Saturday, January 2, 2010

Movie Edition mk2.


This one is for me, I need them all in one spot for searching, and I don't trust word.

Strictly Ballroom - *
Not for me. In it's defence... I'll get back to you. On the other hand, crap, predictable story, meaningless plot elements, crappy acting, overdone style... I'm not looking forward to reviewing it (twice) for literature, let's leave it at that.

The Life Aquatic, with Steve Zissou - ****1/2
On the other hand, I really liked this one. I remember watching bits from ages ago, when Beardman borrowed it. The main character is a dick, but apart from that, it's pretty good, and funny. I think I might hunt down the rest of Wes Anderson's films.

Idiocracy - ***1/2
I can't believe I've never heard of this film before. I might have, I don't remember, but I don't think it was ever in cinemas. It's a scary view of the future that has a grain of truth. Low budget, but pretty wide scope. It's funny but it could be better.

Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny - ***1/2
I expected more, based off the rabid reports from everyone else. I mean, it's funny, and all the rock and roll touches are good, but meh. I didn't recognise Dave Grohl.

Dazed and Confused - ****
No plot at all, really. It's sort of like Superbad, but set in '76, with a better soundtrack, and slightly less funny. Still entertaining though.

28 Days Later - ***
It's almost plausible, especially the finale, but it's not scary. I'd class it as a thriller more than a horror flick. Some bits are pretty stupid, but meh. I guess I'll have to watch the sequel now.

Wall-E - ****1/2
It's Pixar. Even their bad movies are better than most. It looks polished, it sounds polished, it's a very good film. It's simple, though towards the end bits were a bit too preachy, like a bad Idiocracy. Some of the plot was very similar to it, so I dunno. It's also kind of depressing, I dunno. Minus half a star for being a kid film and having too many kiddie moments, and I'm a jaded teenager.

Alien - ***1/2
Well, it's only the second time I've seen it, picked up a fair bit more from it. I suppose that it's a good example, like Star Wars, of what can be achieved with very little in the way of computer generated effects. The Giger alien still looks too much like a man in a suit, and basically all the Giger stuff ends up looking like a Freudian nightmare. Storyline is solid because it's survival horror, you'd have to be either bold or stupid to muck with it. I liked the cat.

28 Weeks Later - ***
Well, it tried. It wasn't particularly scary, there were cliche heroic Americans (unlike the British soldiers in the last one), and there were plotholes. But, there was also Rose Byrne, and a sequence where a helicopter takes out a bunch of zombie-things. WITH IT'S ROTORS! Not enough to save it though.

The Ring - **1/2
Didn't really like it the first time, and now that I've read the original (trilogy, which goes into a fair bit of trippy detail), and seen the Japanese version, I can safely say this version is pretty crap. The main protagonists were annoying, the kid was infuriating (one factor may be the terrible acting, but that's not the kid's fault), and the "LOL WUT" sort of plot. I mean, the original story was good, if a bit weird, but it made more sense than this. Ah well.

The Big Lebowski - ***1/2
It's a Coen brothers comedy. It's entertaining, not L.O.L. funny (lawl I kid, I kid), and some of it doesn't add up by the end. Still, The Dude abides.

Zoolander - ****
Ben Stiller comedy, so familiar faces in it. Done in the style of Tropic Thunder, it's big budget, lots of cameos, and it's very funny. The plot is a bit out there and I barely recognised Will Ferrel.

Ned Kelly - ****
It's good, heavy on the symbolism though. Wasn't expecting Orlando Bloom, or the funky accents. Heath Ledger seems to enjoy playing criminals. (or did).

Braveheart - ****
Sure, it bends historical accuracy, and it's a bit cheesey, but it's gloriously violent. Goes for too long, but apart from that, it's not too bad.

Watchmen - ****1/2.
It's not perfect. There's a very boring scene at the very beginning. The ending has been all muddled up so it's boring. The subplots are all gone. But. The soundtrack (except for the credits) is awesome. The action bits, they're very awesome, we weren't expecting that much blood. We also weren't expecting that much nudity, either. It looks very cool, too. Rorschach in prison was very cool, as was Manhattan's origin thingy. Didn't like the Nixon bits, his nose seemed too fake, and Veidt seemed a bit miscast. Still very, very cool though.

