Sunday, February 28, 2010

All These Other Floors.

'Lo all.

Today was fairly quiet. Kids all nicked off but woke me up early, so I did all the lit stuff, though I'm not sure if it's enough. Found a buttload of muckup day pranks as well, preparation starts September. School won't know what hit them (namely bouncy balls, ping pong balls, green army men and soap, among other things). Then watched Raiders of the Lost Ark. After dinner, internet was fairly quiet, so I watched Jurassic Park. Both of these movies are excellent.

Tomorrow's Monday. I hate Mondays. Hopefully this week will be better than the last one.



Saturday, February 27, 2010


'Lo all.

Today was work. There was a cricket and a huge slab (literally, slab) of Belgian cooking chocolate in the dry storage. Want, so much. Was pretty meh, to be honest.

Come home, Denny and Ryan drop in, we hang out a bit, then they nick off. Denny and Oliver are going to Arrowfield tonight. Next, waste time, do a bit of history revision, nothing interesting really. Chatted to the usual suspects.

I post this because I want it recorded that Ruddkips' idea for an internet ombudsman is 'frankly frightening', indeed more so because it's scarier than goatse and three guys one hammer together (now that's a disturbing thought, don't think too hard). How is this waste of taxpayer money going to stop anything offensive anywhere ever? It's ridiculous. Bad idea, Ruddy. And if you're stupid enough to create a bogan tribute page to some dead children (or dead bogans, see Mill Park Tree RIP), you gotta be prepared to manage it. It's too easy a target, high saturation of people plus high visibilyty, then easy publicity. On that note, when I die, do not put anything on facebook. I mean it. And if someone does, I give you all permission to post the most 'frankly frightening' stuff on it.

Stupid government. Not sure who I should vote for, the party that does nothing, the party that is lead by a raving Christian, or Ruddkip's internet censoring bastards. Maybe I should just throw my vote to an independant who'll get paid to follow a party anyway. Or the Greens. Or I'll just draw a phallus on the ballot paper.

Tomorrow is homework and sleep day. Best day of the week.



Friday, February 26, 2010

God is Empty, Just Like Me.

'Lo everyone.

Crap end to a crap week.

So, get to school, double media first up. But wait, photos! My favourite! Love being self conscious as hell in front of strangers. The upside this year is the muckup photo, for us mature year twelves. Since I was concentrating on biology last night, I forgot all about it. Luckily, we still had Anakin Skywalker and a pair of stormtroopers, couple of supermen, a giant phallus, and so much crossdressing, I'm shocked that Tom and Meg and the rest could swap uniforms so quick. Some of the girls look pretty funny in our uniforms cos they're so baggy, but then the dudes... oh god my eyes. Claire had a James Gay sign but he noticed and ripped it, we weren't happy. Photographer thought we were going to start a riot the way he reacted.

Media was more Slumdog, getting monotonous.

Recess was dull, then a spare. Went over bio with Georgia, Gavin, Potter and New Sarah. Felt a little confident. New Sarah seems pretty cool.

Then maths, got shouted at, got some work done, and I did alright on the assessment thingy that barely anyone else seems to have done. Hence the shouting at the class, naturally.

Lunch. Ate, panicked a little, then fistball'd to take my mind off things. Too hot.

Here's Jake on his new mac, it takes photos of people so I decided to take a photo of it taking a photo of me taking a photo of it. Lol.

Left early, grabbed books and Dayne, then off to the SAC. We were still let in early, but holy goddamn this one was easy compared to the last one. No big "YOU INTERPRET THE QUESTION!" questions either, so I'm cautiously happy about it. Sprinted to the library afterwards to tell Isaac some hints, he has a better hope to beat some year eleven genuises. They're scary good.

History, Pat was being amusing but the The class was dead, so Mr Ries nearly gave up. A little confident for this SAC too, I think.

After school, went home, Fraser wandering around shirtless for some reason, then escaped to work. Got kickarse steak, got out five minutes after the chefs. I'm due back there in about 12 hours, how fun.

Good to see Sally and Annie alive and well, though Sally's Frankenstein bolt on her stomach was weird. And Brad, look after yourself, keep in touch.



Thursday, February 25, 2010

They're so yellowed, so withered.

'Lo all.

Still yet to see improvement in this week.

Woke up far too late, rushed to school, extended homeroom was meh. We probably did something, but I can't remember.

Chapel was mildly amusing, Patrick decided we should sing the hymns up an octave or three. First one was high, so they enjoyed that. Then in the second one, Pat decided to scream a harmony part. Very funny, cept all the teachers noticed. Sounded pretty musical too.

Bio was the bloody prac, was complicated, and we cut corners to have results. Instead of every ten seconds, we checked it as quickly as we could. Took photos of it too to make it easier. Not looking forward to write up. Everyone is going to beat me again.

Recess. Thank gawd. Hungry.

Then double spare. So good. Got my results and everything done, then chilled out with some noodles. Discussed the deb with Potter and New Sarah, while Georgia played on her new mac. Weird machines.

Lunch was quiet, kids had all nicked off to donate blood. Good on them. We were bored, so Emma, Julian, Oliver, Dayne and I wasted a good twenty minutes flicking bottletops and baked bean cans at each other.

That's Bernice and Emma. Bernice seems to enjoy being in photos.

Then history, nearly fell asleep hunting for information. Like, my eyes were shutting, and that's terrible.

Lit was all about the SAC, so we had to pay a bit more attention. Not looking forward to this, not confident in my essay writing abilities since it's been a good four months since I wrote one. Mrs Dosser shut down Emily particularly well.

