Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Song for the Deaf.

'Lo everyone.

Haven't had much content to post. Usual excuse. You know the drill.

Thursday was terrible. Work was hell, had a bit of a run in with our friendly local law enforcement agency, and it was too hot. Plus I found out they re-made Free Willy with goddamn Bindi Irwin *spit*. What's that smell, it's almost like a childhood memory burning.

This is the offending article. Long story, I swear.

Friday, nothing to write home about. Started watching Scrubs. Caught up with Sam. Here's a photo of my sisters arguing (thanks for the idea, Emma)

Saturday was dull, work, tired, too hot, watched more Scrubs. Beardman and the kids came home from the Blue Pools with two teenage girls that aren't Fraser's girlfriend. Maybe they are Beardman's?

Photo of my ceiling because it was almost midnight and I had nothing else.

See, even the photos are dull when there's no content.

And today, it was really hot again, but I started the second season of Scrubs. Ryan dropped in, we whinged about work and the usual.

Photo of Fraser, for all you ladies who are interested. "Hey, show me your stretcher."

He swears they are 7mm. I dunno. And yes, that's his fake tooth.

Tomorrow is Monday. It'll be really hot. I don't want to wake up. The Fear's kicking in, midway through the holidays and I've still got a pile of history homework that doesn't seem to want to get done.


Anyway, the end.

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