Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Til the End of the Day.

'Lo all.

Not a bad day today, all things considered. I mean, yeah, things were pretty slow, but a good way to end the year.

Rode to school with the droogs, handed out some bootlegs, then media. Gave Ms Robbins her copy, she went nuts. Got us a class party too, with cake. She took lots of photos then played the bootleg, which was pretty cool.

Then bio, got to play with playdoh with Dayne. Fun.

Recess. Can't remember doing anything exciting.

Spare for history, got a bit of homework done, lost a brief game of monopoly to Annie and Isobelle. I got utilities and chances, they got properties. Damn.

Lit. Lectured about holiday homework, then we got to leave early to find the podcast, which was missing. Shared some music, pretty quiet.

So, lunchtime, followed Lulu around and we got pizza with Mrs Ripon, signed a card for Marly, was pretty chilled out, then Lulu, Isobelle and I went around throwing kitkats at people, and chatted to Tara and Daewoo about captains and stuff.

Assembly was pretty dull except for a brief mention of TEAM MONGOOSE coming third in the fun run. Woo.

Then homeroom, report was alright, only two cs, both for history, which is annoying but oh well, now I know where to improve.Claresco was entertaining, there was one great picture of us from the deb. Hayden is groping Aiden, Aiden is wearing a wig, and Tom looks so completely (hilariously) out of it, it's awesome.

After school, I reckon about twenty of us ended up at the chicken shop for chips, and then we hit the grassy knoll (lol), then the centre ("WE MUST BUY FOAM SWORDS!" "Dude... why?" "I dunno?"), then back to the grassy knoll to chill and laugh about Hayden and Isaac being idiots in IT. Went home, showered, dumped stuff, went back to school.

Prizegiving is a strange beast. On one hand, it's good because as soon as it's over, you're free for ages, but then it is ridiculously slow and boring. Last year I was fairly brief on it, so let's keep that up. Music was good, didn't mess up on stage, Binks came fourth, then the prefects. Bernice next to me wanted it. At first it seemed like the first handful of prizewinners got it, then some other kids did. Not really surprised at what we got, though I would have picked some different kids maybe. Still. Glad I didn't get it. Congrats to my homies Cumpster, Emma, Claire, Molly, Georgia and Goody, and the rest of the prefects. Aiden did well as a vice captain running back and forth from the sinfonia, so did the rest of them. Kiwi school captain will be interesting.

Then it was over, kids were already whinging, I declined an offer to go to Sam's cos to be honest I'm tired and after this I'm crashing.

So, tomorrow is the start of the holidays, so here's my usual spiel about holidays: NOT going to post every single day, because I plan on chilling the frag out for as much of it as possible, so you'll get a dozen posts saying "Lo. Woke up. Ate. Went on interbutt. Tomorrow, more of the same. Peace" and that's just dull. So, unless something major happens, don't expect a post every single day til the new year, when I'll start adding photos. EXCITING?!




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