After school, headed down the street, had to swap my Requiem for a Dream dvd, wouldn't give me the money back, wouldn't let me get Taxi Driver (not long now though...), so I grabbed Raiders of the Lost Ark. Tshirts are too expensive, have (or can get) all the cds, and there weren't many good dvds in stock. Oh well. I'll get Requiem for a Dream off eBay or Amazon or something.

Work wasn't too bad, no flat tyres or nothing. Nothing particularly interesting.

Get home, start bio work and revision and stuff. Confident on everything except pH, but I'll get Agnik to explain that. Go online, four or five different people start asking for help, and one of them wasn't even for a subject I do. I'm stuck here. I mean, it's a competition now, why should I help these people? They'll just beat me again. But then, we've been told "YOU HAVE TO HELP EACH OTHER!" since the start of rollover, plus I'm really a pushover, I guess. Dunno. Should I just excommunicate or what? Got my hopes up too.

Tomorrow, bio SAC, then work all night. Probably be a function on or something just to rub it in.

Condolences to the Waites.



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo.

'Lo everyone.

Forgot to take photos today.

Bloody hell. Not having a good week. But it's all so small in comparision with everything else. Should stop worrying and get on with it.

So today, finished all my homework, get to school, bio first up. Another SAC on Friday, this one looks complicated too. We're doomed. Though thankfully Mrs Brown has twigged to the fact that the last SAC was not fair for both classes.

Then media, more Slumdog, pretty meh. I prefered Snatch.

Recess. Can't think of anything interesting.

Then history, New Steve and me kicking arse, but we're all a bit dumb still. Should get onto this new website thing, you submit your work and some other bloke marks it, could be useful.

Finally lit, I'm confused as to what we were supposed to have done. Might have to do some more podcasts. More of the same, either way.

Lunchtime was real long. Got us a soccerball, then we had about an hour and a half of fistball. It was fun. We're getting better.

Sport was a bludge, really, soccer on the oval against the jocks. We didn't really stand a chance. Sam took a spectacular fall, and Aiden lost the cricket. Oh well.

After school, went down the street for supplies with Denny and Ryan, found a cheap DS I may pick up, and finally bought Requiem for a Dream.

Get home, Requiem for a Dream is Region One, which means it won't work on my stuff. Pissed. Going to take it back tomorrow. Waited two bloody months and it's the wrong bloody region. Then I chuck the podcasts I may or may not have had to do for lit. Oh crap, I've left Hedda Gabler at school. But wait, I'm sure I packed it in my bag... oh god no. So I was really hoping I'll find it in my locker tomorrow. Plus, the podcasts wouldn't play anyway. Hook up iPod again, it lags, it moans at me... two hours later and I've reset it twice, trying to load everything back on.

This week just keeps getting better and better.

Tomorrow's double spare Thursday, which will be good, I hope. It better be.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Swimming Carnival 2010.

'Lo all.

One of the big things about today was that it was our *last* swimming carnival. And yes, it was. But then, everything this year is our last. I don't think it's really worth celebrating until the last day, then you can party. The *last* cross country and the *last* assembly will be big for me, I think. One because I want to do well and the other because we're running it, which'll be fun.

So, short periods today, was good. Spare first up, chatted to the kids, and we got our year twelve jackets.

Proudly modelled here by Gavin. I guess they're alright. We could have had orange instead of green. It was a close vote, but the general consensus from us sane kids was that we didn't want to look like construction workers.

Then media, watched a little bit more of Slumdog Millionaire.

Recess, kids were preparing. Lots of capes, zinc, and fairy wings for some reason. Pretty amusing, but the best part didn't arrive til we got to the pool.

Here's my house, Binks. We're Hufflepuff because we're only good at drama. Oliver's in Ryan's pimp coat, Pat's got this weird little coat thing, and Julian is giving kids nightmares in his rowing zootsuit. It has a tuxedo, for extra class.

This is Cranswick Dargo, they're like Slytherin because all the jocks are in it. But these guys are pretty cool. Isaac was rocking a skirt too, conveniently cut out of the picture.

Team Blundell Bogong, represented by Meg. They swear they aren't communists. Better dead than red, as the saying goes. I guess these guys are like Ravenclaw, they're pretty cool. Hayden and Sam eating her there, Sam's in his Conrad Birdie suit. More nightmare fuel.

Then Tisdall Hotham. All the cool kids are in this one, so they may as well be Gryffindor. They always come second in everything though. Denny's mid cheerleader dance. Handsfree.

Anyway, our homeroom was sent to the bbqs which wouldn't light in the wind, so the bbqs were taken to the middle of nowhere behind a shed, and the cashbox and bread was set up like a hundred metres away. Plan was, kids pay their money, we give them bread, then they walk down to the bbqs and pick up a sausage from one of our friendly cooks (ie Gav and Mrs Ripon). Worked pretty well all day, except for when some jock scum stole bread. Money's for charity, it was pretty low, teachers caught them. I was on the cashbox all day, we did alright, Tom, Scott and I went back to school and we found out that we made around $500 profit for the leukaemia foundation, so we sold hundreds of sausages, rissoles, veggie burgers, pepsis and icypoles (all cheaper than the shop at the pool, hurm). Go us.

Missed out on the last races like the relays and the ever entertaining teachers vs kids races, but oh well. Bored in the common room, so we drew stuff on the whiteboard. Then down the street, got chips, had the usual discussion, then home. No internet. iPod was stuffing up, so no podcast. Got 3/4 of history done though, then I threw in the towel cos I was sick of writing the same arguments over and over again.

