Tuesday, February 16, 2010


'Lo all.

Dull, dull day.

First off, the bloody bike is dying. Need to fix a puncture already, what the hell gives. Then once we fixed Denny's, we were at school way too early.

Assembly was very, very amusing today. Fearless Leader the school captain is the ubermensch, but he called James Gray 'James Gay' in front of the entire school. Oh dear. Apparently some of the teachers couldn't stop laughing. Poor bastard.

History first, nothing too stressful. My answers were made example of, not sure if this is good or bad yet. Meh. Spent most of lesson discussing socialism with Patrick.

Then media, back to Snatch.I need to work out a way to remember all the story elements. Not looking forward to studying Slumdog.

After a meh recess, bio, watched animations, had to do some crappy activity involving toothpick snapping which was designed to teach us about enzymes. Weird.

Maths was quiet, jammed on headphones and finished work.

Lunch was a bit dull. Ended up sitting at the bench talking to the horde, while Aaron restrung Isaac's new guitar. Camera out of batteries, dammit.

Lit was lecture. I remember noting things, but I can't remember anything from the lesson itself. Oh dear.

Then a glorious spare. Out of sugar for my coffee. Wandered around being annoying, then timed Emily's speech.

After school, Denny was in a bad mood but him, Ryan and I all needed to go down the street. So chips, and we reminisced about year nine. They seem to have had the coolest japanese class. Ended up only doing one thing that I needed to do, oh well. Walked flat bike home chatting to Ryan, Denny dropped in a while ago to pick up his spare bike because his other one is properly screwed now. Needs new tyres.

Tomorrow is GIS times, which means LONG LUNCH. Yay.



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