Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kings of Blood.

'Lo readers.

Long time no post. Say that too much, don't I.

I have to confess, past couple of days I've gotten behind on the photos. I took a few on the same night to balance it out, but to be honest I'm running out of stuff to photo. Well, that's not true. I'm just lazy.

Anyway. Friday. Watched more of Scrubs.

Saturday. Worked.

Sunday. Worked. Also went to Sam's for poker. We didn't actually end up playing poker, because we decided not to start until it got dark, and by the time it was we didn't care. And then, naturally, things went to hell a little. But my god it was amusing. Really. It's just really funny. I'm sworn to secrecy, what happens in Sam's shed (or boat) stays there. Amusing though.

Denny and Kelly looking adorable.

Some of the horde. Jason's being responsible, Aaron's looking dazed, Isaac's making an effort, Emily's getting a neckrub, and Isobelle's trying desperately to find coverage. As candid as it gets, guerilla reporting here.


Monday, woke up after about an hour's sleep uncomfortable but otherwise fine, watched movies.

Up - ***1/2
It's Pixar, so it's excellent, but maybe this was a bit too much of a kiddie story, or an adult story. Bit of both. Seemed too short too.

Watched The Hangover as well, then wrangled extraction back to Sale. Finished Scrubs season six, goddamn cliffhanger ending. I really need to talk to Claire.

Yesterday, didn't really do much either. I have computer speakers now, so I had to test them out. Started homework properly, got a couple more history things done.

Don't look up.

And then today, more history done, made sure I got time off next week (working Saturday night and Sunday morning though, they're my favourite pair of shifts. Kill me), and got a hair cut. And no, I'm not posting pics of that up, it's atrocious and you'll all laugh at me. I've gone from looking like Bernard Black to looking like Robert del Naja. Hurm.

Speaking of which, OMG NEW MASSIVE ATTACK ALBUM IN LIKE TWO WEEKS! And NEW EMANCIPATOR ALBUM YESTERDAY! It's a good time to like this sort of stuff.

Plus, you know, Big Day Out on Tuesday. It'll be good. I need to plan out what I want to see tomorrow.

Right now, the Beardman's mates from uni are here. It's funny to hear them swapping stories about Beardman and my dear mother running around when they were a little older than us.

Tomorrow, more homework. Need to email history teacher, then we're onto biolology.


Anyway, the end.

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