Then I got into a facebook argument. God they're entertaining. George, I do need that usb back though.

Tomorrow's GIS times, which means shorter times and THE LONG LUNCH, thank gawd.



Monday, February 22, 2010

Ain't got no soul.

'Lo all.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.

So I walked to school today while Denny tried to explain Forged Alliance. Giant robots shooting nukes at each other. Sounds very complicated.

First up was bio, fiddly and complicated and stupid prac, meh'd through it, got my SAC marks back. Turns out I did pretty meh. Not sure if I misunderstood one of the questions or the teacher marked me funny, because I'm pretty sure I compared and contrasted my results in the question that asked me to compare and contrast my results, but the little scribble down the bottom told me to explain them. What gives?

Then lit, forgot my bloody book, so scribbling down notes on a page. Going to be hell to copy them over.

Recess. Hungry.

History wasn't too bad, forgot my book for this too. Not happy.

Maths was dull. Not happy.

Then lunchtime. Very, very not happy. Cheered up somewhat by giant toastie from the boardo and fistball.

Media was Slumdog Millionaire, Oliver, there's a limit, really.

Then a spare. I think I might have convinced Gavin to come on our roadtrip. Discussed schoolies with the rest of them, and I owe Goody a coffee.

After school, band. Not happy. Girl was hysterical outside, I guess no matter how bad a day you're having, there's always someone who's having a worse one.

Get home via Brenda's, kids are shouty, fix my bike up. It'll be broken again in a couple of days, you watch. Finally download lit podcast, finish half of history, then took a break cos I realised it's not due til Thursday.

Tomorrow's the swimming carnival. Joy.



Sunday, February 21, 2010

Into Abaddon.

'Lo everyone.

Quality's suffering here at the moment, isn't it? No post yesterday, no photos here... Meh.

Crappy weekend, really. Worked, but then Scotty got a phone call and he told me to go home early. WTF, we both said, so I stuck around for another half hour. Get out, my bike has a flat tyre again and the night's shenanigans had been cancelled. Go see a movie instead, but I have no money at the moment. Joy.

Caught up with the frenchling late last night, so I guess it wasn't all bad. Then today, woke up at 2pm, got a wee bit of homework done since we couldn't do all of it (it wasn't uploaded), and every time I went out to fix my bike it started pouring. Dammit. Fraser reckons I should get a new tube and a new tyre. Probably should.

Tomorrow's Monday. I hate Mondays. Hopefully karma's all back in balance, had four spares in a row then a crap weekend. No excuses.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Misery Affair.

'Lo all.

Long day today. Sick of it.

So, double bio first up. Sally made me think I had double media. Turns out, Mrs Brown wasn't at school. So, double spare. The best. Floated around between different groups, kinda amusing really.

Then recess for food, then double spare. The best. This time, Mr Ries wasn't at school, so two more spares. That's two thirds of my school day spent bumming around in the common room. Gavin raced April with the sudoku, then April and I totally kicked the puzzle's arse. Coffee and noodles, was good. Then more floating around, pissed off the psych kids, sat around with Emily and Jasper and their sexual tension, then it was lunchtime. More food!

By this time, it was really hot. So naturally we decided to play us some sport. Refined our prototype game that involved soccer rules, but instead of kicking the ball you punched it. Very tricky.

Pat vs Denny there.

Then lit, not bad, I guess. Very slow though.

And maths, got half of it done then gave up. Sam tried to convince Brenno that he was sick. He did look fairly pale.

After that, down the street for chips. Sam and Hayden are waxing Isaac's nipples this evening. Chips first.

Isaac swore they've improved, Denny and I could taste something different about the gravy. Best chips in town.

Ended up swapping stories out the front of maccas, tomorrow is poker.

Get home, chillax, internet's dead so no downloading lit podcast, go down the street to hang with Jess and Meg, catch up with James Broughton and Brent Barker. Interesting contrast, hanging with them. Ditched them outside the swimming pool.

Tomorrow (or today, rather, it's fairly late), work, then Sam's, hopefully. Want to drown my sorrows and lose some poker.

Had the weirdest, weirdest mindscrew yesterday. Jesus god.



Thursday, February 18, 2010

The hell's a baphomet?

'Lo everyone.

Apologies for the lack of post last night, internet was having a hissy fit.

So yesterday was fairly slow, walked to school with Denny as he tried to describe the plot of the new Star Trek movie (doesn't make any sense, but then I don't know anything about it), school was dull as hell, and I let the little kids play indoor soccer cos I didn't have the heart to kick one of the bastards off. Caught Pat and Denny mid animated conversation, Sally noticed.

This is pretty much how every day ends up, really.

Then today, dull as well, to be honest. Chapel was full of hiccups, homeroom was about blood donations (do I even have enough blood to donate?), then maths. Quiet, I guess, doing stuff we can do on the calculators so no worries.

Recess was dull, then lit and bio one way or another, they were both meh. Mrs Dosser mistook my coughing for laughter and gave me a mean look. Ryan drew Magnanimous Man (he attracts justice and repels evil!). Mrs Brown doesn't know my name, it's amusing. I'm so tempted to exploit this.

Lunchtime, finally. Was starving.Ended up on the table reading the paper with the horde, was good. Asked Kelly what to take a photo of, she said her nose.

Hope she's happy.

