles. Such fun.

Then history, finished work, that's about it.

Maths next, pretty amusing really.

Recess, quiet. Wasn't too hot yet.

Then biology, revision, plus we have a sac coming up, hooray.

And media, got to watch Snatch, we have to analyse the characters. I realize as I type that I have forgotten to bring this homework home. Note to self, don't write reminders on arm in red pen on a hot day, it disappears.

I have also realized I may have mucked up this whole timetable. Meh.

Anyway, lunchtime. Janitor moved the chairs into the sun, so everyone was afraid to sit on it or drag it back. Everyone was a bit chilled out.

Lit. We went a little crazy before Mrs Dosser arrived, Jasper stole Ruby's sunnies and we laughed. New girl in the class too, a year eleven who's Annie's friend. Very brave. Anyway, teacher rocked up, "POP QUIZ LOL!". So that was pretty fun, Emily and I got the best scores in the class, hell yeah. Gonna smash lit this year, dammit. And Mrs Dosser took off her glasses.

Then spare. The best. Discussed the old times with Georgia and Potter, then talked music with Goody. He has excellent taste, gotta check out Dead Letter Circus and Chickenfoot I think. Confuzzled the hell out of the girls, Potter declared she doesn't even like music. We were shocked. Made me think about what a hollowless existence that would be, seriously. I mean, right now I'm sonically competing with Fraser (Since I've Been Loving You vs live Paranoid with Phil Collins and Ozzy [wtf?]), but hell, imagine no music. Or worse, just top 40 recyclables...*

So yeah, after that, headed down the street with Hayden and Denny, Denny couldn't get his haircut, Hayden nicked off, and I'm not working until Saturday, yay. Ordered Heligoland and Requiem for a Dream (again), then got chips.

Best chips in town at the chicken shop, home of the "OH GOD IT'S SO HOT WE NEED FORKS" gravy. We'll see more photos from this shop through the year, I reckon. Sally dropped in as well, we bitched about the upcoming camp.

So then we went home, Denny nearly fell asleep on the couch watching cartoons with my sisters, then he left, we got spicy chicken for dinner, and we all changed our names and nationalities on facebook for an hour, pretty fun.

Right now I'm avoiding homework, though I have so little. Meh. Tomorrow we have four periods, then we nick off to Forest Edge Jesus Camp for a couple of nights, so no blog post until I get back. See if I can get a group shot of the horde.


Anyway, the end.

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