Monty Python's And Now For Something Completely Different - *****
Hilarious. If you haven't seen it yet, go and see it. 'nuff said, I think.

Zack and Miri- - ***1/2
Predictable, ending isn't all that great, but everything before hand's pretty damn good.

South Park- Bigger, Longer and Uncut - ***
It's a musical. Meh. Kind of funny, I guess.

Silent Hill - ***
This is more of a statement on how desensitized we are as a generation, I didn't find this all that scary. Thought bits were pretty cool. Evoked thoughts of a nurgle cult and some preachers, which is probably not what they were going for. Some bits were crap, or went nowhere, and the ending is so damn ambiguous. We each had theories about it.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force colon Movie Film for Theatres - *****

Monsters Vs Aliens - ***
Kiddie flick, tries too hard to have adult injokes. Seemed over too quickly.

RocknRolla - ****
Not bad, I prefer Snatch and Lock Stock though. Guy Ritchie definitely has a distinctive style. Plot wasn't as twisted as those too, still funny and violent.

Wolverine - **
Nope. I liked the first two X Men movies, this didn't make much sense, and it got repetitive. Lots of throwaway characters that probably have nerd-relevance, but it doesn't make it a good flick. I did like the samurai sword dude, and the Fabius Bile type army guy.

Slumdog Millionaire - ****
It's good, and it's original, but it drags. The first half or so is pretty good, and there is suspense in the game show bits, but it gets fairly dull in other places. Plus there's a lot of deus ex machina, which I didn't like. Not bad though, worth seeing, and it looks like it'll be fairly easy to study as the effects and themes are obvious.

Terminator Salvation - ***1/2
Lots and lots of explosions. Lots and lots of action. But the big scary robots all seemed fairly useless. As one WS poster mentioned, all they did was through people at walls. Where was the skull smashing? Where was the raking claws through skin? Where was the bone breakage, at least? Hell. The opening minute or so was very awesome. That and the trailer for Public Enemies, and the trapping the motorbiketerminator with Guns n' Roses and rope were the best bits, though Batman seemed to deliver all his lines as if he was Batman (read: silly voice), and the plot twist was fairly obvious (they gave it away in the trailers).

Vacancy - **
Problem with watching horror movies, especially tryhard ones, with friends is that you pick it apart until it becomes stupidly frustrating and very amusing. This one was based off a stupid idea, and the protagonists were annoying. They even survived, which sucked. Fairly violent, though some of it was censored. Extra star for the funny.

Land of the Lost - ***1/2
It dragged, it's got stock standard Will Ferrell Character (read: it gets old after a while), and it was very stupid. Not as much random crap as Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie that could have saved it. I did like the obviously adult humour (this is NOT A KIDS FILM), and the random All Along the Watchtower stoned sequence. And the dinosaurs.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen - **1/2
No. Just no. Everything about this film is turned up to eleven. This might be good, but when even the GOD DAMN LENGTH is, it's a chore. Yes, there's explosions bloody everywhere. Yes, there's giant robots everywhere, but they all look the same and you can't tell what's happening when they're fighting. Yes, the actors suck, but even the eye candy has been ORANGE-IFIED (Gabby style) so they lose attractiveness. Yes, there's cool cars, but all the shots are the same. The plot is confusing at times and stupid. The support acts of parents (stupid, especially the pot scene), roommate and retard (not funny), and military ("WE HAVE GUNS! WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS! HOO-RAH!") are all stupid. Didn't like the whole Transformer-who-transforms-into-a-human thing, seemed too much like that OTHER ROBOT FILM, MAYBE? And then there ARE ALL THE PLOT HOLES FROM THAT MOVIE... Despite the occaisional surprisingly good action sequence, it's just crap. Even the score is cheesy. It gets boring having to sit through all this, which is bad in an action film. Bonus star for Megan Fox slow-mo.