Then history, I need to work on putting in more evidence. Other than that, cruising well according to Mr Ries. Ended up trying to solve riddles on the board. I lol'd, they were so lame. And media was the fight scene at the end of Snatch. Cutting between the only good Oasis song and Massive Attack plus graphic violence is awesome, really.

After school was work, screaming around, nothing special. Got tipped, feels good man. Back home, avoid homework, all good. Don't want to do maths.

Tomorrow's Friday, thank gawd. Sam wants a poker night. No boats this time, I think.



ps, photos are going up on facebook nightly now.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


'Lo all.

Dull, dull day.

First off, the bloody bike is dying. Need to fix a puncture already, what the hell gives. Then once we fixed Denny's, we were at school way too early.

Assembly was very, very amusing today. Fearless Leader the school captain is the ubermensch, but he called James Gray 'James Gay' in front of the entire school. Oh dear. Apparently some of the teachers couldn't stop laughing. Poor bastard.

History first, nothing too stressful. My answers were made example of, not sure if this is good or bad yet. Meh. Spent most of lesson discussing socialism with Patrick.

Then media, back to Snatch.I need to work out a way to remember all the story elements. Not looking forward to studying Slumdog.

After a meh recess, bio, watched animations, had to do some crappy activity involving toothpick snapping which was designed to teach us about enzymes. Weird.

Maths was quiet, jammed on headphones and finished work.

Lunch was a bit dull. Ended up sitting at the bench talking to the horde, while Aaron restrung Isaac's new guitar. Camera out of batteries, dammit.

Lit was lecture. I remember noting things, but I can't remember anything from the lesson itself. Oh dear.

Then a glorious spare. Out of sugar for my coffee. Wandered around being annoying, then timed Emily's speech.

After school, Denny was in a bad mood but him, Ryan and I all needed to go down the street. So chips, and we reminisced about year nine. They seem to have had the coolest japanese class. Ended up only doing one thing that I needed to do, oh well. Walked flat bike home chatting to Ryan, Denny dropped in a while ago to pick up his spare bike because his other one is properly screwed now. Needs new tyres.

Tomorrow is GIS times, which means LONG LUNCH. Yay.



Monday, February 15, 2010

When the Levee Breaks.

'Lo everyone.

First off, apology to Oliver, he has seen the original Psycho. I'll make it up to you, scroll down.

So, today was raining til about lunchtime.

First up was bio, we're starting enzymes! How exciting! Lulu still is not very happy about the SAC, and I support her. It's not really a fair situation.

Then maths, started coming up with ideas for muckup day and schoolies again. Sam and Amanda want to take over an army base.

Recess. Cold and wet.

Double history went pretty quickly, talked to Pat and Jasper while they tortured Emily. Got work done.

Speaking of Emily, here's a photo of her because I figure it's too amusing to delete.


Then media, went over production design. Have a few ideas, looking forward to starting this. Keeping it simple.

Glorious spare next. Chatted to Potter, Gav and Georgia about primary school and siblings. Should really introduce Fraser to these kids, I reckon they'd get a kick out of it.

Band was slow, new stuff to do, so naturally we suck at it. Chilled out with Emma afterwards, walked home and burnt out my ears to Portishead and Brand New. Back home, finished history stuff.

Tomorrow's Tuesday. Yay.



Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nightmares on Wax.

'Lo everyone.

So today I got some homework done, watched some more Scrubs (gonna be sad when it finishes, don't want to watch season nine though), and caught up with George. Here's a photo of him. He's still alive.

Nice shirt.

Tomorrow is work. And Scrubs.



Friday, February 12, 2010

Scumbag Blues.

'Lo everyone.

Gawd. This is karma getting me back from the holidays or something. Crap day.

So, first up, slept in. No time to do the media homework that I'd left at school anyway. Then my bike is screwed, so walk to school. Tired when I get to school. Then double media, do work, catch up on homework, but then I didn't do stuff in a paragraph, so I begged for more time.

As luck would have it, spare next. So chilled out, finished media, helped some kids out with bio, and reminisced about Emily's house party. She promised she'd have more of them.

Then maths, pretty quiet. Falling asleep at this stage. At least I understand the work and understand how to effectively wing it, unlike Sam. Stop drawing attention to yourself.

Lunchtime. Pretty dull. They've sorted out their team for the hair rainbow thingy.

We have, from left to right, Sally (red), Amanda (team captain, we need to find an orange), Patrick (yellow), Brad (green), Sam (blue), Hayden (indigo, with the infamous Velociraptor face), and Isaac (violet). Their plan is to raise a couple of hundred dollars each, then bleach their hair and dye it. It'll look cool if they can all pull it off.

Bernice had a camera, and she kept taking photos of me. War, war I say! She's spending her valentine's day trying to pick up Marc Murphy at the Carlton club day.

Then biology SAC towards the end of lunch, Jordan, Nemo and I figured we'd get in early. Stupid rule, having kids start whenever they want, it's not really fair for the kids who have other stuff or have forgotten. Anyway, apart from one mental blank and a bit of repeating myself, I reckon I kicked arse. Escaped and gave Isaac as many answers that I could remember, helped some other kids out. That's real fairness. Apparently some of the kids in my class had two periods and a bit of lunchtime to do their SAC, and the second class only had their single. It's very unfair and I reckon we should do something about it.

Anyway. Then history. While discussing how to answer exam questions efficiently Pat built a tower by stacking his stationery. It was pretty cool til Mr Ries noticed and threw his texta at it.

After school, still in bad mood, walked with Annie, bought headphones (and Scrubs, totally worth it), and a bike tube that I nearly forgot about, then home. Bored. Scrubs time.

