Thursday, January 28, 2010

Big Day Out.

'Lo all.

This might be big, we had us a huge adventure. I'm so damn tired at the moment.

So, since last week, worked a bit. Prayed I got paid. Tried not to spend any money. Even got a bit of homework done.

On Monday, casually took the afternoon train to Melbourne with the horde. Caught up with Bernice, Belle, Annie and Jordan, then laughed at people at the stations. Once we got there, met Hayden, Meg and Aiden, ate, then grabbed a tram up Victoria St to our mad hostel. Checking in was fairly quick, then we got to our room. Turns out there were three other dudes staying there as well. Oh well, we'd be getting back late anyway. Head to the roof to chill, Hayden jumps a rail and threatens to take a dump, and we all laugh at my haircut and Sam's adventures in the boat.

Head down the street, hit Galactic Circus, and go nuts. By the time we left, we had around a thousand tickets. Not bad. Sam got really good at one of the slot machines. Then we got chinese, headed back to the hostel, and met up with Shona, April, Amelia and Claire, who were heading out to Lygon st. We went upstairs, played some Pimps and Bitches with some girls from Canberra, then the other lot came back. They all had beer and a bottle of champagne, lucky. April, Amelia and Shona decided to head back out to the pub, so Claire, Denny and I chilled and watched informercials til it changed (AB SWING!!!), which was about 130? The other three finally called and said they'd be back in an hour. Hurm.

Next day, we're pumped. Get $4 pancakes, catch up with the girls, they didn't get back til 7am. It was 9 at that stage. Holy crap. Shona looked like a zombie. We caught a tram while they recovered, line wasn't too long, and basically as soon as we joined in the gates opened. Bag check was like thirty seconds, cept they tipped out my water bottle, then we jumped on the fence waiting to be let in proper.

So this is for Amaya, I hope you're happy. I hate this haircut, man. Anyway, those two domes are the main stages, and the fence around them is the D, where they only let a couple of thousand people in to mosh. Then the gates opened, we had a look around, and split up. Met Aiden and Wakely, Isaac said head to the Converse stage, so we did. Markets and stuff on the way, heaps of people coming in through a farting tent from the train station.

First band we saw was Crayon Fields, which was lame-y indie rock. Too polite. Isaac googled the name of the drummer, shouted it out, and totally made his day. Then the crowd rocked up, they started spraying us with hoses, a pair of drunken girls started raping Isaac and Hayden, and then Tame Impala came out. That photo's them in mid headbang during Desire Be Desire Go, I think. The shirtless bloke looked like he was 14. Holy goddamn their set was insane, huge jams, awesome new stuff from their new album, and the mosh was kickarse during Half Full Glass of Wine, so much fun.

After that, regrouped, Hayden, Isaac and I headed for food, met Denny and Sam, who were recuperating from being on the fence for Karnivool. They were bruised and so damn happy. Walked around a bit, watched the end of Mastodon and Kasabian from outside the D, then met up with the others at the tattoo stand. Pics are on facebook of them. Yes, I got one too. The passing masses seemed amused. Aiden and I decided to head for the D at that stage for Dizzee Rascal, via the Silent Disco.

The thing with this is, you walk into this without headphones and you see all these people dancing to nothing, then you put the special headphones on and they pipe in what the DJs up the front are doing. We had no drugs, so we didn't get it and left quickly. Still, worth a look, was pretty funny. Next, headed to the D, so we got crushed trying to get in, singing along to Eskimo Joe's Black Fingernails Red Wine, then Hilltop Hoods came on and this little bogan girl went nuts. "OMG I'M CLAUSTROPHOB-OMG HILLTOP HOODS HURRY UP HURRY U- OH YEAH, I'M CLAUSTROPHOBIC! HURRY UP!"

So we got in, met some blokes waiting for Dizzee, Hilltop were pretty meh, though they were on the other stage.

So yeah, that's Dizzee, and his set was insane. The DJ Hero version of Fix Up Look Sharp is better (it's got Justice, sorry), but man, Dance Wiv Me, Holiday, and goddamn Bonkers were fun as in in the mosh. After that, chilled out with Wakely, as he was camping out for Muse already, and headed over to the other side of the stage during Lily Allen's set. We missed the flashing, though all the girls in the mosh giving her the finger was fairly amusing. Once she nicked off, Aiden and I went front and centre, great spot. Listened to the Mars Volta being pumped through, they're way better than I was expecting. During one jam session, Cedric the Afro jumped off stage, grabbed someone's hat and sunnies, waved, highfived, then gave them back and jumped back on stage. Pretty cool.

So this was Powderfinger, they only played stuff from Odyssey Number 5, Vulture Street, and their latest, which was alright, cept they had so much other cool stuff they didn't play. But hell. We got the big singalongs, shouted myself hoarse, and they had lasers. I had fun, screw you guys.

Met up again with the rest of the horde, Annie and Bernice were there this time.

"Is this photo going on the blog?" "Sure, why not." We headed to the mosh again for Muse, but we couldn't get very far because some of the horde were indecisive about sticking around since they only really knew Knights of Cydonia. Bastards, I wanted in the mosh.

