Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We're All Mutants Up Here Too.

'Lo everyone.

Aren't Tuesdays fun.

Neglected history homework til the last minute, then Denny, Ryan and I crawled to school.

No assembly today, so double history first up. Spent half the time helping the others, but got my practice thing done. Forgot to hand it up, did we even have to do that?

Recess. Glorious. The droogs were kicking nuts onto the roof, quite amusing.

Then biology, teacher ranted at us about cancer and lipids and tried to remember my name. Music lesson rescued me, wasn't too bad, Mr C reminisced about his days working as a kitchen hand. Good times.

Spares are fantastic. They make you hungry though, people are making food just for the sake of making food, you bastards. Chatted to the kids, watched as Tom got into a brief waterfight with Alison.

Then lunch, chilled out, at one stage Tom had a bread bag on his head (not suffocating, more in a way that he could balance a hat on top), and we scared some of the fresh meat, as today was year seven orientation day. Funny, we're meant to be the leaders of the school, but I don't think it's quite sunk in yet. Still playing can soccer in the locker room, still running around screaming. Hurm.

Media was alright, took some notes, then watched some year twelve's movies. One of them was from Wesley College and the bastard stole half of my ideas for my thing. James' was a blatant Hitchcock ripoff.

Then maths, spent the entire time arguing with Alison, but got all the work done with enough time to sit back and chillax.

After school, headed down for chips with Ryan and Denny, saw some boardos on a maccas run, saw Meg on her way to get books, Denny got this bizarre apple-berry drink. Weird.

Went home, nothing there but this perverse stench cos Beardman burned some lemons. Went to Darling st, kicked arse at Mario Kart, girls were playing this weird thing on the tv with some camera beastie, and free food. Best kind of food.

Right now I gotta get out.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, so it'll be meh, then I'll be working. Might be a late post tomorrow. I hope not.



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