Really enjoying Breaking Bad, even if Beardman isn't. Should prolly be watching Skins season four, but I'm not interested. Don't like these new characters.

Tomorrow is download til 2am then sleep in til four in the afternoon day. I hope. Need to sort out work for the next couple of weeks too, I believe we're heading to Ocean Grove in a fortnight.



Thursday, February 11, 2010


'Lo all.

So muggy today. So many mugs. It got worse by the afternoon, one went from air conditioned normal to "OH GOD I'M MELTING FROM SWEAT."

On my way to school, I noticed my bike had a flat tyre. Infuriating. Went back to pump it up, wasn't that late.

First chapel with (de-croziused) chaplain, he's changed it around a bit. I fell asleep.

Then biology, this prac is ridiculously fiddly and annoying. One should not have to wash and dry raisins. Got it done though. Here's Dayne and Akari and our raisins. Little bastards.

And then, the glorious double spare. Aaah. Air conditioned, company isn't too bad (most of the time), and holy crap, I actually got some work done. Must get some goddamn mi goreng.

Lunch was quiet, we were driven mad by the heat before it ended so we made some box hats and box bombs and had a small waterfight. The usual. So hot.

History was lecture, all good, took notes and Isobelle drew General Kornilov as a corndog with a moustache. Great success.

Then lit, it's a bit slow, but Mrs Dosser explained what it was like to talk to herself for hours at 2am while making podcasts. Amusing, a little sad.

We got out just as it started raining. Joy. Got home and fixed bike up, but obviously I didn't do it well enough as it was leaking all afternoon. Run was hell, so hot, first place I visited gave me a juicebox (?), and I tried Rockstar's energy cola. Sounded fancy. Tastes like coke zero, but I guess it kept me buzzing. Had to double back because someone had forgotten a script, which is infuriating. And I need new headphones, dammit.

Back home, internet is slow, it's pouring rain, and I realise I've left my media sheet at school. Seven Ages of Rock was good as, even if it was THE KURT COBAIN and american alt movement AND KURT COBAIN SHOW!!!. Didn't mention More than a Feeling, didn't make a joke about Come as You Are, and Pearl Jam got barely a snippet, and most of that was over the Nevermind cover for some reason. Meh.

Tomorrow is Friday. So happy.



Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Swimming Trials.

'Lo everyone.

Found me some batteries. Yay. Now we catch up a bit.

So, today was swimming trials. Short lessons, day in the sun, dip in the pool, all good. Funny how we don't take it seriously, back in the day it used to be the most hated day of the year.

First up was bio, we got halfway through a bio prac but it didn't make sense. This is why we need to do it in doubles. It's just stupid, how can you accurately measure liquids and stuff if you have to let them dry out overnight. Anyway, got half of it done, and I'm worried I may have to make up some results.

Then media, watched more Snatch, and talked about Psycho. Surprised I was the only one who'd seen Psycho, bloody Oliver kept on going on about it, but he's only seen the remake. The wonders of cultural osmosis.

Recess. Meh.

History was interesting, we did the group sharing thing, it's a bit redundant when it's all written down in front of you. We have a year eleven in our class now, the poor bastard.

And lit was views and values, this will be complicated as all hell. Oh well, get it over and done with.

Lunch was quiet, Brad escaped, then we went to the pool, got seats, and plotted what we were going to do. Slow races involve being the last to finish, so naturally we decided to do that. We waited and waited and waited, then suddenly we were giggling on the blocks. Denny and Oliver were promptly disqualified when they got in and didn't move. Ryan pretended that he couldn't swim, so he won. I came second last, I started off too well. Though technically, that's third in a proper race. Crap time cos I was going slow.

Then waiting around for ages, making fun of kids, Jake bought us paddle pops (HOLY GODDAMN I HAVEN'T HAD ONE OF THESE IN YEARS), and yeah, caught up with the rest of them. Cumpster is a fish.

Backstroke next, pretty dull, most of us nearly drowned but I beat Tom, then more wasting time. Have to prepare for the retard race in butterfly.

Here's some photos.

Team Wellington Binks. We are maroon. We are good at drama. That's it. We're basically Hufflepuff.

This is my good friend Dayne. He's a bit Dutch.

Isaac and Sam celebrating finishing the breaststroke. Note Isaac's neck.

My dear friend Smellison. Tom's reflection is in her Ray Bans. Love Tori's expression behind her.

Grammar swimming is very serious.

Jess. I'm not sure what Patrick is staring at behind her.

Pat doesn't know how to dive. This is an excellent picture, I'm kinda proud of it. I mean, hell, he looks like he's sitting on the water.

So yeah, pretty dull all day, then we went back to school, then nicked off. Said hi to Erin, visiting us on her day off. Then work, pretty quiet, got a bit sidetracked chatting to Denny and Emily and Pat. Picked up Heligoland. Caught up with Ken, bitched about prices. I want a ven dready. Right now, just need to write a hypothesis for bio then four more lines for history. It's good to be on top of homework. And not have to do English.

Tomorrow is double spare Thursday. Feels good man.

Hurm hurm hurm hurm.



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Knockin' on Joe.

'Lo readers.

No photos. Forgot battery. My bad.

God, it's gotten to the stage when I can tell when I'm in a subconsciously bad mood, the sentences are always shorter.

Anyway. Today was doubles day. It got annoying hearing kids gloat about having double spare, but they should just wait. I'll pay them back. It's all war, really.

