Monday, February 1, 2010

Been Here Before... Been Here Forever.

'Lo all.

Oh god, here we go. Was in a zombie state this morning, woke up and showered and fed and was pinchnpunched, didn't talk, didn't blink, just trying not to fall back to sleep.

On the plus side, all of my holiday homework was finished before the holidays ended. Go me.

Anyway. Denny rocked up in the middle of a family photo, then rode to school. They're building a gokart (or long jump) track outside the chapel. PROGRESS!

So, rock up, pretend to be all interested in kid's holidays, tried not to fall asleep (not exactly hard, they aren't exactly quiet), then homeroom for timetables and diaries (which I promptly buried in my locker), and got my stuff back.

First class was biology with Mrs Brown, after "extended homeroom". Nothing has changed. Caught up on biomolecule structure, how fascinating.

Then maths, first piece of bad news today (other than waking up), was finding out I wasn't in Mrs Ripon's maths class anymore. Instead, I'm back in Brendawg's class, with Sam, Emma and Bernice, among others. Hurm.

Recess. Goddamn. So hungry. Kicked some cashews on the roof, here's the first official picture from the frontlines.

Regulars should know these kids by now, there's Meg with the food, Sam with the dumb look, Pat with the banana (read; ammunition), and Isaac who's actually noticed the camera. That table is the closest to our lockers, thus we've planted the flag there.

Anyway. We found out that the orange we placed on the roof at the end of last year was still there, which is good. It looked like a potato, felt like a biscuit, and made the strangest cracking noise when we put it back.

Double history next up. Apparently my homework response was well structured but lacked detail. So I'm halfway there. We had to do one of those activities where we teach each other, which is always dull and prone to going wrong. Meh. Goody and Sarah are good to work with, at least.

Then lunch, thank gawd. So hungry! We chilled. It was quiet. Boring even. Naomi had a pile of Hannah Montana stickers.

Our lockers, subtley vandalised with *SHOCK* Miley Cyrus. Every locker outside had at least one sticker on it, cueing weird looks. We laughed. It's harmless.

Media next, new teacher. Mrs Taylor the drama teacher. Despite my misgivings, she seems alright. We watched a bit of Heavenly Creatures, which is one of Peter Jackson's early, gory films. Have been on my list of things to watch for a while, ever since I heard of Bad Taste's blood record (beaten only by Tarantino, I believe).

Then a spare. The best. Chilled out, chatted to Potter, caught up with Gav ("Why don't you drive to school?" Gav and I: "PETROL MONEY!"), checked out Massive Attack with Ruby, who's planning on going with her fake ID, and Goody rocked out to Pearl Jam while April tried to eat his sandwich.

Band. Dull. Prefects had nicked off, we had to play some crappy arrangement of Star Wars, but Isobelle has joined the band, resulting in twice as many staring contests. Caught up with Lulu afterwards, we can't remember much of the dances for the deb, and her little brother seems pretty cool, resisting Angus' advances.

Get home, everyone's tired and shouty. Want to chill out, but internet keeps dying. Annoying. Sorted out music, gotta give Heligoland to Ruby, USB to Bernice, and hard drive to Goody. Keep them occupied.

Tomorrow is the last school day of the week, feels good man. Gotta get out of work though, crap.



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