Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo.

'Lo everyone.

Forgot to take photos today.

Bloody hell. Not having a good week. But it's all so small in comparision with everything else. Should stop worrying and get on with it.

So today, finished all my homework, get to school, bio first up. Another SAC on Friday, this one looks complicated too. We're doomed. Though thankfully Mrs Brown has twigged to the fact that the last SAC was not fair for both classes.

Then media, more Slumdog, pretty meh. I prefered Snatch.

Recess. Can't think of anything interesting.

Then history, New Steve and me kicking arse, but we're all a bit dumb still. Should get onto this new website thing, you submit your work and some other bloke marks it, could be useful.

Finally lit, I'm confused as to what we were supposed to have done. Might have to do some more podcasts. More of the same, either way.

Lunchtime was real long. Got us a soccerball, then we had about an hour and a half of fistball. It was fun. We're getting better.

Sport was a bludge, really, soccer on the oval against the jocks. We didn't really stand a chance. Sam took a spectacular fall, and Aiden lost the cricket. Oh well.

After school, went down the street for supplies with Denny and Ryan, found a cheap DS I may pick up, and finally bought Requiem for a Dream.

Get home, Requiem for a Dream is Region One, which means it won't work on my stuff. Pissed. Going to take it back tomorrow. Waited two bloody months and it's the wrong bloody region. Then I chuck the podcasts I may or may not have had to do for lit. Oh crap, I've left Hedda Gabler at school. But wait, I'm sure I packed it in my bag... oh god no. So I was really hoping I'll find it in my locker tomorrow. Plus, the podcasts wouldn't play anyway. Hook up iPod again, it lags, it moans at me... two hours later and I've reset it twice, trying to load everything back on.

This week just keeps getting better and better.

Tomorrow's double spare Thursday, which will be good, I hope. It better be.


Anyway, the end.

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