So, assembly was quiet, prefects nicked off to their perfect prefect party (poor bastards), then a spare. Hung out with Potter, Meg, Jess and Pip (lol spiders), then annoyed Gavin while Tabby tried to do her language homework. The new computers they have in the isk are bizarre.

Then media, got to watch a bit of Snatch and analyse it. Not complaining yet. Oliver will be the first to crack, he's the one who's already seen it enough times to quote it with the right accents. There were swarms of bugs outside for some reason. Plague? Hope so.

Recess, hot, quiet, sleepy, then double maths. Sam's latest adventure is organising a squadron of thrill seekers for the Greatest Shave. The challenge is to get 7 kids, get them to raise $500 each for cancer, then colour their heads like a rainbow. Sam promptly shotgunned blue (electric, I'm expecting Simon levels at least), Amanda shotgunned red, and I figured I'd take a kickarse DSotM photo. Of course, assigning who gets which colour. Sorting out the money is next. I think they got the teacher's permission, can't remember.

Lunch. Thank gawd. Julian complains that it's now too quiet at lunchtime. It's too hot (and we're too lazy) for soccer, so we sit around, clique up, then split up. Sort of like cellular mitosis, it's fascinating. Anyway, today the couples were all being adorable (then Emily did something and we all missed it), Isaac wrapped a piece of plastic laminating sheet around his head so it squished his face (THIS IS WHY I NEED MY CAMERA) and freaked out some kids, and the girls worked out their netball team. Business as usual.

Then double lit, yay. I should stop contributing, as well as thinking I'm a half mute idiot, Mrs Dosser now thinks I'm one of those one dimensional cynical bastards who always die first. Hurm. Slow lesson, tension broke every now and then. Jasper agitated to stop getting distracted (yes we've seen this before), Ryan and I laughed, Isobelle steered conversation. Business as usual (again).

After all that, headed down the street with Ryan and Denny because I owed them chips. It was good. We saw Millsy, bagged out Fraser (nearly getting hit by a car), then wandered around. Heligoland comes in tomorrow, apparently. And I'm working Sunday. Joy. Something to do, but then there'll be a million and two people in there for lunch. Hurm.

Get home, finished lit homework, that's about it. Ibsen and Nick Cave, not sure if this is a good mix.

Tomorrow is the swimming trials. Hopefully it'll be as warm as today, so I can enjoy my leisurely paddles in the pool. No, I'm not taking it seriously.



Monday, February 8, 2010

Splitting the Atom.

'Lo all.

God damn I hate Mondays.

No post yesterday because I had one of those satisfying days where I didn't do anything. At all.

Today, dragged myself to school, survived the opening salvoes (Ryan was so excited about Dracula's restaurant), then biology first up. Everyone is confused about variables now, joy.

Lit was alright. I know not to contribute now.

Recess. Meh.

Then history, not bad. Another lecture type thing, no real work. My favourite.

Maths was fairly quiet, discussed visiting the comedy festival and the footy season.

Day was moving so slowly. Sam was pumped about taking up parkour. He had to flip me because none of them could flip each other, bit bizarre. Didn't really do a lot.

Media was going over Snatch, which I'm cool with. I still enjoy it at this stage.

Then a spare. Crashed out with iPod. April reckons I'll be deaf by the time I'm 30 (protip: I'll be dead), discussed rowing with Georgia. Good spare. Goody had spag bol though, the bastard. I might need to invest in mi goreng. I could sell it!

Band was meh, sick of Star Wars. Amusing though. Hurm. Hurm hurm hurm.

Get home, do homework, the usual. Good News Week was good. Isobelle has recovered, her party idea sounds good.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and it's doubles day. Double maths AND double lit, my favourite. Then I'm going down the street to see what day I'm working, and to buy an album I already illegally downloaded (shh). It's excellent anyway. I wish I could go to Massive Attack live. But it's $120, 18+ and the same day as Sam's mad birthday party. Oh well. I'll see them in Europe or something.



And yes, there'll be batteries tomorrow, so photos should resume. Need to get a shot of the cast, don't I.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's cold in here... heaps cold.

'Lo all.

Didn't pick up batteries so no photo today. Not much to take a photo of anyway, I missed the prime time to take some on camp, when they told us to capture memories or some crap.

Anyway. Worked today. Got to go home early. Was pretty easy. Got fed too.

The girls have a friend around, so they have gone insane. It's a bit annoying.

Airheads - ***
Funny, not particularly awesome. Focused on the wrong early nineties music scene. So nineties it even had a cameo from Beavis and Butthead.

Right now Star Wars is on, I've exclaimed "WHY DON'T YOU JUST SHOOT HIM/USE THE GODDAMN FORCE!" about a dozen times already. I would be the most kickarse jedi, I swear. Robots with chainsaws chopping up your spaceship? Force them off, don't let your retarded apprentice shoot them off. It's like one of those bad horror movies where the characters do exactly the opposite to what regular people would do. Meh. It's flashy.

Tomorrow, do some more homework, I guess. Forgot my bio books, but the SAC isn't til Friday.



Friday, February 5, 2010

Year Twelve Camp.

'Lo all.

Gotta get back into the rhythm of blogging, I reckon it'll keep me slightly saner as the year goes on. They've done a good job of spooking us and getting us pumped for this year, I think.

And no photos. Camera ran out of batteries. Sorry.

Anyway. So, go to school on Wednesday, hiding from teachers while wearing thongs, classes were slow, chilled out in the isk with Gav for a spare, then at lunchtime we wasted time and jumped on a bus. It was fairly quiet, we played a few hands of pimps and bitches, then chilled some more.

