Friday, February 19, 2010

Misery Affair.

'Lo all.

Long day today. Sick of it.

So, double bio first up. Sally made me think I had double media. Turns out, Mrs Brown wasn't at school. So, double spare. The best. Floated around between different groups, kinda amusing really.

Then recess for food, then double spare. The best. This time, Mr Ries wasn't at school, so two more spares. That's two thirds of my school day spent bumming around in the common room. Gavin raced April with the sudoku, then April and I totally kicked the puzzle's arse. Coffee and noodles, was good. Then more floating around, pissed off the psych kids, sat around with Emily and Jasper and their sexual tension, then it was lunchtime. More food!

By this time, it was really hot. So naturally we decided to play us some sport. Refined our prototype game that involved soccer rules, but instead of kicking the ball you punched it. Very tricky.

Pat vs Denny there.

Then lit, not bad, I guess. Very slow though.

And maths, got half of it done then gave up. Sam tried to convince Brenno that he was sick. He did look fairly pale.

After that, down the street for chips. Sam and Hayden are waxing Isaac's nipples this evening. Chips first.

Isaac swore they've improved, Denny and I could taste something different about the gravy. Best chips in town.

Ended up swapping stories out the front of maccas, tomorrow is poker.

Get home, chillax, internet's dead so no downloading lit podcast, go down the street to hang with Jess and Meg, catch up with James Broughton and Brent Barker. Interesting contrast, hanging with them. Ditched them outside the swimming pool.

Tomorrow (or today, rather, it's fairly late), work, then Sam's, hopefully. Want to drown my sorrows and lose some poker.

Had the weirdest, weirdest mindscrew yesterday. Jesus god.



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