Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sonic reducer, ain't no loser.

'Lo all.

Long time no post, I guess.

Monday was quiet, Simon, Kirsty and the kids came down, caught up with them, Simon took me driving. Getting better at this manual thing. Denny dropped in, his bike was broken and he had money for the hostel. We caught up a bit, bitched and laughed about the usual suspects.

Best movie I've seen all year, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - *****
This is a good film. Really good. Very sad, but still good. It's twisted, and you can see things coming in a good way, but there's still surprises, specially in the subplots. Excellent movie, go and find it.

Since I very nearly forgot that day, here's a photo of my shed. It's a mess, and I guess you could play I Spy with it.

Yesterday, Tom dropped in, gave him some dvds and the hard drive to keep him occupied, went driving again with Simon, and Emily told me to go to the pool, so I did. Small crowd, said hi to Jake Malouf, since he's back in Australia stirring up drama again. It was alright, specially when we tried to cram a dozen kids into the sauna. Went down the street after that, said bye to Simon and co, then down to Jason's to watch them play xbox for half an hour. Decided to then go and get food, and dropped in at Ryans.

Bunch of posers. That's Isobelle in the dress, Ryan looking bored, and Denny wondering wtf is going on. This is in Ryan's new bungalow, which is like my shed on steroids.

After a trip to Foodies for munchies and a brief visit to Emily's because she owed me stuff, we hung out here for a few hours then everyone nicked off home (Denny had attacked Ryan with a pink exercise ball screaming 'CLITORIS ATTACK!'). I was bored, so I went back to Jason's in time to watch the poker game. They made me take a double shot, I remembered why I dislike vodka. Sam was completely smashed, it was pretty funny. Nicked off while I was sober.

Then today, haven't really done a lot. Got money for the hostel off Hayden, picked up more supplies, and went to work. This is one of my sinks and my mad dishwasher, and a sponge. See that rack of sparkling clean dishes? Damn straight I did that.

The chefs sent me home after Scotty showed me his new tattoo (I arrived, "Alright lads, feeling hardcore?" *plays the Kooks*) and reminded me to take jagerbombs with him as soon as I turn eighteen. Looking forward to it.

Tomorrow, work. Joy. Hopefully it won't be too hot.



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