It was damn hot at this place, and us blokes were put a good ten minute walk away from everything. Joy. Shotgun a bed, then we go back to play sport in the heat. Homeroom teams. The goal is to be the best homeroom at everything, and sport was first. So, we sucked. Sam's Team Dyke beat trounced us in basketball ("But Tom, you're tall!" "But I'm a rower, we don't have hand eye coordination!" "...oh... yeah"), kicked arse in the 'volleyball' but it didn't count for some reason, then we beat the jock homeroom at 'bootball'. Yay. We hit the trampolines after that, then food, then a presentation from some past students. Fairly interesting, Bernice was excited because one of them was a footy journo in training. Gap year in Europe sounds tempting but ridiculously expensive. Then a relaxation session with Mr McAnulty. Guided meditation. To a room with a hundred bored teenagers. Didn't go so well. We giggled a lot ("Now everything's going black, but that's ok"), and then we had a 'journey'. Hell. We had to climb a mountain, deal with a goat, deal with monsters (OH GOD), then go into a cave and open our heart chakras and talk to Marla Singer or something. I kinda zoned out after that thinking about Fight Club. Then we crashed, Julian wouldn't stop snoring, we made fun of Wingram, and didn't get much sleep at all.

Next day. Grumpy. Sick of this heat. Session with a bloke who was fairly successful, got an ENTER score of like a million, trained at the AIS with all these olympic swimmers, ate chocolate, he's now a medical student. He was funny. But again, it seemed ill suited. None of the kids got much sleep, we were all dropping out midway through. After a quick break, it was even worse. When he pulled out the whiteboard, I very, very nearly fell asleep. No offence to the dude, we were just tired. Then lunch, then more! We had to do these activities, had such a helpful group for the nail stacking, then we had to do this group tyre thing, then ye olde fifteen things on the moon game. Which I kicked arse at.

Next was the activities we picked, and it started bucketing down. Rockclimbing first, everyone made it up the top of the easier red climb, then Aiden and I did the extreme difficult yellow one. Damn straight. Anyone who couldn't do it was beaten by the midget. Did the red one as fast as I could but I screwed it up, oh well. Then a bushwalk, Aiden and I led some kids further ahead, then took off. We ran the rest of it, like a cross country track that was extra slippery. Went past the river tubers, who were lying on lilos and trying to be excited as they floated past. Aiden and I got in first, waited twenty minutes for the rest, then ran all the way back to the thing for food.

Had to do more rotationy type stuff after that, signing VCE consent forms, working out pretend ENTER scores (me being pessimistic [read realistic] is around 83, which is a good start. I can only improve on that), then sorting out what we do afterwards. Again, the idea of a gap year really appeals to me, but it's so expensive and I just don't know at the moment. I don't want to have to ask for more money from home, nor do I want to waste lots of money. I suppose it can wait, I'll do Switzerland and Amsterdam, then do it properly afterwards.

Dinner was infuriating, as for whatever reason someone had stolen our table when we went up for food, but it was only because their table had been stolen, and that had only been stolen because some other kids had taken theirs, etc, repeat ad nauseum. So, Pat, Dayne and I grabbed seats at the jock's table. Very civilised compared to our lot.

Then some really fun activities as homerooms. At least it wasn't a red faces talent show thing. Trivia, drama, dancing, and those goddamn puzzle picture things. Ripon kicked arse at everything, naturally, though Jasper and Ryan nearly making out for their drama thing stole the whole show. Our dance ended with Aiden and I topless, and we won the damn thing. 12Ripon won the whole thing by the end, howzat, the loser homeroom wins!

So then we crashed, kicked Julian out (he had a pile of mattresses on the verandah), Sam and Pat were running their strobe light boxing in their cabin, Kelly snuck in with Denny, Peter, Jack and Lester screamed through our cabin naked, then when we finally did crash, Sam, Isaac and Aiden came in, saw Ryan's bare arse, and laughed so hard they just left. Eventful.

Today, still grumpy. Now it is raining. Joy. More shuffling around, sat in the gym thing for an hour iPodding (Jess wants to listen, "Nothing old though." Was tempted to put on Tricky or Nero's Day at Disneyland, but she nicked off). Then a thing with Ms Hahn about special provisions, in case we die before the exams, which might happen, you never know. Then a personality test with Mr McAnulty. Isobelle and I got similar results, we're both antisocial. She could be a detective. Emma and Ryan seemed to like theirs. Then food, back on the buses, and we finally got out of there.

Cards, then iPod, then shouting Tribute, then we were back at school at the same time as the year sevens ("ONLY WHAT, FIVE YEARS TO GO? AHAHAHA!"). We were bored, some kids did the infamous Flaming Mangina, which made the locker area smell like burnt hair (use your imagination), so we hung out on the other side. Bell went, we figured it was safe to nick off, so Ryan and I got chips and chilled out. Got a lift home, not much has changed. Finished my media homework too.

Tomorrow is work. Yay. I want to sleep in. I'll sleep when I get back.



Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Outbreak of Stupid.

'Lo all.

Day two. Don't feel much better.

Today Ryan rocked up, we bitched about literature, made it to school (the go kart/long jump track is having smell put on it), then I went to the hall to sleep. The assembly was over quickly, we didn't screw up, the prefects all did perfectly, so we made lots of jokes to Claire and Aiden about us being the proles. Such fun.

Then history, finished work, that's about it.

