Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Knockin' on Joe.

'Lo readers.

No photos. Forgot battery. My bad.

God, it's gotten to the stage when I can tell when I'm in a subconsciously bad mood, the sentences are always shorter.

Anyway. Today was doubles day. It got annoying hearing kids gloat about having double spare, but they should just wait. I'll pay them back. It's all war, really.

So, assembly was quiet, prefects nicked off to their perfect prefect party (poor bastards), then a spare. Hung out with Potter, Meg, Jess and Pip (lol spiders), then annoyed Gavin while Tabby tried to do her language homework. The new computers they have in the isk are bizarre.

Then media, got to watch a bit of Snatch and analyse it. Not complaining yet. Oliver will be the first to crack, he's the one who's already seen it enough times to quote it with the right accents. There were swarms of bugs outside for some reason. Plague? Hope so.

Recess, hot, quiet, sleepy, then double maths. Sam's latest adventure is organising a squadron of thrill seekers for the Greatest Shave. The challenge is to get 7 kids, get them to raise $500 each for cancer, then colour their heads like a rainbow. Sam promptly shotgunned blue (electric, I'm expecting Simon levels at least), Amanda shotgunned red, and I figured I'd take a kickarse DSotM photo. Of course, assigning who gets which colour. Sorting out the money is next. I think they got the teacher's permission, can't remember.

Lunch. Thank gawd. Julian complains that it's now too quiet at lunchtime. It's too hot (and we're too lazy) for soccer, so we sit around, clique up, then split up. Sort of like cellular mitosis, it's fascinating. Anyway, today the couples were all being adorable (then Emily did something and we all missed it), Isaac wrapped a piece of plastic laminating sheet around his head so it squished his face (THIS IS WHY I NEED MY CAMERA) and freaked out some kids, and the girls worked out their netball team. Business as usual.

Then double lit, yay. I should stop contributing, as well as thinking I'm a half mute idiot, Mrs Dosser now thinks I'm one of those one dimensional cynical bastards who always die first. Hurm. Slow lesson, tension broke every now and then. Jasper agitated to stop getting distracted (yes we've seen this before), Ryan and I laughed, Isobelle steered conversation. Business as usual (again).

After all that, headed down the street with Ryan and Denny because I owed them chips. It was good. We saw Millsy, bagged out Fraser (nearly getting hit by a car), then wandered around. Heligoland comes in tomorrow, apparently. And I'm working Sunday. Joy. Something to do, but then there'll be a million and two people in there for lunch. Hurm.

Get home, finished lit homework, that's about it. Ibsen and Nick Cave, not sure if this is a good mix.

Tomorrow is the swimming trials. Hopefully it'll be as warm as today, so I can enjoy my leisurely paddles in the pool. No, I'm not taking it seriously.



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