Beetlejuice - *****
I liked this one. It reeks Tim Burton. He even made the lead actress look like Helena Bonham Carter. Kept picturing title character as the Joker, because of the internet.

Drillbit Taylor - **1/2
Same sort of thing as the chick flick, except it's got hobos and has geeky little kids instead of geeky college kids. Meh. Second Danny McBride movie I've seen that had All Along the Watchtower in it.

Layer Cake - ***
Slightly confusing, not that I was paying a hundred percent attention the whole time. It wasn't bad, fairly violent, lots of drugs. Definitely in the same vein as Snatch and Lock Stock, but they're a bit better. Aiden Commins was alright, you could see how they picked him as Bond from it.

A Clockwork Orange - ****1/2
It's damned cool, and it's hyperviolent and just cool. But it's Kubrick, so it looks good, but the pacing is a bit off for me. Still. Go watch it.

Bruno - ****
There are a few funny bits, and they are good, and it's an interesting look at American attitudes. But, the nudity. Oh god the nudity. We didn't need to see that, or see it lingering on screen swinging around. First time I've been in a movie where the entire audience is covering their eyes and laughing.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - **1/2
Visually, it was entertaining. But. It's a Potter movie, so too much is cut out. It tries too hard to be both the teenage coming of age romance sorta thing AND a dark and scary action film. At the end, they just stop doing the romance thing, there's no conclusion really. And the action bit had no real climax, since they cut out the big battle at the end. Meh.

The Hangover - ****1/2
Very funny. Like a watered down version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. As Sam pointed out, this is basically what we're going to get up to eventually. It did slow down at times, but it kept things interesting, and the photos during the credits were hilarious.

Reservoir Dogs - ****
Well, glad I finally saw this. It starts off fairly slow, but once it gets going it's pretty good. The Stuck in the Middle With You bit is awesome. And I picked the rat pretty early, dunno if that's good or not. Now to get me a skinny tie.

Pink Floyd's The Wall - *****
I am going to go out and try and buy this one, I think. So cool. The soundtrack was good, though a bit too proggy for my taste (pre-75 Floyd is best Floyd), but the imagery was just awesome, specially the animated bits. This is the best musical I've ever seen, hands down. Drama kiddies, make them do this for the 2011 school musical, I dare you.

Psycho - ****
Surprisingly good. It was sorta two movies, it changed in the middle. Ending was strange. Music was pretty cool.

Stranger Than Fiction - ****
Good as film, however, it suffers from 'My Sister's Keeper' syndrome of building up tension and emotion and then SCREWING UP THE ENDING! ARGH. This is another film I'd consider getting properly to, I think.

Memento - *****
This is a good film. Sort of an original idea, as far as my limited experience knows. The ending was really good, unlike yesterday's flick. Will be keeping an eye out for this one so I can watch it properly, in one sitting. However, we may be studying it in media next year. Meh. Still cool.

The Usual Suspects - ****
This was good, kept me guessing. Was confused near the end, but then it all made sense. Very clever flick.

The Birds - ****
Hell, I had no idea how it'd finish. Maybe it's cos I watched it by myself, but there was tension. Plus the whole "WTF IS GOING ON" thing. Blonde was hot.

The Exorcist - ***
Well, it wasn't as scary as I was expecting, maybe I'm just jaded. I did like the whole psychiatrist approach to possession. The scary faces weren't particularly scary after the first time, and the little girl annoyed me when she wasn't a demon.

Citizen Kane - ****
Imagery was pretty cool. Bit slow. Good story, I guess.

Inglourious Basterds - *****
First Tarantino film I've seen in the cinema. Pretty damn good, too, think this is the best film I've seen (at the movies) this year, so far. The soundtrack was pretty cool, dunno if anyone else picked up on that. And holy hell, the violence! Hot damn. Go and watch this movie, it is really really good.

District 9 - *****
Yeah, it's pretty good. Original as hell, too, though occasionally the dialogue seemed a bit cliche. Visually very good looking, made the prawns believable. I liked the allegory in the first half. Really liked the dreadnought at the end, love me some powered armour. Looking forward to the unneccesary sequel.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - ****
Surprisingly good, once you get used to most of the characters. Good ending.