Maths next, pretty amusing really.

Recess, quiet. Wasn't too hot yet.

Then biology, revision, plus we have a sac coming up, hooray.

And media, got to watch Snatch, we have to analyse the characters. I realize as I type that I have forgotten to bring this homework home. Note to self, don't write reminders on arm in red pen on a hot day, it disappears.

I have also realized I may have mucked up this whole timetable. Meh.

Anyway, lunchtime. Janitor moved the chairs into the sun, so everyone was afraid to sit on it or drag it back. Everyone was a bit chilled out.

Lit. We went a little crazy before Mrs Dosser arrived, Jasper stole Ruby's sunnies and we laughed. New girl in the class too, a year eleven who's Annie's friend. Very brave. Anyway, teacher rocked up, "POP QUIZ LOL!". So that was pretty fun, Emily and I got the best scores in the class, hell yeah. Gonna smash lit this year, dammit. And Mrs Dosser took off her glasses.

Then spare. The best. Discussed the old times with Georgia and Potter, then talked music with Goody. He has excellent taste, gotta check out Dead Letter Circus and Chickenfoot I think. Confuzzled the hell out of the girls, Potter declared she doesn't even like music. We were shocked. Made me think about what a hollowless existence that would be, seriously. I mean, right now I'm sonically competing with Fraser (Since I've Been Loving You vs live Paranoid with Phil Collins and Ozzy [wtf?]), but hell, imagine no music. Or worse, just top 40 recyclables...*

So yeah, after that, headed down the street with Hayden and Denny, Denny couldn't get his haircut, Hayden nicked off, and I'm not working until Saturday, yay. Ordered Heligoland and Requiem for a Dream (again), then got chips.

Best chips in town at the chicken shop, home of the "OH GOD IT'S SO HOT WE NEED FORKS" gravy. We'll see more photos from this shop through the year, I reckon. Sally dropped in as well, we bitched about the upcoming camp.

So then we went home, Denny nearly fell asleep on the couch watching cartoons with my sisters, then he left, we got spicy chicken for dinner, and we all changed our names and nationalities on facebook for an hour, pretty fun.

Right now I'm avoiding homework, though I have so little. Meh. Tomorrow we have four periods, then we nick off to Forest Edge Jesus Camp for a couple of nights, so no blog post until I get back. See if I can get a group shot of the horde.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Been Here Before... Been Here Forever.

'Lo all.

Oh god, here we go. Was in a zombie state this morning, woke up and showered and fed and was pinchnpunched, didn't talk, didn't blink, just trying not to fall back to sleep.

On the plus side, all of my holiday homework was finished before the holidays ended. Go me.

Anyway. Denny rocked up in the middle of a family photo, then rode to school. They're building a gokart (or long jump) track outside the chapel. PROGRESS!

So, rock up, pretend to be all interested in kid's holidays, tried not to fall asleep (not exactly hard, they aren't exactly quiet), then homeroom for timetables and diaries (which I promptly buried in my locker), and got my stuff back.

First class was biology with Mrs Brown, after "extended homeroom". Nothing has changed. Caught up on biomolecule structure, how fascinating.

Then maths, first piece of bad news today (other than waking up), was finding out I wasn't in Mrs Ripon's maths class anymore. Instead, I'm back in Brendawg's class, with Sam, Emma and Bernice, among others. Hurm.

Recess. Goddamn. So hungry. Kicked some cashews on the roof, here's the first official picture from the frontlines.

Regulars should know these kids by now, there's Meg with the food, Sam with the dumb look, Pat with the banana (read; ammunition), and Isaac who's actually noticed the camera. That table is the closest to our lockers, thus we've planted the flag there.

Anyway. We found out that the orange we placed on the roof at the end of last year was still there, which is good. It looked like a potato, felt like a biscuit, and made the strangest cracking noise when we put it back.

Double history next up. Apparently my homework response was well structured but lacked detail. So I'm halfway there. We had to do one of those activities where we teach each other, which is always dull and prone to going wrong. Meh. Goody and Sarah are good to work with, at least.

Then lunch, thank gawd. So hungry! We chilled. It was quiet. Boring even. Naomi had a pile of Hannah Montana stickers.

Our lockers, subtley vandalised with *SHOCK* Miley Cyrus. Every locker outside had at least one sticker on it, cueing weird looks. We laughed. It's harmless.

Media next, new teacher. Mrs Taylor the drama teacher. Despite my misgivings, she seems alright. We watched a bit of Heavenly Creatures, which is one of Peter Jackson's early, gory films. Have been on my list of things to watch for a while, ever since I heard of Bad Taste's blood record (beaten only by Tarantino, I believe).

Then a spare. The best. Chilled out, chatted to Potter, caught up with Gav ("Why don't you drive to school?" Gav and I: "PETROL MONEY!"), checked out Massive Attack with Ruby, who's planning on going with her fake ID, and Goody rocked out to Pearl Jam while April tried to eat his sandwich.

Band. Dull. Prefects had nicked off, we had to play some crappy arrangement of Star Wars, but Isobelle has joined the band, resulting in twice as many staring contests. Caught up with Lulu afterwards, we can't remember much of the dances for the deb, and her little brother seems pretty cool, resisting Angus' advances.

Get home, everyone's tired and shouty. Want to chill out, but internet keeps dying. Annoying. Sorted out music, gotta give Heligoland to Ruby, USB to Bernice, and hard drive to Goody. Keep them occupied.

Tomorrow is the last school day of the week, feels good man. Gotta get out of work though, crap.