Monday, February 22, 2010

Ain't got no soul.

'Lo all.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.

So I walked to school today while Denny tried to explain Forged Alliance. Giant robots shooting nukes at each other. Sounds very complicated.

First up was bio, fiddly and complicated and stupid prac, meh'd through it, got my SAC marks back. Turns out I did pretty meh. Not sure if I misunderstood one of the questions or the teacher marked me funny, because I'm pretty sure I compared and contrasted my results in the question that asked me to compare and contrast my results, but the little scribble down the bottom told me to explain them. What gives?

Then lit, forgot my bloody book, so scribbling down notes on a page. Going to be hell to copy them over.

Recess. Hungry.

History wasn't too bad, forgot my book for this too. Not happy.

Maths was dull. Not happy.

Then lunchtime. Very, very not happy. Cheered up somewhat by giant toastie from the boardo and fistball.

Media was Slumdog Millionaire, Oliver, there's a limit, really.

Then a spare. I think I might have convinced Gavin to come on our roadtrip. Discussed schoolies with the rest of them, and I owe Goody a coffee.

After school, band. Not happy. Girl was hysterical outside, I guess no matter how bad a day you're having, there's always someone who's having a worse one.

Get home via Brenda's, kids are shouty, fix my bike up. It'll be broken again in a couple of days, you watch. Finally download lit podcast, finish half of history, then took a break cos I realised it's not due til Thursday.

Tomorrow's the swimming carnival. Joy.



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