The Machinist - ***********
Tom reccommended this to me, been on the list though. Holy hell. This movie is really really really good. Cept, the main character hit a bit too close to home, seriously. I pray I never get that skinny. Feels like a mix between a Nolan and a Hitchcock film. Go and find this movie, it's ridiculously good.

Akira - ***
Well, it's dated, and the dubbing isn't good. The pacing is pretty slow, by the end you just want it to hurry up, but some bits are pretty good. The start is pretty cool; movie would be better if it was more about cool motorbikes and less about grey freaks. The ending is disgustingly messed up. I might have to watch it again with subtitles, cos hell, the dubbing is distracting.

Ninja Scroll - ***1/2
Another anime classic, apparently. Not bad, made a bit more sense than the last one, still kinda messed up. Like a dwarf shooting wasps out of his back. Meh. And it's way better with subtitles.

The Blair Witch Project - **
Yeah... nah. Not that scary, you have to suffer through all this crap with whiny yuppies and boredom, but then it gets real good. But it's too brief. I dunno. Not enough scares for that much filler. The ending is excellent though.

Buffalo Soldiers - ****
This one's good as well, though it's a bit light. It's fast though, and definitely worth seeing. I liked the training exercise.

Paranormal Activity - *****
Yeah, I liked this one. Definitely kept up the tension through the whole movie, and the end was creepy. I want to go see it in a cinema still. Still, Isaac went a bit nuts, screaming, it was pretty good.

Facepunch - **************
The Twilight Saga: New Moon -
No. Slow. Cheesy as hell. Bad, bad, BAD acting. Embarrassing effects (that is NOT a werewolf), and too many shirtless guys. Nemo seemed to enjoy it. This is a bad movie and you shouldn't see it. I wasted $14 and two hours on it. Fun to laugh about it, until you realise that.

Where the Wild Things Are - ***
It looks very good, and it's relatable, specially if you've read the book when you were little. The pacing was a bit slow, but it all looked really, really good. I dunno if it's really a kids movie, and it's definitely not a teenager popcorn flick (some of them said they were bored), but I reckon if you really liked the book when you were a kid you'd get a kick out of it.

100 Girls - ***
Better than I was expecting. Annie lent it to me. It's about college kids and sex, of course. Sort of similar to American Pie, almost. Lot of feminist exposition, and the main character is a cross dresser.

Dr Chopper - *
A perfect example of a terrible movie, do not pay to see this unless you want to laugh and you're occupied doing something else. Or you're mildly intoxicated, either way. Terrible acting, terrible dubbing (yes dubbing), terrible makeup even. Bad film, something to laugh AT.

The Shining - ****
Kubrick. It looks good, I liked the shots following the tricycle. We kept thinking of the Simpsons though, dammit. Still good.

Avatar - ***1/2
We saw this in regular, not 3D. So, my perception may be different to Alison's or something. It looks pretty good. But every time you see one of the smurfs, it kinda draws you out. Aliens are not meant to look this human. The tech is cool, I liked the dreadnought things. Plotline predictable, dialogue meh, Sam Worthington should just stick to an Aussie accent. The Last Samurai in Space, District 9 did it waaay better.

Zodiac - ****
Good. I heard the story ages and ages ago, it's excellent. My only problem with this movie is that it's too close to the real story, and thus is like 3 hours long nearly. It drags, but the start and end are really good. Definitely worth watching.

Sherlock Holmes - ****
Very Guy Richie, he does this sort of plot very well. Robert Downey Jr was pretty good too. Sometimes the plot dragged a bit, I kept expecting Aleister Crowley to pop up. Still, not bad, would watch again.

As a bit of content, I think I've either been more lenient with my reviews, or I've just watched a lot more good movies. Hopefully the latter.

Speaking of movies, since I almost forgot, here's a picture of our tv with Jaws on it, with a suitably weird scene.

As you can see, it is a mess. Wouldn't have it any other way. There's also my sister's well-abused wii, and a pile of discs they haven't put away yet. Hurm.

Tomorrow is work. Damn.



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