Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pavement Saw.

'Lo all.

I really have not been doing anything worth posting. However, I'm one and a half history things down, and I'm up to the fifth season of Scrubs. It is kickarse and I'm a little addicted, which is worrying because I need to find the last two seasons. I'll ask Claire.

Downloaded heaps of music, Iggy Pop, The Cure, DFA79, and Big Black's infamous album, among others. All good.

Anyway. I kinda cheated on the photos, I forgot one day, but there's still four.

Photo of my shed at night. It makes my stolen sign really bright when I use the flash.

On Tuesday, it was stinking hot. STINKING HOT. This photo is of our (mildly unreliable) digital thermometer that's in the shade, and it was taken when I woke up around 1030am. Not cool, man. Literally.

I took this today because I forgot yesterday, my bad, counts as yesterdays. I have to deliver all these, plus all the ones that were already in my backpack. Such fun.

Today Peter and Louise dropped in. They're doing a motorbike roadtrip around Victoria, chasing cops and visiting exciting places like Metung.

Right now, Fraser's showing me pictures of all these 13 year old early developers that have sent him photos of themselves in their cakeface and boobtubes over msn. Is this sad or not? Shoot me back your opinions.

And before I forget, watched a movie, The Square - ****
Enjoyed this one, Australian neo-noir with the girl from the cop show and heaps of other familar faces like Julian from The Chasers. Harry Knowles thought it was one of the best films of the year for some reason. Still pretty good.

Tomorrow, not sure what's going on yet.



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