Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are.

'Lo everyone.

First day of the holidays. I figured it was worth blogging about.

After waking up, dragged myself to the post office for credit, a stoner waiting outside politely asked if he could send a text message, so he did, gave me 20c, shook my hand and ran off. That's my good deed for the day.

Then went to Jesssss, dropped off some movies. They're all good, maybe not to her taste. Then to the centre, met Bernice, went watergun hunting, then we saw George and Megan, had a good catch up sesh at the Black Pearl. George seemed a bit excited, naturally. He seems ok, though it was mostly me and him talking about music. He might be going to Adelaide to see the Pixies, which'd be cool.

Work next, most of the regulars had already picked their stuff up, and a storm was threatening my very life today. So, rode pretty quickly and prayed that my tyres wouldn't burst or catch on fire or anything. Pretty quiet.

Went home, had a brief chat about Claresco and reports and stuff with PD and Diana, then ate and went down the street. Met up with the small crowd at the cinema, there was Aiden and I, then Annie, Emily, Jess, Molly, Potter and Louise.

Where the Wild Things Are - ***
It looks very good, and it's relatable, specially if you've read the book when you were little. The pacing was a bit slow, but it all looked really, really good. I dunno if it's really a kids movie, and it's definitely not a teenager popcorn flick (some of them said they were bored), but I reckon if you really liked the book when you were a kid you'd get a kick out of it.

Then we went around in a big circle via Annie's and maccas, walked Jess home reminiscing about good times (LOLOLOLOLOLOL), then home and here I am.

Tomorrow, things are probably going to be pretty quiet, going to watch some movies Annie lent me, and sleep in. The usual, you know.



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