Thursday, February 18, 2010

The hell's a baphomet?

'Lo everyone.

Apologies for the lack of post last night, internet was having a hissy fit.

So yesterday was fairly slow, walked to school with Denny as he tried to describe the plot of the new Star Trek movie (doesn't make any sense, but then I don't know anything about it), school was dull as hell, and I let the little kids play indoor soccer cos I didn't have the heart to kick one of the bastards off. Caught Pat and Denny mid animated conversation, Sally noticed.

This is pretty much how every day ends up, really.

Then today, dull as well, to be honest. Chapel was full of hiccups, homeroom was about blood donations (do I even have enough blood to donate?), then maths. Quiet, I guess, doing stuff we can do on the calculators so no worries.

Recess was dull, then lit and bio one way or another, they were both meh. Mrs Dosser mistook my coughing for laughter and gave me a mean look. Ryan drew Magnanimous Man (he attracts justice and repels evil!). Mrs Brown doesn't know my name, it's amusing. I'm so tempted to exploit this.

Lunchtime, finally. Was starving.Ended up on the table reading the paper with the horde, was good. Asked Kelly what to take a photo of, she said her nose.

Hope she's happy.

Then history, I need to work on putting in more evidence. Other than that, cruising well according to Mr Ries. Ended up trying to solve riddles on the board. I lol'd, they were so lame. And media was the fight scene at the end of Snatch. Cutting between the only good Oasis song and Massive Attack plus graphic violence is awesome, really.

After school was work, screaming around, nothing special. Got tipped, feels good man. Back home, avoid homework, all good. Don't want to do maths.

Tomorrow's Friday, thank gawd. Sam wants a poker night. No boats this time, I think.



ps, photos are going up on facebook nightly now.

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