Friday, January 1, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Jesus god I'm tired. I swear, parties and crap are all good until you have to crash, and I'm not a good sleeper. And the snorers, argh.


Woke up on Thursday, it was like 40 million degrees (...close enough), and I figured I'd better find out how early I could start work since I didn't particularly want to die and miss the train.

Thus, work was slow, had to go out halfway to goddamn Wurruk and then all the way to bloody Foodies, the guy at the $2 shop gave me a laser pointer and a handshake, and Diana and PD were very generous, thanks heaps! Got home in time for a shower, got a lift down to the station, met up with about half a dozen other kids and half a bottleshop in Julian's bag. No lies.

Train trip up was quiet, get to Isaac's, more kids, catch up with a couple, once Meg and Bernice arrive we decide to head down to the river. Hell, the water was awesome. We all swam up to this kickarse tree that had a branch a good ten metres up you could jump off (which I did, gave me a headache, some kids got it worse than me), and a rope, which was kickarse too, specially when we persuaded Pat to make it higher. Annie's Isaac was doing flips, he's pretty cool. Girls were squabbling over boogieboards. Swam another klick or so, found some rapids and chilled out, then we walked back to the house. Alison saw a snake and Tom was crude.

Back at Isaac's, caught up with the rest of the horde (the sunburn on some of these kids! Emma was red as, Alison had handprints on her legs from where she fell asleep, and Tom and Aiden's backs were just messed up), had some food, chilled out with a fire. The rest is a blur, really, just hanging out and chatting. We broke out the glowsticks (literally) and drew on each other, and Pat and Hayden made some excellent sparkler bombs. Isaac pulled out a strobe light, which I believe would be more effective if they kept Deadmau5 on instead of whatever the girls put on, sorry. I paced myself, some kids didn't, and they were very amusing. No drama, I think, that's good.

Here's a photo of some of the usual suspects.

Isaac's the blonde in the singlet, talking to Tom, and GavDog's behind them; Alison, Sally, Meg and Emily are the posers in the middle, Emma's hiding, Molly's looking lost, and Jason's playing with a ball made of glowsticks, which was one of the cooler things of the night.

Not a good photographer yet. Anyway, we chucked on triple J in time for the countdown, and the first sparkler bomb failed, so we cut a bigger hole for the fuse and went outside. It was good. Then the second one worked. That was good too. Here is the aftermath (and this counts as today's photo).

Rule of thirds, think that's Hayden's? legs. Anyway, tennis ball was a burning piece of rubber after shooting sparks into the air.

After all this, Isobelle slowly got worse and worse, we weren't allowed out the gate to take a piss because 'stuff was going down' (does that count as drama?), and we all floated around for a few hours. There was lightning flashing off to one side all night, no rain, but once it started spitting we went inside, staked out a piece of floor.

Jesus. Was in a room with Tom and Julian, who snore, Emily, who twitches, and Gav and Pat and Brad. Didn't get to sleep til 4?, woke up at 5, woke up again around 630, then it was 8 and kids were getting up. Hell. Had maccas and cake and coffee for breakfast, and we watched most of Fight Club. Can't believe some kids haven't seen it yet.

Big thanks to Isaac and his folks for putting up with us, Happy Birthday to you and Pat too.

Train home after that, swapped stories about driving and The Pixies with Jason, walked to the new bakery with a couple of kids, then went home. Haven't done much since, really.

Tomorrow, more of the same. Might watch Being John Malkovich if the shed isn't an oven.

Bloody hell, 2010.


Anyway, the end.

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