So this was my best photo of Muse, because by this stage the camera was dying. They had lasers and that big white thing on the left was this giant projector screen, it was pretty awesome. And they played Back in Black with the bloke from Jet, we were shocked and awed. They saved Knights of Cydonia for the very end, Sam, Aiden, Hayden and I stuck around and sang along, definitely a highlight of the night. Specially when Mr Bellamy tried to sit on the big white explosions at the end. He played the guitar behind his head during Plug In Baby, much respect.

After all that, stumbled out, hunted for my bag. Caught Claire looking dazed and confused, she felt out of it so they crowdsurfed her out of the mosh (!), then grabbed my bag, made sure Aiden got out, then slowly made my way back to the others. Diana and PD, that giant slingshot you described to me, they had one of them, and we all wanted to go on it, but it was $35 to go on, and tshirts were cheaper. Anyway, met everyone there, made sure Claire was alright (shuddup Sam), then we nicked off.

The trams were packed. PACKED. So we decided to walk to the next stop. Next tram was packed too, didn't even stop. We kept on walking. And walking. We were halfway home when Sam decided to just hang on to the back of the next one and surf home. SOMEONE WAS ALREADY DOING THAT ON THE NEXT ONE. We were surprised. We missed the last tram because of a bathroom break at a 7/11, so we walked all the way back to the hostel, then decided to hit maccas because there was one at the bottom of the hill. Past the hostel we go, down the hill, and the goddamn maccas was shut. Oh well, we say through grit teeth, there's one on Bourke st. That was shut too. ARGH. Walked all the way to bloody Flinders St maccas, nearly got sexually assaulted by this guy in a trenchcoat, and had the best damn burgers ever.

By this stage, we could barely walk. "Let's get a taxi!" "Dude, there's five of us!" Flag down one anyway, the dude decides to take us all anyway. Legend. Then he missed the hostel and doubled back, so we didn't tip him very much. Get to the hostel, take the lift up, and our keycards wouldn't work. ARGH WILL THE BAD LUCK NEVER END. Turns out one of the other dudes in our room lost theirs, so they just reset them. Oh well. Crashed hard.

Next day, shower, pack up, and take the tram the hell out. Grab a coffee and a paper, jump on the train, meet Claire, Shona and April, and chillax. It was like 8am, dammit. Train trip home was uneventful til we started thinking about what the hell is going on in Hayden's head, and decided that it was like a council of dudes in hoods, all screaming obscenities. We're going to make it into a film.

While I'm here, may as well comment, the Hottest 100 this year sucked. Sorry. Not a big fan of the neo-folk pitchfork-hipster movement at all, really. Nothing really good in the top ten, other than Art Vs Science. Hilltop Hoods are alright, I guess.

Anyway. Denny's mum couldn't give us a lift, so we walked home. I did some more bio homework, and showered. My neck and ears were sunburnt to hell, I really miss having hair. Went down the street for a costume, met up with Emma, Aiden, Kelly and Jess and got a shirt and my good dvds. You should have watched them, Jess!

Home, cleaned up, got ready, grabbed beer, got a lift with Luigi and a stormtrooper. I didn't take a photo of myself because I hate selfshots, but again, there's a really good photo on Facebook of Sam, Jess and me.

This is the guy from Mortal Kombat (?) and Donkey Kong.

This is that stormtrooper from Rogue Squadron you shoot in the head wearing a skirt, and a princess.

Ash, 007 the birthday boy, and Ganondorf from the Legend of Zelda. Unfortunately, Ryan didn't rock up so there was no Link, but the bassist in Jake's band was Zelda with cool ears.

And then here's Misty, a Bond girl (one of the backstabbing ones, I think), and another Princess. There was a third princess, but that was Brad.

There was a girl Mario and Luigi, plus a backup Luigi, couple more Bond girls running around with cap guns, Ness with the baseball bat, Gav Daddy as a gamer (with his KICK ARSE UTE!), a chomp chain, and a couple of others. Most of the costumes got ditched though.

The party was actually pretty good. Sam had this terrible beer we ended up chucking out, Aiden, Gavin, Patrick and I were the Awesome Foursome and took on the rest of the party at shirtless tennis (I looked like a redneck in my overalls, meh), we all sang Bohemian Rhapsody and a few other songs, bounced around on the trampoline, watched Isaac use the ripstick thingy, laughed at Brad as he lost Kings of Blood, and yeah, had a good time. Happy 18th, Jake, hope we didn't go too nuts.

Ended up sitting around and chatting while Oliver puked and girls tried to pick up the two randoms on the tramp in the name of Truth or Dare, then crashed inside. I got me a couch, hell yeah.

This morning, sat around recovering over toast and juice, and Pat challenged Gavin to a race to Bairnsdale. Gavin got a half hour head start, and Pat gave Jess and I a lift out. Ah well. Today I went through another podcast, did a few more biology pages (nearly finished Biozone!), and tried to recover. Fell asleep on my textbook at one point.

Tomorrow is my designated homework day. I'm going to finish lit and biology, and then email history, I've been saying that for a week. No post til school starts, I guess.

There are more photos on facebook, check em out if you want. I can't wait for next year. ZEPPELIN AND DAFT PUNK BDO HEADLINERS 2011!!!



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