Friday, February 26, 2010

God is Empty, Just Like Me.

'Lo everyone.

Crap end to a crap week.

So, get to school, double media first up. But wait, photos! My favourite! Love being self conscious as hell in front of strangers. The upside this year is the muckup photo, for us mature year twelves. Since I was concentrating on biology last night, I forgot all about it. Luckily, we still had Anakin Skywalker and a pair of stormtroopers, couple of supermen, a giant phallus, and so much crossdressing, I'm shocked that Tom and Meg and the rest could swap uniforms so quick. Some of the girls look pretty funny in our uniforms cos they're so baggy, but then the dudes... oh god my eyes. Claire had a James Gay sign but he noticed and ripped it, we weren't happy. Photographer thought we were going to start a riot the way he reacted.

Media was more Slumdog, getting monotonous.

Recess was dull, then a spare. Went over bio with Georgia, Gavin, Potter and New Sarah. Felt a little confident. New Sarah seems pretty cool.

Then maths, got shouted at, got some work done, and I did alright on the assessment thingy that barely anyone else seems to have done. Hence the shouting at the class, naturally.

Lunch. Ate, panicked a little, then fistball'd to take my mind off things. Too hot.

Here's Jake on his new mac, it takes photos of people so I decided to take a photo of it taking a photo of me taking a photo of it. Lol.

Left early, grabbed books and Dayne, then off to the SAC. We were still let in early, but holy goddamn this one was easy compared to the last one. No big "YOU INTERPRET THE QUESTION!" questions either, so I'm cautiously happy about it. Sprinted to the library afterwards to tell Isaac some hints, he has a better hope to beat some year eleven genuises. They're scary good.

History, Pat was being amusing but the The class was dead, so Mr Ries nearly gave up. A little confident for this SAC too, I think.

After school, went home, Fraser wandering around shirtless for some reason, then escaped to work. Got kickarse steak, got out five minutes after the chefs. I'm due back there in about 12 hours, how fun.

Good to see Sally and Annie alive and well, though Sally's Frankenstein bolt on her stomach was weird. And Brad, look after yourself, keep in touch.



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